Summer giveaway- Clear and Brilliant laser treatment

Ahhh finally a pigment reducing laser which can be used during the Summer months with no down time- Introducing the Clear & Brilliant Permea (yes, you read correctly- NO downtime!).

I love my moles/beauty spots but I’m not a fan of pigmentation, sun spots and new freckles clouding my skin and making it look dull. I use a lot of serums (A, B, C) which work wonders but sometimes it’s nice to get a super boost- laser style!

In the past I would always get IPL (Intense Pulated Light) in the winter months. One treatment would be all it took to turn my pigmentation and freckles into black flecks before they wore off about a week later to reveal PERFECT, glowing skin. This treatment requires about 7 days of down time for the job I’m in (trying to look nice on TV and not scare my audience!) and this year I just couldn’t find 7 days in a row when I wasn’t working to be able to have the treatment.

I was also keen on experimenting with the FRAXEL laser as I’d seen some great results on girlfriends, but again, it requires a week’s downtime which I just couldn’t do.

So knowing my predicament (increasing freckles/pigmentation but no time time to lie low and the added drawback of it now being a far sunnier time of year which makes IPL and FRAXEL less ideal), the team at Liberty Belle called me to tell me about the new Clear and Brilliant Permea.

The Clear and Brilliant can reduce pigmentation and pore size plus it will brighten the skin, improve tone and radiance. It fights the signs of ageing before they occur, is safe for treatment over the summer months and is suitable for women breastfeeding who may have hormonal pigment that they would like to treat. How?

It uses fractionated laser technology to target a small percentage of the surface of the skin leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid recovery and healing. Plus, the special properties of the laser makes the skin permeable, which allows for better absorption of high strength active skin care. So in layman’s terms- it’s like a baby FRAXEL but less intense resulting in no down time. You’ll need a few treatments at monthly intervals to achieve that perfect skin look.

I booked in for my 30 minute treatment and it was a strange feeling. Of course it was painful but not the worst beauty related pain I’ve experienced (my first IPL session when I was 25 was pretty horrific- but geez did it look good!). I can best describe it by saying that it feels like you have momentarily zipped your skin into a zipper, except the zip is boiling hot. Ha! The pain doesn’t last long and afterwards, apart from a little sand paper-ish feeling on your skin and some extra heat for a couple of hours, you are good to go (like good to go on LIVE TV 4 hours later- woohoo).

In an incredibly generous offer, Chris and Andrea Moss and their team at Liberty Belle are offering Clear & Brilliant Permea treatments purchased this year for $250 (Usually $350).

And in the ultimate Christmas giveaway they are also offering 10 lucky RJL followers: 1 x Clear & Brilliant treatment and $350 worth of active skincare products. Total value $700.

To enter, just tell me in the comments section below why you would like to win. Winners selected on December 8th and notified by Liberty Belle. Also, be sure to follow Liberty Belle on Instagram @libertybelleskincentre. Good luck and Merry Christmas. RJ x


Maddie Mocnik, Nadia Hudson, Narelle Bantow, Kara Moretti, Stela Tsolacos, Jessica Thomson, Carlin Kohn, Ashlee Cant, Rebecca Brown, Bronte Panckridge.

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  1. Sally S

    Hello, There is a new skin technology that is new to Australia. It is breathable barrier technology. You roll it on before bed. It acts as a second skin that traps your bodies own moisture, fully hydrating your skin over night, while still allowing oxygen in. It’s helping all skin conditions such as pigmentation, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, scars. It’s replacing botox and beauticians are selling their IPL machines because these products produce better results. It reverses what ageing has occurred and prevents further ageing by hydrating your skin. Sally 0410402551

  2. wilma r

    Hi Rebecca, I’m in my 50’s with fair skin and mega blotchy pigmentation and sunspots, and tired of trying to cover them with make up. However I live in North East Victoria so specialised skin care centres that I would place my trust In are few. The Clear and Brilliant Permea treatment would be worth travelling the miles for!
    Thanks so much

  3. Kat D

    Ohhhh u would love to try this. I had my third daughter 10 weeks ago, booked IPL, and then was advised that it was suitable for breastfeeding mums. I was so disappointed, as I was looking so forward to the results for Christmas, a little mummy pick me up. This procedure sounds fantastic.

  4. Anna P

    Hi Rebecca, would so love this. I’ve been thinking no stop as to what I can do about pigmentation around my checks, forehead and now upper lip. Have felt so self conscious about it and with now being summer, I’m worried of it being even more visible. Felt relief when I saw this, I would love so much to try this treatment. Xxxx

  5. Fay G

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this for my mum. She has been complaining about her pigmentation on her face. She deserves this so much, she is just so giving and never expects anything xxx

  6. Nour S

    I think this would be amazing for my friend Emma! She has been going through a rough time of late and it so self-conscious about her pigmentation. It would really brighten up a tough year for her and would make for an amazing Christmas surprise. Thanks so much x

  7. Caryl B

    Hi Bec,
    I would love to try this treatment as I was bought up in the era of no sunblock, but lots of sun baking with baby oil to get a tan. The pigmentation on my skin today just proves how important it is too look after your skin. We are very fortunate to have highly Skilled Professionals at Liberty Belle to advise everyone on how to achieve great skin.
    Thank You for sharing your skincare with us, and also the opportunity to win a fabulous prize in time for christmas. Caryl B

  8. Maxine F

    I would love to say goodbye to my pigmented skin. Only now at 31 with two kids can i see the damage of lying around in the sun throughout my 20’s without spf. Arrrrggghhh….should have listened to my Mother :(
    To top it all off i scored some hormonal pigment. Pleeeeease choose meeee. x

  9. Gabrielle S

    Hi Bec
    I have fair skin with sun damage – freckles galore. Unfortunately due to my busy family schedule I don’t have the time for a treatment where downtime is required. I would love to try permea to improve my skin tone . Thanks!

