My Top Tips for Glowing Skin- Super Savvy Me

For great skin that glows you need to create good skin care routines. Two minutes in the morning and three minutes at night.  And if I can find the time for it, so can you.

Here’s what I do:

· Mornings

First, I cleanse and rinse with a face-washer, lathering well and concentrating on the nose and chin areas. Next I apply a small amount of Vitamin C serum, starting around the edge of my face and working my way in, making sure you avoid your eye area. Vitamin C’s a fantastic antioxidant and it also stimulates collagen production. Leave it to absorb and then you’re ready for your hydrating Vitamin B5 serum, which plumps out all those fine lines.  Lastly, I apply moisturiser with SPF on my face, neck, and décolletage.

· Nights

It’s really important to clean your face, remove your makeup and begin the process of cell renewal before you go to bed. I start my routine by cleansing and rinsing, just like I did in the morning, but I usually do a double cleanse, especially if I’ve had a long day of wearing makeup. Next, I use an exfoliant serum, which uses fruit acid to exfoliate while you sleep.  How magic is that! A hydrating moisturiser goes on after that, along with a Vitamin A eye cream, but stay away from Vitamin A if you’re pregnant.  And if you need a little extra moisture, look for a hydrating skin oil and that should do the trick!

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  1. Carolyn W

    Dear Bec., Do you find that additional treatments such as Microdermabrasion or anything else helps to support the benefits of this skincare range? I am lucky to live 10 minutes from The Skincare Company head office in Newtown Geelong (The Pamper Clinic) and am considering Microdermabrasion from their advice to help support this range. Just had my ‘skincare consult’ and have left with tiny sample sizes of the Skincare Co. range! Excited to try. Thank you for your online help and advice – from mum to mum. Appreciated! XX.

  2. Carolyn W

    Hi Bec, Huge thanks for such a great, inspiring and ‘real’ website. Wonderful! I have recently become interested in trying the Skincare Co products and was curious to know please if you will have another % off offer on these products via your website at all? I would be most grateful as I am a busy mum of 3 and all my $ goes to them! Help!
    Thank you so much, your daily (Vimeo) am and pm routines have been really interesting and helpful.

    1. Carolyn W

      Leah, have you seen her Vimeo routines – morning and evening – on this website?
      This will show you all the products she uses daily :) Carolyn W.