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Wella Freelights (SP)

Ok so I’m a little excited as I’ve gone lighter for summer! I think the warmer weather and Australia’s love of the beach and outdoors is the perfect excuse to adopt a lighter hair colour for the season.

So what exactly did I do to my hair and how was it done? Introducing Wella Professionals FREELIGHTS- the next-level balayage style technique which has taken Europe by storm and is set to be the hottest hair trend for Australia this summer.

My hair colourist/stylist Marie Uva from Uva Salon applied my Wella FREELIGHTS which uses innovative lightening technology specifically developed for freehand techniques. That’s right- no foils and a more natural, sun-kissed colour. Being able to precision blend the colour delivers a much softer finish and I am rapt with the results.

FREELIGHTS formulation and technique is also much gentler on the hair than traditional foil highlights. One of the best bits? Marie didn’t have to use a toner. Usually when I receive foils she needs to tone afterwards but FREELIGHTS provides up to seven levels of colour lift and develops in the open air next to untreated hair to create soft, gentle flow and graduation of colour. The result is warm, honey tones which suits my complexion perfectly.

Wella Professionals FREELIGHTS is available at Wella salons nationwide now. Share your Wella Professionals FREELIGHTS by uploading to Instagram and adding #unleashthesummer.

For more information go to

freelights 1 Freelights 2 Freelights 3


We love a good design discovery- and were so excited to stumble across Brian Bell from Twiggargerie, affectionately known by his friends as ‘the twig man’.

Brian collects natural twigs from all over the place and turns them into works of art. The designs are so striking, organic and ‘look’ deceivingly simple… (but don’t be fooled people… these babies are lovingly crafted to precision over hours of twig handling​ and are super sturdy despite their fragile appearance!)  We adore how they  provide an instant burst of colour and style to anyone’s space – they are a sculptural work of art!

Brian and his business partner Anita (now residing in the UK) regularly skype and hatch plans for new designs, but it seems that creative genius runs in the family with Brian’s own offspring (twins Phoebe and J​emma of Sage and Clare)  adding their flair into the mix with fresh ideas on shapes and colour combos… don’t you love an artistic genepool!

Brian now sells his pieces to a number of fab interior stores across the country (and even internationally). Keep up the twig hunting and making Brian- the world is a happier place with your work in it.

 ​Written by Julia Green, Contributing Interiors Editor. Styling and Photography: Phoebe Bell

For sales: [email protected]au

Twiggargerie0045 Twiggargerie0067 Twiggargerie0074 Twiggargerie0085 Twiggargerie0094 Twiggargerie0111


Proplenish (SP)

I’ve been taking ProPlenish drinkable marine collagen for a while now. Say what? Drinkable what? That’s the reaction I get from most people. Yes, ProPlenish Marine Collagen is the purest and highest grade Marine collagen in the world. Unlike other forms of collagen from fresh water fish and animals, ProPlenish Marine Collagen is sourced from deep sea fish, a more pure and potent form of collagen and best of all, it is 100% natural (and don’t worry- it aint fishy tasting at all).

So what is collagen and what happens when you drink it? No you don’t get Dolly Parton lips if that’s what y’all thinking! ProPlenish Marine Collagen can assist with;

Hair- strengthens hair at the root by restoring collagen in the hair shaft to aid hair growth, thickness, texture and body.

Skin- rejuvenates, supports and strengthens, aids in skin elasticity, smooths fine lines, tightens and evens out skin tone.

Hydration and resilience- increases the skins ability to retain moisture for overall smoothness and plumping of the skin.

Nails- helps to improve and strengthen splitting, weak, flaking nails.

Muscles- assists with lean muscle gain and tone, training and exercise recovery.

Our bodies’ naturally produce collagen but it starts to slow in our mid twenties, dwindle in our thirties (gulp) and almost disappears altogether by our 50′s and 60′s. By drinking ProPlenish Marine Collagen we are restoring the collagen our body is no longer producing.

My skin has always been good but I think it’s definitely better now, my hair is more shiny and less dry, but most of all- my nails have stopped splitting and peeling. My mum had been taking ProPlenish like a mad woman in the lead up to my sister’s wedding last month and so many people commented at the wedding on how fantastic she was looking- more akin to one of our sisters than our mum. Mum says her skin definitely feels firmer and she loves how easy (and tasteless!) it is to drink. She takes 2 sachets a day and is on her 4th box.

I found Proplenish particularly great while breastfeeding as it was the first opportunity I’d had since being pregnant where I could actively get cracking on something beneficial to my appearance. This is a great confidence boost when you look like crap from all of those night feeds and well you know, general exhaustion from growing a small human for the last 40 weeks!

So how does one take ProPlenish Marine Collagen? Easy- I carry sachets around with me and add them to my water, coffee, tea or juice. They’re fab for travelling with too. ProPlenish have also just released their new loose powder which is great to have at home and add to your smoothies and yoghurts or sprinkle on muesli in the morning etc.

Taking collagen is nothing new, its been around for centuries (The Japanese women were onto it long before us!) In fact taking collagen is scientifically proven to assist with the dreaded long-term effects of ageing on the body. It’s funny so often we get caught up concentrating on beauty products that go onto our skin, forgetting about looking after it from within, where it truly counts.

Follow ProPlenish on instagram at @proplenish or buy yours from

To celebrate the new release Loose Powder, all rebeccajuddloves readers can use the code word BECJUDDLOVES to enjoy 15% off all Loose Powder and Sachet box orders for the next 24 hours. (excludes 3 and 6 box supplies)

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Clickon Furniture + Curio (SP)

Curio (here) is the latest ‘must have’ range which can be found exclusively at Clickon Furniture and has everybody going ga ga over it.