  10. Rebecca S

    Hi Bec, my name is Bec. I’m 26 yrs old and have bad hormonal pigmentation on my face for about 7 years. I have never tried laser, as the cost was just too much for me & I can’t afford to not wear makeup during the downtime (VERY self conscious about it). All I want is to not have to get up everyday and wear makeup, go swimming and not worry if my makeup rubs off – that would be amazing. I’d LOVE to try this treatment,

  11. Deb M

    Hi Bec,my name is Deb and it is great that there is finally a laser that has little to no downtime.I suffer from bad pigmentation on my cheeks but more severe on my forehead which makeup does not seem to cover,in the past when I’ve had laser done(v beam) I would have to hide away until the healing was done and the pigment would come after a couple of months. I wish it wasn’t so noticeable and that it would disappear for good.Thanks for allowing me to share.

  12. donna e

    Hi Bec, I’m Donna and exactly 3 months and 18 days I will be walking down the aisle. My mother has just passed away early November which is totally heartbreaking as I wanted her to see me on my big day…something she always wanted. I know she will be watching from above but it hasn’t sunken in as yet. It’s taking a big strain on my preparation for the wedding and I would love to win this treatment to perk me back up again and to feel that bride feeling of excitement and joy again.

  13. Elena N

    Hi Bec.
    Thank you for your informative article.
    I’m entering this competition for my mum. She has been so busy looking after me and my siblings over the last few years that she hasn’t had any time to attend to herself, especially her skin. She inspires me every day in her willingness to see the positive in all situations and put others first before herself. I believe she needs some time to attend to her aging skin so she can get her beautiful glow back again and look her very best. My mother has always supported me in all my endeavours at school and I want to support her and nominate her for this opportunity.
    Thanks Bec!
    Elena ox

  14. Toula G

    Hi Bec I’m Toula.I’m 44 and have been doing microdermabrasion for 15years for my pigmentation! It helps but I’m really excited to try the Belle treatment you had and see the difference in results! Take care Toula xxx

  15. Deborah B

    2 years of heavy antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease has left my skin feeling dull, pigmented and saggy. As a mother of 3 teenage girls, now on the road to recovery, I would love to look my age again! x

  16. Kate S

    Hi Bec, I am sitting in bed with pneumonia (who gets that in December?!) and this sounds like an amazing treatment. My skin has taken quite a hit from fever, dehydration and antibiotics. I would love to try it and will be keeping a close eye on your skin. Thanks for the updates on new treatments xo

  17. Karlene T

    Hi Bec, this treatment sounds like just what I have been liking for! After trying just about everything to get rid off/reduce pigmentation in my skin, I need to try something new (+it’s my birthday on the 10th Dec, this would be a great little skin booster) x

  18. Nives G


    My daughter is getting married in April and even though my wrinkles, lines, spots etc…. tell the story of a life filled with love, happiness and everything in between, I want to look the best I can for this special day. It is difficult to know who to trust with you skin especially your face, but with your recommendation this would be perfect.

  19. Jess N

    I am starting a new job and quite stressed at work. My pores are enlarged and I really want to look my best and brighter for my new job. After years of being in the Queensland sun and moving to Melbourne my skin is quite pigmented and oily

  20. Vicki B

    I am reaching the age (the big 4-0!) where all of the amazing (and let’s be honest, not so amazing) things I have experienced in life are starting to show on my face! Whilst I know I am lucky to have had almost four decades of good times (interspersed with the challenges – hey, that’s life!) I would love to erase a few of those markers!

  21. Catherine A

    I suffered acne in my teens and while that finally cleared up in my early twenties (with the help of dermatologists and multiple medications) my skin has gone downhill again since my late twenties. Red, blotchy, breakouts, not a pretty sight. I am currently breastfeeding and have either been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last three and a half years. Because of this I assumed there was nothing I could do about my deteriorating skin until we’re finished having children, but I’m excited to see I’m wrong. Fingers crossed and thank you for the opportunity.

  22. Jane H

    I would love to win this, after 5 babies I have horrible pigmentation on my face. It’s terrible and i would love to have the chance to get rid of it all.

  23. Belinda B

    Hi Bec & Liberty Belle!

    I’ve just had baby #2 and hubby and I have decided we are now satisfied and this shop is shut haha. With that said I’ve told hubby that it’s now my time to shine and get my body and beauty back on track! I would love to win this prize to help me reach my goals to get my skin where it’s meant to be and give some lovin back to my body. I have to start somewhere! This competition came at the right time.

    Thankyou! B x

  24. Rebecca W

    I would love love love to win this.

    As a young 24 y.o female, I’ve suffered many years of acne, then have to deal with the scars, and then add in My pale skin, big pores and pigmentation combined with freckles! I would love to be confident and comfortable in my skin and have that glow ! I think this clear and brilliant will give me the confidence I need!

