Harpers Project concrete collection launch

Harpers Project has long been one of our favourite brands on the local interiors scene and they have just launched a new concrete furniture collection that is influenced by earth’s raw and natural elements and it’s seriously beautiful! Being utterly obsessed with all things concrete we couldn’t wait to show you what they’ve been up to!

Concrete has been around since before the Greeks built the Parthenon, but today Harpers Project have incorporated the latest technological advancements to bring concrete products to greater strength in thinner dimensions using the most eco friendly materials. “We set out to create a collection that evokes emotion and natural styling elements of homes that generate warmth through versatile design” Creative Director Evah Karakatsanis. We are proud to make this collection in Australia and incorporate natural characteristics of a hand-made table top – right here from our artisan’s shop in Australia. The latest water-based, food-grade concrete sealer protects brilliantly from stains and scratches so it’s not just beautiful but practical too.

Harpers Project has partnered with the Glass-Fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) leader in Australia.  They incorporate the latest technology from around the globe in concrete design mixes which allow for extreme structural strength as well as reduced dimensional weight with maximum durability in the finished product.

The collection is available now online at www.harpersproject.com and in store at 188 Johnston Street, Collingwood.

Words by Aimee Tarulli, Interiors Editor. See more of my work (here) and follow me on instagram (here).

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