Paul Bram X J’Aton Couture Logies 2016

I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world some times. I have a beautiful, healthy family and a job which I LOVE. I’m invited to incredible events and to be able to wear J’Aton Couture and Paul Bram diamonds every time I attend has me pinching myself time and time again.

Today I wanted to share with you the process involved in designing beautiful jewellery with my long time client but more so friends, the team at Paul Bram, notably, head designer, Sam Thomas.

This year I knew I wanted to wear a full princess gown to the Logies. It is a look and silhouette I have never done before and so I thought the time was right. I like to take risks, push the boundaries and do something different every time I hit the red carpet. You will never see me in black and you will never see me in a style I’ve done before. I wanted my dress to be strapless so with that in mind, I thought the perfect jewelled accessories would be a pair of diamond drop earrings from Paul Bram.

I organised a meeting with Sam Thomas and from there, jotted down ideas on how I wanted them to look. Sam then sketched my ideas (as pictured) into a beautiful pair of diamond encrusted, pear shaped drop earrings. I am OBSESSED with the pear shape at the moment and thought they’d go perfectly with my dress. I tried some existing earrings Paul Bram had in their store to measure the length and drop factor and then we signed off on the design and off they were sent to be hand crafted ahead of the Logies.

Of course no red carpet event is complete without gorgeous rings to match and so I selected some huge, dazzling sparklers from the incredible selection at Paul Bram. I was well and truly sorted.

Fast forward to yesterday and my princess dress by J’Aton Couture was finished and ready to go. I wore a pair of jewelled, FLAT, Jimmy Choo gladiator sandals (as if you’d catch me in heels carrying twins haha!) and my trusty, silver Chanel clutch which has seen more red carpets than I’d even remember! I got glammed up at UVA Salon in Prahran and opted for a high pony tail to show off the earrings. I had my superstar Chantelle Baker do my makeup with lashings of lashes. I got dressed in a suite at Crown with the J’Aton boys, and Sam Thomas delivered my beautiful jewels- Voila! Logies ready!

Images: Stefani Driscoll


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  1. Sara C

    Such a beautiful set of imagery Bec! You are looking so glowing and radiant at the moment- a special time in your life xx big kisses