    Thanks Bec xxxxxx

  25. Josie G

    I’d love to win this prize pack. I have heard great things about their skincare products and would love to get my hands on some to use at home as well as using the Clear and Brillant treatments.
    Thanks! =]


    With two kids under four I have NO TIME for myself (as you would know) and would love to be able to leave the house looking presentable and confident in my own skin without having to spend a morning by the mirror perfecting my foundation!

  27. Nga O

    15 years ago when I was giving birth to my daughter I forgot to exhale when pushing and held my breathe instead and as a result many explosions of capillaries all over my face. This took 3 months to die down however until this day I still have many broken capillaries around my nose and cheeks. I would love this treatment to get rid of them so I don’t have to wear make up to cover them.

  28. V S

    Hi Bec, Would love to win for some hope! I am returning to client based work after having a baby. My skin has suffered after years of acne and post acne marks :( I feel like I have tried every treatment and am dreading more mornings of plastering on thick make up just to be confident enough to leave the house, especially when work starts. Thanks for this opportunity.

  29. Anya L

    would love to win this to treat some post pregnancy pigmentation, been waiting for a long time to do something about it, now that I’m finished feeding etc this would be a lovely prize to win to get my old skin back .

  30. Tina H

    I’m 22 and a nurse in a busy oncology ward. In the midst of looking after others I sometimes forget to look after myself… and that includes my skin! Uneven skin tone and pigmentation be gone please! This would be amazing! Good luck to everyone entering :) xx

  31. Michelle R

    Since becoming a mum, my skin has suffered despite my excellent nutrition and best attempts at getting some sleep. Right now, the thought of lying down on a bed or table all by myself and experiencing the Clear and Brilliant Permea/my face being momentarily caught in a hot zip with a sandpaper-like after taste is very appealing. Please pick me so I can start looking less old and tired!

  32. Leanne M

    After suffering for years with cystic acne and hormonal pigmentation my skin has been left with enlarged pores, acne scaring and brown blotches on my face. My ageing complexion resembles a muddy look of badly applied makeup across my forehead checks and jawline. I’ve had prescription bleaching creams, liquids and expensive skincare all of which have been unable to improve my skin. To be able to try a treatment like this would be amazing. Good luck to all and thank you and liberty bell for this amazing competition

  33. Gabriella F

    Hi Bec,

    I would absolutely love the opportunity to try this new treatment as I have my wedding in April next year and need to get my skin looking amazing for the big day! As an avid reader of your website, I have learnt about how Liberty Belle is a high caliber skincare facility, and I did enquire about their IPL treatment earlier this year. However, being on a ‘wedding budget’ unfortunately meant that I couldn’t splurge to treat myself. I would therefore be so incredibly grateful to be able to indulge in the Clear & Brilliant treatment as it will help to give me that confidence that healthy looking skin provides on my wedding day. Kind regards, Gabriella.

  34. glennis f

    Hello Becc and Liberty Belle ladies, I am a mature aged skin and I have been a sun lover and keen gardener through the years , now I get sun spots and age marks just like a pigmentation and would love to see if this treatment could help me and define the texture some also , so thank you for a chance to maybe find out.. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year All.

  35. janice m

    I have been weighing up Fraxel, But the caost and the downtime has put me off. After having my kids I have very uneven tone and pigamentation, i would love to win this and look in the mirror to some awesome results. :0)

  36. janice m

    I have been weighing up Fraxel, But the caost and the downtime has put me off. After having my kids I have very uneven tone and pigamentation, i would love to win this and look in the mirror to some awesome results. Merry Christmas!! :0)

  37. Georgia H

    Hi Bec and Liberty Belle, what a great competition your running. Afrer having my first child who is now 15 months, you definitely don’t get the chance to look after yourself as you did before. Would love to try this out as I have always been a lover of the outdoors, therefore lots of new sun spots and freckles which always magically appear! And it would be nice to feel renewed again. Thanks for the chance to enter x

  38. Ellie K

    After 3 kids and the sun my skin is not at it’s best. Would love to be able to go back in time and be more careful to prevent the sun spots and pigmentation. Would love the opportunity to fix my horrible skin. Make it glow again!! Thanks Bec & Liberty Belle for the chance!

  39. Jacinta R

    I really want to know what it feels like to get my skin caught in a boiling hot zipper!! Also I have NEVER been seen in public without makeup. What a magical Christmas present that would be.

  40. kristy r

    Would love to give myself a chance at using this so I can feel great about myself. Have been soooo tired for the last three years after having 2 kids and losing my beautiful mum, and and my skin has suffered…would love this to kick start the new me :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My skin is my priority along with exercising as i want to be as healthy and happy as I can be for my two children. I know i am fabulous, although now i am learning that I can ask for help to get there!!!! Thanks so much

  41. Jacqui Y

    Hello gorgeous girl! I would love to win this treatment, as I’m getting married next February! I’m an older bride, so unfortunately my skin is not as good as it once was :( It has taken me sooooooooooooooo long to find my Mr Right and I really do want to look beautiful for my future husband on our wedding day! Thank you xx :)

  42. Em P

    With my first pregnancy earlier this year,
    Blemishes and pigmentation did appear,
    All over my face for all to see,
    And made me self-conscious and unhappy.
    Unable to leave the house without makeup on face,
    Is where I’m at and its not a good place,
    Laser treatment to fade them would be such a gift,
    My appearance and spirits would both get a lift.

