Brent Rosenberg

Y’all know I’m a big Brent Rosenberg fan. In fact, one of his gorgeous ladies takes pride of place in my husband’s mancave nonetheless!

Brent’s artwork is all kinds of mixed media, layered loveliness whose ladies instantly and always catch my eye. I’m captivated by Brent’s use of different mediums and adore the use of photographic, digital, collage, painted and 3D elements.

Brent’s latest collection ‘Season of Dreams’ is a strong continuation of his evolving style yet stays true to his roots in that every piece is undoubtedly his. Each original artwork has a small, delicate flower that’s been painted and adhered to the canvas and brings a fresh element to the creative process behind each Original.

To view the works, or purchase a limited edition print, head to or 

Styling Heather Nette King and Pic Armelle Habib

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