Yippee- its finally here. Introducing my new range for Adairs Kids!

Featuring a nautical shark and walrus theme for the boys and a gorgeous butterfly inspired collection for the girls, this range is sure to appeal to both the parents and children alike.

Key features of the boys range include a quilted shark bed design with classic nautical stripes on the reverse. We’ve included an oversized shark blanket to help you layer the bed plus a ‘very approachable’ shark cushion to finish off the look. When paired with the felt walrus head wall art and complimentary walrus cushion, the entire range can be mixed and matched to suit your little sailor. I’m not sure about you but my little Juddy boys are going MAD for this collection.

The girls range is probably my favourite yet. The bedding features a pretty, dainty butterfly and floral etched print in subtle pink with a gorgeous, frilled, pom pom hem. It’s utterly delicious and when styled with the ruffled, contrast pink coverlet which draws inspiration from my last season’s sell out COMO bed cover, the layering is all sorts of fabulousness. More is more I say! To complete the look we’ve designed a unicorn soft toy and the pièce de résistance- an elegant, watercoloured butterfly print with metallic gold detailing and a blonde timber frame. Heaven.

Canopies in apricot and grey with tassels and broderie touches can be used as focal, styling points in the room and allow the whole space to feel as one.

Shop my range with an introductory offer of 30% off here: https://www.adairs.com.au/story/rebecca-judd-little-adventures/

45049_Grey AK RJL Shark Quilted Blanket Half S18 Square 45049_Grey AK RJL Shark Quilted Cot Fabric 1 S18 45049_Grey AK RJL Shark Quilted Cot Insta S18 45049_Grey AK RJL Shark Quilted Feature 2 S1845056_Pink AK RJL Butterfly Frill Main S18 Square45056_Pink AK RJL Butterfly Frill Accessory S18
45056_Pink AK RJL Butterfly Frill Standard S18 45216_Pink AK RJL Coverlet Collection Main S18 Square


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