  43. Simone A

    Thank you so much for posting this Bec! This is definitely a treatment I would absolutely love to try. I have issues with my nose pigmentation always looking some shade of red and wonder if this will save me from looking like Rudolph. Building a house recently means I have had zero time to care for my skin so feeling fresh and rejuvenated for the new year would be a dream come true. Love your work x

  44. Heidi D

    Hi Liberty Belle team and RJ,
    I have wanted to try something like this for a long time, but to be honest didn’t know where or what to start with. I have just recently submitted my PhD thesis, which has been a very stressful and lifestyle changing time that has consumed my life for some time (try nearly 6 years….eep!). This period not only left me with little time (and money) for myself but has also resulted in me feeling run down and neglected. Combining that with the large pores, freckles and pigmentation mother nature decided to gift me along the way has also resulted in my low self esteem and skin consciousness. I would love to be able to feel clear and brilliant and let my natural beauty shine – just in time for the festive season too!

  45. Courtney M

    I would absolutely love to recieve this treatment as I have my best friends wedding coming up in February where I will be one of her bridesmaids. Having photos taken already makes me feel extremely self conscious and I wouldn’t want such a special day to be ruined by me feeling anxious and insecure.
    As a child I absolutely loved being outdoors and still to this day spend a lot of time outside. Being a PE teacher as well, I don’t really have much of a choice especially in the warmer months. Although I am religiously sun smart, I still haven’t managed to avoid those menacing effects of the suns rays, and suffer from bad pigmentation on my cheeks and forehead. I hate that I feel I have to wear such heavy makeup to cover up these marks but my insecurities get the better of me otherwise.
    The effects of this treatment would give me so much more confidence and really turn a day that should be perfect into just that!!

    Thanks Bec!

  46. Amy M Y

    Hi Bec & the Liberty Belle team,
    Thanks for sharing about this treatment, how amazing that it requires no down time and can used during the Summer months! For someone who has been battling pigmentation issues for years and having gone through loads of lightening products on the market that did nothing and tried painful IPL, winning one of these treatments and products will be like a dream come true. Thank you!

  47. Narissa P

    Repeat post from yesterday… different shop assistant, same story. And then there was the time I got my hair done. The hairdresser cleaned the excess bits of colour from around my hairline, and what’s this… scrub scrub scrub. Oh, that’s not hair dye sweetheart, that’s my baby skin pigmentation. See how I added ‘baby’ there… I feel this softens the embarrassment for the ‘spotter’! Did I mention this prize is A-MAZING and something I really need? xx

  48. Yolanda I

    Hi Rebecca, this review is really great. I’d like to win because I know the team at LB deliver excellent outcomes and as a working mum of two children, the no-down time is appealing. I’d also like to try something new for my skin and your write up is encouraging.

  49. Lorena F

    I have always had freckles which have never bothered me, however since turning 30 my skin has changed so much. I have really dark patches that have appeared making my skin look really dull. I’m planning my wedding, with my engagement coming up. This would be such a great experience to win to brighten my skin and feel amazing.

  50. Lauren K

    I’m in my early 20’s and have terrible pigmentation which I’m very self conscious about. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. I’m hoping this will be something that is able to help my skin and my self esteem as they are both really low currently. I would be so appreciative and grateful if I won. This prize would make my year! Xx

  51. Nicole A

    I would love to have something like this done. I am 34 and am finding that my skin is changing so much lately. Since having my 2 little girls I don’t spend anytime looking after my skin (the way I should be). I do use sunscreen when I am outside but I have naturally fair, freckly skin and it is hard to hide it all. I am finding that I have to layer my makeup to cover up these imperfections. This would be a great treat and an amazing boost for a happy but exhausted Mum of 2 (plus my hubby)! Fingers and Toes crossed =)

  52. Jing Jing G

    This is for my Mum – she is in her late 50s and is always asking about how to get rid of pigmentation and skin blotches on her face from the sun. Hey Bec, I hope I can win this for her in the lead-up to Christmas as a Christmas present. She doesn’t spend a lot on skincare, and only uses natural products (those without chemical nasties), and she’s never had IPL or a laser peel, so getting a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment would make her feel great, and do wonders for her self-esteem! :)

  53. Kristy H

    My skin has made me so self conscious. Ever since taking the Yasmin pill about 6 years ago I have had very dark pigmentation on my forehead,
    As if this wasn’t bad enough, I also have a five finger forehead just like Tyra banks so the pigmentation is distracting. I never wear no makeup because I am too embarrassed. I have tried IPL and spent a fortune on lotions and creams, I wear 50 plus on my face every day but it still sticks out like dogs balls. This is why I would absolutely love to give this a try so that I can finally start to feel comfortable in my own skin.

  54. Kim N

    I naturally have freckles and spots on only one side of my face, and also have an olive skin tone. I’ve tried many pigmentation fading creams & IPL is not an option for me because of my skin tone. This treatment sounds amazing and I would love the opportunity to see the difference it could make on my skin!

