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It’s a really special feeling when a piece of art moves you or evokes a fond memory, a feeling or just a warm appreciation for it’s colours or form. Michael’s Bond’s beautiful, dreamy abstract paintings are quickly gaining wide spread recognition and popularity in the art world and it’s easy to see why. With his distinctive muted palette, signature pops of yellows and pinks, and a loose, abstract aesthetic, Michael’s works compliment a lovely relaxed design aesthetic and just leave you wanting more!

Michael’s work is intuitive with no set pattern or instruction on how he starts and finishes each piece. It’s a joyful journey of all the places and things that inspire his everyday ‘sometimes it’s a trip to the coast to study the landscape or it could be a certain colour that will stick in my head’ he says. Keeping his style fresh is important and while he’s conscious of what’s on trend in the interiors space to ensure his work can compliment the now, he paints with the heart which ensures he stays true to his own unique style; ‘my work is an extension of me and how I see the world’ he says. ‘A simple mark made on a canvas can evoke an emotion or a memory, this is why I paint’.

Michael is represented by Fenton and Fenton in Melbourne with new works gracing their walls and online store regularly… You can also find a collection of his work at Greedi Lulu in Mornington and Art2Muse in Sydney. To see more of Michael’s work jump onto his website here.

Words by Aimee Tarulli, Interiors Editor, Archer Interiors. Find me on Instagram here.


Above: “Always Dreaming” by Michael Bond taking centre stage above dining table from Huset Design Store and leather dining chairs by Barnaby Lane. Top artwork in bedroom titled “On my mind”. Styling Aimee Tarulli, Archer Interiors. Photography James Geer. Location Thomas Archer Homes.


“Beach Track” by Michael Bond. Styling Aimee Tarulli, Archer Interiors. Photography James Geer. Location Thomas Archer Homes.


“Island Hopper” by Michael Bond commissioned through Fenton and Fenton. Styling The Real Estate Stylist X Little Projects.


“Village Life” by Michael Bond photographed instore by Fenton and Fenton.

Michael Bond artwork in store at Fenton and Fenton.

“Early Morning” by Michael Bond photographed in store by Fenton and Fenton.


“Day Tripping” by Michael Bond (available now at Fenton and Fenton) photographed in store.

"New Day" by Michael Bond photographed in store by Fenton and Fenton.

“New Day” by Michael Bond photographed in store by Fenton and Fenton.



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