Introducing Kate Jarman

All good things come from Perth right? haha. Introducing Kate Jarman, a West Australian artist whose most recent collection of Botanicals, “The Bungalow” is awash with colour and had me totally smitten from the get go.

With a childhood surrounded by plants, animals and WA’s best nature plus an impressive artistic education history, Kate is well equipped to deliver knockout botanical works and that she has.

‘Jungalow’ is a synonym for treehouse derived from words ‘jungle’ and ‘bungalow’. It explores the way in which we (me!) instinctually choose to surround ourselves with indoor plants, botanical and nature inspired textiles and artworks.

When I look at Kate’s vibrant pieces it’s as if I’m viewing nature through a filter which automatically disperses a sense of fun, adventure, joy and marvel to every scene.

If you want to feel happy, hang one of these babies on your wall!

To find out more about Kate’s limited edition prints or commissions, contact:

Pics Annette O’Brien, Styling Julia Green

KateJarman02 KateJarman03 KateJarman04a KateJarman05


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