The Daily Edited (SP)

Ahhhh, the most gorgeous swoonworthy, personalised leather accessories in cotton candy hues, monochrome perfection and moody, autumnal shades have made their way into my world and now I cannot imagine a life without them. I am talking about the chic and sophisticated wares from The Daily Edited.

If you know me then you’re aware that I’m a sucker for anything personalised, so imagine my delight when I came across The Daily Edited and figured out I could personalise well pretty much everything in the most chic and sophisticated way¬†(and there’s even something for men and little girls!).

From cosmetic cases (how hot is that Burgundy shade?!), to travel wallets, clutches, handbags, pouches, desk wares, tech items and luggage tags (plus the list goes on), there is a Daily Edited accessory to suit every aspect of your life (and boy do they look sensational in a flat lay- lots of instagrammable moments with these guys!).

One of my fave items is definitely the pale pink heart clutch with ‘Billie’ written on it. What a special item for a special girl and my precious 2 year old ADORES it.

Whether it be something for yourself or a gift for another, I think we can all agree that something personalised makes it just that little bit more special.






Images: Liane Hurvitz. Hair and Makeup: Renee Camilleri 

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