The Business of Being Creative- The Style Co

The Style Co, event designers, stylists and planning extraordinaires, did my wedding 5 years ago (eek thats a LONG time ago now!) and have been making event and wedding magic ever since. I know when I see a drop dead amazing wedding pic pop up on my Insta feed that The Style Co gals are always behind it. Their work is next level and guess what? They are happy to share everything they have learned along their business journey with anyone who wants to attend one of their workshops. How cool is that? I love it when super talented people want to share their secrets and don’t keep them bottled up inside, scared of competition. But I guess when you’re as shit hot as them there is no competition haha! But seriously, keep on spreading the love and good karma Style Co chicks, there should be more people like you!

Ok so I was going to take the best, most important parts of their “The Business of Being Creative” workshop and give you a brief overview of it to explain to you why you NEED to book and how the day works, but then I thought they sum it up so lovely on their website that I’ve pretty much copy and pasted direct from there, lazy I know! So here are the deets:

“For all creatives and general misfits, those at start up phase, those ready to step up their game or those that just simply want to hang out with us for the day.

We know that being in the business of being creative is a tough gig, and we want to let you in on some of the lessons we’ve learned; finding your magic and make a living out of doing it.

After ‘get to know you’s’ we head straight into the story behind The Style Co. and of course, the business of Business.

You may have the creative down pat, but we know the business side doesn’t always come so easily.

Marie & Sarah give you a backstage pass on what makes The Style Co. tick, how they’ve grown and run a profitable design business in a competitive landscape. They discuss brand, fees and charging your worth, finding your voice, getting the word out there, etc.

Then we feed you some lunchy goodness!

In the afternoon Marie and Sarah cover The Style Co’s design process. From the first meeting with the client to the concept creation and refining your ideas, to sourcing and producing product and the all important execution.

We finish off with open Q&A’s.”

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch: [email protected] or 039425 9797.

Venue: The Style Co. HQ, Cremorne, Vic.

Date: Saturday June 4th.

Lastly, we are giving away 2 seats worth $750 each to this workshop. Simply post your fave pic from this blog post to your Instagram account and #rjlxthestyleco

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