Made of solid American Oak or Walnut from well managed forests, the Curio range is designed to be distinctly simple, unsophisticated and not over reformative.

Simplistic shapes and beautiful, natural timber make this range perfect for contemporary or traditional homes.

The Roto side tables (here) would make the perfect bedsides or a smaller option for a coffee table if you don’t have the space for something larger. The Totem stools (here) are divine and I can picture them beside a bath giving an organic, earthy edge to a clinical bathroom. Imagine the black one in a monochrome bathroom with a pop of colour in the towels- slick!

Lastly the Winter Lounge chair (here) is all the rage right now. Timber combined with a brown leather sling seat and softened with a hide as a throw is deluxe. I wish I had some space in my house for these chairs because they are perfection.

Shop the Curio range on Clickon’s new look website. It is super user friendly and simplified. The best bit is, the products are broken up into easy to find categories which go that step further by allowing you to also identify your interior style from contemporary, industrial, retro or designer. They also list their most popular items ensuring you don’t skip a beat. Check it out at:

Curio Denis Chair & Totem Stool Curio Denis Chair Curio Klerk Desk Curio Lennart Lounge Chair Curio Roto Stools Curio SHOT 04 Curio Totem stool Curio Winter Lounge Chair Curio Xylem Clock B

Stylish Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

Unsure of what to buy your fashion savvy partner, friend or family member this holiday season? Gift shopping can be utterly daunting at the best of times, especially when you’re buying for someone who appears to have everything!

Most fashionistas spend their hard earned cash on quality essentials and wow factor pieces, so the secret is to focus on small luxury items and unique accessories that are most likely still on their ‘to buy’ list. The good news is, they’re also avid bargain hunters, so a highly affordable gift will thankfully impress even the harshest of critics!

To save you the hassle of a torturous last minute shop, we’ve handpicked some seriously stylish gift ideas that’ll have you scoring major brownie points with the fashionista in your life. Get shopping!

Written by Greer de Burgh, Contributing Fashion Editor

Top image: Clockwise from left – Sara Winfield, Misuzi, Book Depository


Tom Ford $125.55 here

Carine Roitfeld Irreverent $71.64 here

The World According to Karl $25.50 here


BEACH TOWELStowels2NAVY Kate towel $69 here

C&M by Camilla & Marc Bellini towel $99 here

Missoni Lara beach towel $305 here


EAR ACCESSORIESearcuffsfinalSarina Suriano Sparkling Roris $169 here

Amber Sceats Crystal Cluster ear crawler $77.85 here

Ryan Storer Ear bar floating pearl $259 here


STATEMENT SWIMWEARSWIMSUITJets Cut out Underwire swimsuit $209 here

Triangl Poppy peach soda set $97 here

Zimmermann Riot Corseted bikini $695 here


SPORTSWEARsneakersfinalClockwise from left:

Jaggad Ikela Yoga 7/8 leggings – printed $139.95 here

Nike Flyfit Lunar $220 here

Nike Rosherun Grey trainers $134.60 here

Nike Womens Free 5.0 $149.95 here


FASHION PRINTSprintsfinal3Clockwise from left:

Sara Winfield ‘You’re Completeness’ A4 print $80 here

Chanel French perfume prints (set of three) $53.30 here

Prada Marfa mounted stretch canvas 70cm x 100cm $380 here


WATCHESwatchesfinal2The Horse The Original unisex watch $129.00 here

Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow lady $199.00 here

Michael Kors Oversized watch $305.90 here

The Horse Unisex leather watch $129.00 here

Karl Lagerfeld 7 $579.00 here


lingere4Gooseberry Intimates Paris Body demi $144.15 here

Keepsake the Label Electric bralette $79.95 here

Gooseberry Intimates Innocence bra open $78.40 here


FINE JEWELLERYfinejewellery1Misuzi The Chloe initial collar necklace $89.00 here

Bianc Gold bar necklace $69.00 here

Sarah & Sebastian Molly earrings $160.00 here

Claire Aristides Diamond Horseshoe bracelet white gold $495.00 here


Marni Glitter clutch $320 here

Alexander McQueen De Manta clutch $369.50 here

Alexander Wang Prisma clutch $369 here

Givenchy Pandora clutch $529.75 here



MICHAEL Michael Kors Ipad mini case $70.75 here

Frends, Frends with benefits Taylor headphones $240 here

Givenchy Bambi Ipad cover $270.35 here





Going Dutch

First up = apologies to the Scandi style purists.  But I reckon the Dane’s have been getting just a tad too much attention in recent years when there is another northern hemisphere ‘D’ that needs to be on our decorating radar. And that’s D for DUTCH.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with one Dutch brand in particular of late – HK Living. Launched in the Netherlands in 2009, HK Living is now global homewares brand sold in 34 countries – including several stockists here in Australia. Yay! It’s all about on-trend pieces interpreted in an inherently Dutch – aka practical – and stylish way that oozes contemporary cool.

In a exclusive, we’re thrilled to reveal our pick of the 2015 HK Living collection which should be arriving in stores in the next week or so. There’s not a single piece in the range that I don’t want. And I mean seriously covet. If you feel the same way, you’re going to love this bit …

We are giving away a $500 spending spree on HK Living product thanks to the Australian distributor House of Orange (which also makes really cool furniture – def worth checking out).  Simply hop on over to @becjudd on instagram, follow @houseoforange, regram the HK Living image with the hash tag HKLxRJL. The winner will be selected on 28 November and will be contacted by HK Living to secure their choice of product.

Written by Jacqui Moore of Greenhouse Interiors, Contributing Interiors Editor

HK Living 1 HK Living 2 HK Living 3 HK Living 4 HK Living 5 HK Living 6 HK living 7