Anyone that is prepared to name their company “Neon Poodle’ sounds like they are made of the fun stuff, right? So when it came time to meet Sammy and Jason, the makers behind this cool emerging brand, there were no cries of disappointment from me!

For neon has always held a special place in my heart. In fact, at least a decade ago, I saved my hard earned pennies to buy a sign that said, ‘thank you’ in fluoro pink. It lived in my kitchen, and gave my home a soft pink glow of an evening. I am sure my neighbour’s tongues were wagging when they saw the house turn ‘pink’ at night, but this was all a part of the fun you see!

A recent house move saw my ‘thank you’ sign undertake a precarious relocation exercise. I am pleased to say it made it to its new home in one piece. But no sooner was it hung, than was it smashed into a million shards of glass from a rogue football that made its way inside (off my son’s right foot.) OUCH. Neon – up in a puff of smoke. Goneski.

Enter into my world, Neon Poodle –a unbreakable neon replacement made from flexible LED and at a fraction of the cost of traditional neon. Now that is what I call a win- win situation.

Neon Poodle’s latest range of neon designs and colours will not leave you wanting for anything as the sky’s the limit in terms of designs, colours and sizes, and it is as all custom-made right here on local soil. You can create any sign, logo, phrase, or even emoji to bring instant personality, style fun and color to your space- all at a super affordable price point.

Below, we delve a little deeper into this dynamic duo’s design ethos, their humble beginnings, and future plans.

How did the business begin?

Neon Poodle began by a desire for my daughter Pepper to have her name in neon for her bedroom. I ‘ve always loved interiors, particularly conversation pieces in homes, that spark interest and excitement but also last more than just one season. So, after many fruitless months of trying to track down someone to make my sign, I was disappointed to learn no one seemed very interested in making my little custom one off piece. So my husband, Jason and I, decided to do some research of our own and 1 year later, Neon Poodle was born!

What is the most common question you are asked about your lighting? 

The most common question we get generally begins with “Can you…” And most of the time the answer of course is yes! We can do just about anything with our product. Logos, words, phrases even emoticons! I think people are really surprised that not only can it be done but also the price point that we can do it as well.

What is the most popular light you sell?

The most popular light that we sell is our original “It’s Neon Love” and it’s little sister the “It’s Neon Love Baby”. Our original heart shape light is used for baby’s nurseries to tween rooms, weddings and into Master bedrooms. They are bought as gifts for daughters, wives, boyfriends and husbands.

What’s next for Neon Poodle?

Our next 12 months looks very busy! We will be focusing on developing our brand and coming up with unique solutions for our clients. We also have a new product launch in August so we are currently brainstorming ideas for our new range.

We have been able to enter the retail market in many boutiques across Australia and NZ with the aim to be in 100 stores by the end of the year. We are also working towards hitting the overseas market by early 2017.

To purchase Neon Poodle lights head to the Greenhouse Interiors website,

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Styling & Story by Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors, Contributing Interiors Editor | @greenhouseinteriors

Photography Armelle Habib | @armellehabib

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