  55. Nicole W

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this package for my skin! I have been going to liberty belle for years for micro derms and peels and know how amazing their skin care center is and Kirsty is fantastic. I am also a big fan of the aspect range they sell. I don’t enter any competitions but this one grabbed my attention straight away and I had to enter. I have wanted to get fraxel for ages but been a bit too scared as I have heard it is painful and also the cost involved is not cheap and something I’ve always tried to save for but other costs always come up. My skin has been so blotchy and uneven in tone since I can remember and I have had to wear makeup every where, every day no mater what. I’m only in my late 20’s but it has been like this since I was a young teenager. I don’t think any of my friends have ever seen me without makeup or even my boyfriend…. which has been a challenge to do but had no choice as I have been so embarrassed to let anyone my real skin tone because it is just so bad. I would love to be able to not wear makeup at the beach for once and let my skin breathe and not have to cover my face in front of everyone anymore. Any time I have had to take my makeup off for a make up artist I see their face drop with shock when they see how different my skin is underneath and it makes me so upset to think it is that bad. I would love to stop having to hide my face under foundation and not let my face get wet. I would be so grateful for the chance to finally have the skin tone I have dreamed of and not have to sleep in my makeup any time I stay at friends houses. My pores are also starting to stretch as I have oily skin too which is also getting to me so this treatment would change my confidence so much! It sounds fantastic! Hope have the opportunity to try it and if not I know the winners will be very happy and lucky! Such a great prize to win. Fingers and toes crossed :)

  56. Maddie M

    So I’ve tried multiple facial products to assist with pore reduction and pigmentation and tried a couple treatments at Clearskincare Clinics which don’t seem to have worked very well at all :( I’m always searching for places who seem reliable and actually know there stuff! Coming across this post and previously hearing good things about Dr.Chris and wife Andrea Moss’ clinics (my mother was a client) I’d love the opportunity to try out this treatment and not to mention the skincare, as nothing that I seem to use.. Works!! I’m 21 and looking to perfect my skin to the best it can be, please help me achieve my skin goals !

  57. Melanie W

    What a gem making this opportunity available for some lucky girls to win :)
    I would be ever so grateful if I was lucky enough to win this prize. I’ve always felt blessed by good genetics in relation to my skin but since going through some changes over the years, my skin has never been the same. This treatment would be the perfect way to restore a youthful glow and exude confidence within my own skin.

  58. Narissa P

    With bags under my eyes, trudging through the shops with 3rd baby in arms, the kind shop assistant tells me I have something on my forehead (clearly thinking she is doing me a favour by letting me know). As I peer in the mirror to wipe away the ‘dirt’… alas! The dirt is in fact my lovely skin pigmentation spot. If the post baby belly wasn’t enough to show the signs of 3 kids, gotta love a great big splotch on my forehead to try and cover up each morning :( Would really love this prize! Sounds A-MAZING! xx

  59. Breanne N

    I would be so grateful if I could win this package. I have troubled skin with milia & pigmentation. I know what treatments would help me but just don’t have the spare money to spoil myself. This treatment sounds amazing!! Thanks Bec for the opportunity.

  60. Rachelle K

    I too love my moles but not my pigmentation! If I wasn’t to win this I will still try fraxel at Liberty Belle but winning This would be the perfect post breakup pick me up :) X

  61. Mariah C

    I have always struggled with terrible freckles, blotches and pigmentation! Having fair skin I dread summer time as my skin becomes even more blotchy and horrible! I would love to try something like this!!!!

  62. Louise O


    Pick me pick me ! I used to have regular IPLs in my 20s for sunspots and am now in my early 30s like you Bec often felt embarrassed explaining to my fellow nurses that my darkened freckles weren’t pen marks on my face for the week..

    I’m a shift worker at the Royal Childrens hospital and am looking into getting back into regular photo rejuvenation /ipl treatments.. Having just finished 2 weeks of nights this could not have come at a better time.. My freckles are in full force and the graveyard shift has left my skin feeling a little lack lustre.

  63. Sonia D

    I am getting older but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look nice and take care of my skin. Its just so expensive!!. I would really love to pamper myself and treat my skin as I have gained some extra pigment with age. I would dearly love to win the treatments and help to fade some of my pigments, get a clearer complexion and gain that little bit of extra confidence in myself without wearing the heavy makeup coverage over my embarrassing pigments.

  64. Sonia O

    Hi Bec, the clear and brilliant permea sounds fantastic. I am a busy mum of three young children and study full time. I grew up on a dairy farm and never wore sunscreen. I am now starting to see the effects of pigmentation and would love to start having some treatment for it.

  65. jasmin m

    I developed hormonal acne & dark pigmentation under my eyes whilst pregnant with my son almost 4 years ago now. I am still searching for that wonder treatment that will help fade the minor scarring I now have left but am finding impossible to clear altogether. I would love to try this Permea treatment to improve my skin & confidence without having to cover up everyday. Bec, you’re skin is so clear & amazing. It would be amazing to have the confidence to go completely makeup free on my days off!

  66. Nadia H

    Helming reduce pores and pigmentation, this sounds like a dream come true! After having my son for years ago a lot of things aren’t the same and some never will be. But one thing I can do with this treatment is reduce the large pores and horrid pigmentation I gained because of pregnancy and breast feeding! Those silly hormones, the things they do to us women! I need this treatment in my life and the skin care to go with it. I am already imagining the confidence that will come with it – I won’t be spending so much time in the morning trying to cover up the dark brown pigment all over my chin which makes me look like I have a three o’clock shadow! I can’t wait to see the team @libertybelleakincentre so we can zap my pigment bye bye! – Nadia

  67. Raquel W

    I would love to win this as many IVF rounds and fertility drugs has left my skin with pigmentation and now as I get older it doesn’t seem to be getting any better with cosmetics alone.

