King Living (SP)

When it came to selecting our sofa for our main living room in our home I headed straight to King Living. I originally had their super popular and flagship piece- the Jasper- in mind (which is amazing) but absolutely fell for the Plaza when I went into their showroom. Why? Well it’s sexy tapered legs and minimalistic design were the perfect fit for the contemporary yet elegant style of our new home. Team that with it’s perfect modular shape which suited our dimensions to a tee and it’s availability in Viva leather and we were sold (literally!).

As I knew this sofa was going to get absolutely thrashed by my children (think food, drink, spews and number 2’s!) and would be used every day for lounging around on, I needed it to be leather and chose ‘Viva Expresso,’ a black tone. The leather has softened over time (but was pretty deluxe to begin with) and is PERFECT. It hasn’t marked and I’m happy to say, has survived everything from newborn spews, toddler accidents, the old weetbix down the back of the seat trick and hundreds and hundreds of hours spent resting, sitting, lounging, faffing and relaxing on. Any spill or accident is easily wiped away with a sponge or a baby wipe and voila- as good as new!

And here’s some incredibly stylish and thrifty info- did you know that one of the benefits of King Living furniture is that the covers are removable so in the future when the kids are older I can change over to fabric covers for a fresh new look without buying an entirely new sofa.

Check out King Living’s incredible range for yourself (and the new Richmond showroom as pictured in the last 2 pics is pretty SCHMICK!).

TSS1- Plaza


Felix_ Jasper Neo & Uno ottomon


King_305 King_255


First 2 images by Armelle Habib.

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