Introducing Onefinestay

We’re super excited that Onefinestay has finally graced our shores for a shake up of our holiday rental market. Think of it as an uber luxury Airbnb option that offers much more than gobsmacking facades and out-of-this-world kitchens. It’s opulence at the highest level – even down to the finer details such as the quality of the towels and the thread count of the bed linen.

The brand was originally a London startup up but Accor Hotels snagged it for a cool €147 million (yes, you read that right) back in 2016. Globally, Onefinestay now have over 10,000 listings across 200 countries. With a reputable brand as the driving force you know you’re spending your money on a seriously high-end, vetted accommodation (no awful fisheye pics to be seen). According to Onefinestay, they even check out each home in person, and not every home makes the cut.

We can hear a collective groan that surely these rentals must come with a colossal price tag. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Fortunately big homes come with loads of rooms, and once you divide the per night price among a bevy of your closest friends, there are plenty of listings that are super affordable. To help you out, the website does the maths for you with a ‘per bedroom price’ along with the overall ‘per night’ price. Handy! Even a one bedroom apartment in the centre of Sydney – with a city skyline view – is $270 per night. Not bad at all!

So far, it’s just Sydney homes that have been launched on the website BUT not to worry, Melbourne and Noosa listings will be soon to follow. And, if you’re keen for a hop, skip and a jump over to New Zealand, you’ll be able to check out our neighbour’s listings in June.

Naturally, we’ve spend a few minutes (ahem *hours*) scrolling the Sydney options to give you an idea of what’s on offer. These are a few of our favourites so far…

Written by Jade Just – Contributing Travel Editor. Images from Onefinestay. Cover image: Avalon Bungalow (more details & pics below).

Bullecourt Terrace, Mosman, Sydney

Bullecourt2018-04-10-00-15-52-252959-7R9A1139_preview Bullecourt2018-04-10-00-15-10-829516-7R9A0873_preview Bullecourt2018-04-10-00-15-14-636589-7R9A0860_preview 2018-04-10-00-15-50-710114-7R9A1047_previewBullecourt2018-04-10-00-15-44-307912-7R9A1007_preview

Highlights: All of the greenery. Table tennis table – because who doesn’t love some friendly competition. Baby and toddler friendly.
Sleeps:  9 (five bedrooms, 5 bathrooms).
Price: from $1,200 per night
More details here.

The Manar Apartment, Sydney

2018-03-27-00-34-51-098924-20180228-IMG_6069_preview 2018-03-27-00-34-46-608727-20180228-IMG_6058_preview 2018-03-27-00-35-16-810493-20180228-IMG_6130_preview 2018-03-27-00-35-17-978846-20180228-IMG_6120_preview

Highlights: Sydney Harbour views. Ceiling creeper. Location. Security (it’s in a small, gated complex).
Sleeps: 2 (one bedroom, 2 bathrooms).
Price: from $500 per night
More details here.

Attunga Lodge, Woollahra, Sydney

Attunga2018-01-09-04-30-42-795379-20171112-_12A1373 2018-01-09-04-32-21-758520-20171112-_12A1394 Attunga 2018-01-09-04-33-47-583294-20171112-_12A14182018-01-09-04-36-14-047413-20171112-_12A1479

Highlights: Super private. Manicured gardens. Location…close to Paddington and Bondi Junction.
Sleeps:  7 (five bedrooms, 4 bathrooms).
Price: from $1,200 per night
More details here.

Avalon Bungalow, Sydney

2018-03-27-01-03-17-114466-20180302-IMG_6692_previewAvalon 2018-03-27-01-03-15-376580-20180302-IMG_6737-HDR-Edit_preview Avalon 2018-03-27-01-03-12-375123-20180302-IMG_6728_preview Avalon 2018-03-27-01-03-17-439334-20180302-IMG_6758_preview

Highlights: THAT POOL. The view. Family friendly surroundings (e.g. kids pool at the north end of the beach).
Sleeps: 7 (4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms)
Price: from $2,500 per night.
More details here.

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