  68. Alicia F

    Like yourself I use all the right serums abd have also had some amazing IPL treatments BUT the down time!!!! I’m constantly on the look out for new ways of looking after my skin to not only look healthy but feel it too. I’m a bit of a guniea pig in my group of friends, love to try and the. Spread the word.. I’d love to win this treatment, not only for my on selfish reasons ;-) but to spread the word amongst friends.

  69. Tania V

    Winning this skin treatment package would be a dream come true! It’s something I have always looked into doing but never get around to doing because of my busy lifestyle. I always put my sons needs and provide for him before myself. I would love to feel fresh again and have glowing ready skin for summer.

  70. Nikki D

    Hi Bec,
    I would love to win this treatment because I have struggled with pigmentation for the last 3-4 years. I have tried many different serums and treatments, but none have helped. My pigmentation makes me look like I have dark circles under my eyes and a moustache all year round (which isn’t fun being a girl), but are particularly bad in summer. When I try to cover it with makeup it only makes my skin break out. This treatment would really help me get my confidence back. Thank you so much.

  71. Gabriela V

    I would love to have this special treatment to help my reduce my pigmentation that has increased after having twins and with just getting older! Would love to get a little booster for fresh, smooth skin for summer

  72. Narelle B

    Hi Bec,
    I’m 41 and have two gorgeous kids after a lot of heart ache to get them. I would love to get this lazer done to my skin as it is very dull and uneven, with pigmentation that I would love to get rid of which makes me very self conscious about my skin. I would love to be able to feel comfortable going make up free. I feel like my skin needs a transformation to look fresh and to just have clear gorgeous and glowing skin like yours.

  73. Julia M

    I’m pretty sure I look older than I feel. And boy do I feel old! Somewhere in between marrying, renovating, having a baby and returning to work full time, my pores became the size of dinner plates.

  74. Carla P

    Oh pretty, pretty please I would do anything to win this treatment. Since becoming a mother my skin looks and feels tired, old and a complete hot mess with too many issues to mention!!! Some days I just don’t recognise what I see in the mirror and this would be the perfect way to try and restore my battle weary skin and get my glow back on!

  75. Connie B

    Hi Bec & the team at Liberty Belle,
    I would love to win this fantastic treatment just because I think I deserve it…x

  76. kara m

    Hi Bec,

    I’m a 21 year old Law and Arts student, currently studying at Victoria University. Over the past couple of years I was diagnosed with mild polycystic ovaries. Subsequently, I was hospitalized and frequently missed University making me stressed and overwhelmed. I have since gained an enormous amount of weight as an outcome of trail and error medications that affected my hormone levels. As a woman we always want to feel confident, strong, independent and sassy in our own skin. However, I lost that and relied on my skin to make me feel those things. As a result of those factors my skin ultimately paid a price and I am constantly battling bumpy, uneven, redness and mostly hormonally breakouts. I have lost confidence in my skin; this opportunity to experience a facial would be tremendous to gain confidence for summer. XX

  77. Grace D

    Hey Bec & Liberty Belle,
    I love, love, love the sound of of this treatment – so easy and results driven! I’ve been on the hunt for something like this for the last year, ever since the pill caused patchy, uneven pigmentation on my forehead. I feel like I’ve tried every cream ever made and nothing has worked. At 26 I don’t want to give up on glowing skin so I’m ready to call in the experts! Would love to come in and meet the team xx

  78. Stela T

    Hi Rebecca, I’ve suffered from hyperpigmentation since my early teens & I’ve tried almost every remedy under the sun…. I’m getting married next yr on Feb 6th & would love to try this treatment to assist with clearing my uneven skin tone. Many thanks xxoo

  79. Melissa S

    Hi Bec
    I’m an ED nurse & doing lots of nights means my skin has lost its brightness & glow. I’m turning 40 next year & have a big bash planned & want to look my very best!! This treatment looks awesome & would love chance to try it out. xx

  80. Claire S

    Hey Bec, I’m 41 and starting to really notice sun spots etc. My divorce after 20 years of marriage is coming up, and would love to treat myself. 3 kids,busy mum and a fresher face for a new life would b amazing!

  81. Carolyn M

    Hi Bec,
    Like most working mothers my first priority is and always will be my two young sons. I work night shift as an oncology nurse and looking after my skin has fallen to the very bottom of my ‘to do’ list. I would love, love, love this treatment to refresh my skin after many nights at work watching the sun come up!.x

  82. Sarah D

    I’m in my mid 30’s and my skin is starting to look and feel old and tired! I would love this treatment to brighten my complexion! x

  83. Sarah D

    I would love to give my skin a much needed boost. I promised I’d treat myself to something when I turned 30… I’ve just turned 31 and it still hasn’t happened!!! Working in hospitals aswell as outdoor sports have not been my skins friend!! It’s time to pay it back for all its hard work!!

  84. Melanie A

    I would love this! After having two kids, pigmentation has ruined my skin and I haven’t had the time or money to indulge in getting this fixed!

  85. natasha g

    Thanks so much for sharing Bec. I am definitely interested. I was sure my pigmentation was due to my pregnancies but recently had a little cancer scare. It is all good thank goodness but I am definitely keen to get rid of some of the marks now!

