The 3 Kitchen Design Trends which are taking off

The most commonly renovated area of the home is definitely the kitchen. I wasn’t surprised to discover this. Not only is a kitchen upgrade a sure way to add value to your home, it has the capacity to completely change your life! A well designed kitchen makes those everyday routines of preparing healthy meals and entertaining an absolute thrill.  An area of high use means that there are many technical considerations with kitchen design. However, that doesn’t mean that kitchens can’t be show stopping, right? So what’s taking the kitchen design world by storm right now? Let’s look at the top 3 trends, why they’re popular, and how to apply them.


Grey is the new white! (Haven’t you heard?!)

And it’s no wonder why! Serene, elegant and timeless, the madly popular grey schemes give a lightness and brightness that provides a wonderful alternative to plain, ol’ white. Greys are effortless and neutral without being boring – and they’re easy to pull off. They sit in that low risk colour palette (compared to, say, an orange kitchen) that somehow almost always pulls off standing out at the same time. So here’s a good one for those of you who were considering a neutral and bright kitchen with a slight edge.

Design Note: To pull this one off, I recommend layering shades of grey throughout the design. Layer grey stone with grey painted cabinets. My favourite greys are Dulux Timeless Grey and Dulux Dieksau (we used this second option in our Seaside Home pictured). Consider contrasting the grey with other finishes such as the floor!


Image and feature image by Brooke Holm, stylist Marsha Golemac.


Got a bold streak in ya?

I’ve been loving the increase of people taking a leap of faith with beautiful, black kitchens. Black kitchens achieve a charismatic boldness while retaining the chic modern-minimalist vibe. What’s not to like? Whilst being a commanding statement, they’re not so scary as we’re still working within a monochromatic palette here. And, again, they’re easy to pull off.

Design Note: I would recommend that the cabinets and stone reflect each other. Generally, both are black. If you want to change it up a little bit, black cabinets with grey stone are also a great option. Watch out for the internals of joinery and cupboards – they must be black or close to! When you have black cupboards and white internals the white will pop through those tiny gaps between doors. Last tip: make sure you roll elements of black through other parts of the home to reference the kitchen. Black window frames, black living room joinery, feature lighting. etc.  Bold statements that are referenced in various touch points create a sense of consistency.

Kitchen and Photography by Nina Holst

Kitchen and photography by blogger Nina Holst - stylizmo

Kitchen and photography by Nina Holst


This is for the wild ones!

Colour equals courage. And I’m loving seeing unconventional colour pops sweep through kitchens of late. Leading the trend at the moment are kitchens featuring hydro colours of greens and blues. Why not make the hub of your home a statement!? Colour is perfect for directing mood so pick yours based on what you want to evoke. For instance, a cobalt blue is fun while an olive green is calm. I’m particularly loving sky blue tones and deep olive greens at the moment.

Design Note: To nail a courageous and personality-filled colourful kitchen, apply the colour decisions to the cabinetry and stone in particular. We’re doing a green kitchen at the moment and recently completed blue bathrooms. The kitchen features a green marble bench top with brass cabinets. For paint colours, refer to what’s hot at Dulux. Be mindful of selecting the right tone. You want the colour to be a statement but also timeless! We love complimenting coloured joinery with coloured internals creating a contrasting pop of colour!

arent-pkye-double-bay-house-1 (1)

Designer arent-pkye-double-bay-house-4 photography felix forest

Designer arent-pkye-double-bay-house-21 photography felix forest

Designer Arent & Pyke, photographer Felix Forest.

the 'mr benjamin loft' by playing circle for 'the loft' store

‘Mr Benjamin Loft’ by Playing Circle for ‘The Loft’ store.

Eginstill kitchen Ibiza

Kitchen by Eginstill

Sasa Antic kitchen Photography by Jonas Ingerstedt

Sasa Antic kitchen, photographer Jonas Ingerstedt


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Written by Vy Nguyen & Sally Caroline for Open Design Studio

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