SC Edit: Mega Hot sconces to light up your life.

Lighting is the single most important ingredient to finish a home. Both natural and artificial, the creation and manipulation of light sets the mood of a space – as well as providing the all important function of allowing you to see (!).  Similarly to how an Instagram filter enhances your emotional connection with the image, lighting acts like the mood filter for your home.

Whilst natural light is the most important natural resource that most well-designed homes aim to maximise, it is unfortunately finite. When the sun goes down, you’re left to adequately light your home yourself, and doing this well is an art form. There are many different sources of artificial light that you could design into your home, we’re focusing on the ultra sexy, oft-underappreciated wall sconce!

I’m obsessed with wall sconces at the moment. Pick them well and they’re just so sophisticated and so damn cool.  Part decorative and part architectural, they demonstrate that you have a personality and you’re willing to back it by fixing a hot sconce to the wall. Whether new or vintage, there are some seriously amazing scones about. Practically speaking, they’re also great at casting diffused light either up or down a wall, create soft pools of light and overall ambiance.

Wall sconces are great in entries and hallways, as well as framing key focal points such as fireplaces, beds and mantelpieces. Some sconces are so beautiful that they should be given the same importance as art and sculpture!

Whatever your style is, there’ll be a sconce for you. Here are some that I’m loving at the moment:

– BL ‘Beslite’ Wall Sconce (Cult): It comes in a stack of finishes and variations ranging from ultra masculine black shade with chrome detailing, to the uber schmick all brass number

01_Beslite 2- Gubi ‘Cobra’ Wall Sconce (Cult): Proving that simplicity with a unique form can be ultra chic

02_Cobra 2- Brass Can Light (Anna Charlesworth): Simple and slick, cool but collected

03_AnnaCharlesworth-brass can 2- Lariat Wall Sconce (Apparatus Studio): Entirely sculptural and intricately detailed, this beauty is an absolute fave right now

04_Lariat 2

The Chrysler Sconce (available from Dpages): for that slight touch of eclectic charm 05_Chrysler 2Author: Sally Caroline of Open Design Studio


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