  86. This would be the most amazing prize. I am getting married in February and am desperate to get rid of some of the pigmentation before my big day. With all the expenses of a wedding, I just cannot afford to do it myself. I would be so grateful and love, love love to win this!

  87. Rachael G

    This would be the most perfect christmas present for my beautiful mum! Also I just Love that there’s no down time!! How Fricken Awesome!!!

  88. Natalie S

    I’m 30 and have realised I have my dad’s skin! Largish pores, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. I often get regular microdermabrasion but I have also heard of this! I invest in my skin, I think it’s worth it. Would love to give clear and brilliant a shot!

  89. Merynne H

    I have quite dark pigmentation from being pregnant with my baby girl. I would love to win this treatment so that I don’t have to cover it up with make up everyday.

  90. Jess L

    I’m Asian and have been told pigmentation is inevitable despite being religious with SPF! Apparently IPL isn’t the best option for treatment for this sort of pigmentation so basically I have no other options! Would love to see if this treatment could help in any way

  91. Sarah V

    After 2 failed pregnancies, I have skin pigmentation. Would be wonderful to try something to brighten up my skin and my day!

  92. Josephine C

    I would LOVE to win this prize!! I have always admired your beautiful skin, and I do what I can to improve mine but I have never had good skin, I have a lot of pigmentation and even a red dot in the middle of my nose! I am getting marrried in May :) and I dream of looking good but I can’t afford expensive skin treatments so I just do what I can at home. I live down the road from this amazing clinic and I am crossing all my fingers and toes I get the chance to go!! xx

  93. Simone C

    Roacutane, chemical peels, antibiotics, serums – I’ve tried them all! BUT I have never had laser treatment. I meet all requirements – freckles, pigmentation and scarring. I would be a challenging case but given my past skin history I’d be excellent proof if it REALLY does make a difference!

  94. Natasha C

    OMG BEC!! I just walked out of Liberty Belle a couple of hours ago to go and see what could be done about my pigmentation, I’m 28 and due to using eczema cream on my neck/face I have developed some bad pigmentation, I’m totally devastated! Jen just went through all the options and same as you I’m unable to get Fraxel atm because I don’t have time to take 7 days off work! But was definatly considering the permea, would be amazing to be able to get my first treatment and some skin products to help me on my way!

  95. Michelle R

    Genetics you can’t help that! I inherited my mothers pigmented skin so I have multiple brown spots on top of that I’ve had adult acne this year and have redness and scarring from this still. I am getting married in April and like most women would love to feel confident and look their very best on my big day!

  96. Suzy W

    Having been a sun lover all my life and with problem oily skin I get uneven pigmentation, plus a few spider veins. I’m prone to break outs even in my late 40s which is just unfair. It would be wonderful to be able to try this treatment out (one of my friends assures me it is fabulous) and be a new woman for Christmas

  97. Clair H

    After having my two kids I have been left with pigmentation around my eyes and forehead. It’s the one thing that I would love to be able to see fade and eventually go away. I have tried ALL the creams under the sun and nothing has ever worked. I would love a chance to try and carry on treatments. It sounds amazing xox

  98. Laura M

    Hi Rebecca I could certainly benefit from this treatment as I just had a baby 9 months ago and my pigmentation isn’t the best. Not to mention how I cannot afford atm any treatment.

  99. Nikki B

    I’ve lost my mojo, Bec :( I’m a SAHM Mum & get very little downtime to myself with my husband being a shift worker. I followed your recommendation last post about the Dermasweep & Laser Genesis and felt amazing post-procedure! The team at Liberty Belle answered all my concerns but sadly I just haven’t had a chance to return. I would do anything to experience the love again and just like what I see (and blow the hubby & relies away Christmas Day)! Thank-you x

  100. Janelle P

    Hi Bec! I’m 41 and have great fear of Botox (needles!) and microdermabrasion (scratchy!). I’d like to win this because I still want to look like me…but a fresher faced version of me with plump, hydrated and non-pigmented skin. And a huge smile wouldn’t hurt either! Clear & Brilliant sounds perfect, thanks for the chance to enter.

  101. Luci V

    What a dream it would be to be able to reduce/remove my pigmentation and freckles! I recently saw a photo of my mum and I together and I was shocked at how much older I looked than her despite the 30 year age gap. I have been wanting to try the more invasive options, however have been unable to find the extra money to dedicate to my skin care. I would be over the moon if I was chosen to receive this give away! Pigment be gone!

  102. Amy O

    Since having my baby earlier this year my problem skin (still dealing with adult acne) have worsened tenfold. Normally I’d just deal with it, however since going back to work as a first time mum, my morning routine is non existent or only a few minutes. The treatment sounds amazing and would help with my confidence not only at work, but would help with the morning routine.

  103. Leanne B

    Hello Bec, I would love to win a clear and Brilliant session. I have never taken time for myself in 42 years, sad I know! There’s always been some excuse, “Kids need this and that”, I have to do…… Never what is best for me as I write this I feel embarrassed saying it. So I have decided next year is the year of ME as I have realised I matter just as much as anyone else. It would be great to kick that off in this special way. Thanks xx

  104. Emily M

    This sounds amazing! I have been dreaming about dealing with my pigmentation issues that have only worsened since having my children. I haven’t had the spare time or money for it. This new technique is really interesting and it would be amazing to feel confident with my skin, especially over summer.

  105. Carly M

    I have always dreamt of a flawless complexion, the kind that always looks radiant and requires very little make up to look put together. Alas my skin has always been freckly and dry, and to top it off pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep have wreaked havoc on it over the last four years. At 26 years old I would love the opportunity to finally give my skin the boost it deserves. Thanks

  106. Jess L

    Nothing gives you confidence like clear perfect skin! I just graduated from my Uni degree and will be starting my career in the new year so having a Clear & Brilliant session to get my skin in perfect condition will give me that little bit of confidence to walk in on my first day with my head high!

  107. Eliza N

    Hey Bec,

    So I am currently in a major renovation ( well more like a rebuild), and working outdoors constantly as my builder husbands cheap (aka free) labourer has left me feeling a wee bit freckly, especially in the upper lip region! I have been asked If I have a Movember donation page they are grouping together so much. There is only so much a hat, sunscreen and a bucketload of foundation can cover. This would make me soooooo happy! I have always been a freckle face (which a few I quite like) but I would like to dull down the stash area….

    Eliza Nelson

  108. Andrea J

    Driving past Liberty Belle in Melbourne regularly, I always look into the gorgeous court yard and wonder if I should make an appointment to address my skin pigmentation given your high recommendations. Also, on social media, I love the work Chris and Andrea do. To be honest, I was always a little bit intimidated. I would love the opportunity to finally walk into the beautiful clinic and make a start on what would be a continued commitment to my skin.

  109. Jenna P

    I tried a series of peels last year in an attempt to get my 29 year old pigmented skin under control but had no luck at all. I’ve been waiting and waiting for something new to come around that I could try and it sounds like this is pretty perfect! It’s hard to take the leap with something when it comes to your face, but I like the fact that this treatment has been tried and tested by someone trustworthy. My dream of skin that looks good minus makeup may be closer!

  110. Rebecca M

    This treatment sounds perfect and it would certainly be a great way to do something a special for myself. I have two gorgeous young children who love spending time outdoors, which has left my skin needing a little help. I would love to have my pigmentation erased. What a great summer it would be with no makeup needed!!
    Thanks Bec

  111. Helen Y

    Hi Bec,
    I am 46 years old and I have never pampered my skin. It is only now that i have noticed my skin is dull with slight pigmentation. I too work full time so to find 7 days downtime is near impossible. I would love to win this prize to refresh my tired face. I think it would be an absolute surprise for my hubby who has said I should treat myself.
    Merry Christmas .. Helen xx

  112. Nikolina T

    Hi Bec!
    This has to be one of the best competitions ever!! I just turned 25 and am beginning to notice some pigmentation and signs of aging… eeeeek!! I have always wanted to try laser therapy but have been hesitant as I have sensitive skin and have heard horror stories. I know Liberty Belle’s reputation exceeds them as I am a regular customer at their clinic and there is no other place I would go to have laser -or any treatment for that matter.
    I would love the opportunity to be able to treat myself in time for the summer x

  113. Catherine F

    Over the years l have tried a number of things to reduce pigmentation but none have worked. As we move into the end of the year where everything is crazy and sleep is not a priority my skin reflects this lack of care and this treatment to help my pigmentation and give my skin a lift sounds fabulous and something l would love to try.

  114. Tamarah v

    Hi Bec

    As soon as I saw this post on your Instagram I went to your website to read more!

    I have had freckles since I was around 5 years old. They never used to bother me until I was in my teenage years where I would get picked on by other kids!

    Nowadays I have learnt to embrace them, but I won’t ever love them. My fiancé often asks whether I have sneezed in a milo jar and makes a joke out of them when I am wearing no make-up!!

    I am getting married in December next year and would love to win this so I can test it out and then book further appointments in the lead up to the day!

    Thanks x

  115. Jessica T

    Hi Bec!
    This treatment would be incredible. I just had my second baby last week after trying 8 years to conceive again and while I am over the moon to now have a little girl, I am so self conscious of the horrible pigmentation this pregnancy has left me with – I still look as though I am wearing a mask!
    I have been looking all over Melbourne for an appropriate treatment and this seems perfect. x

  116. Michelle W

    Hi Bec,

    I am 35 and recently had a 7.2cm brain tumour removed (benign thank goodness). Since the operation my skin has gone downhill a lot – dark eyes from not sleeping and stress, acne that I had never had before from the medications and just very dull looking. I have always been lucky with my skin except for the past 7 weeks since the operation. I’ve always taken pride in my appearance and hair – and now I am slowly embracing a whole new look with the scar on my head where half of it was shaved off. That I can hide with a hat – but to look refreshed for Christmas would be an added bonus!!

    This would be an amazing treatment to win.

    Thanks Bec & Liberty Belle. x

  117. Daniela F

    This would be absolutely amazing. I started the IPL treatment this winter that just passed but it was quite costly and the downtime proved difficult trying to squeeze it in throughout the winter and work. Im very conscious about my naked self because of my beauty spots. I tend to apply make up to try and hide the pigmentation and freckles over my face which can prove costly and time consuming. It would definitely boost my confidence!

  118. Adele M

    Having my 3rd & final baby on Thursday- this would be the icing on the cake to an amazing week & to say goodbye to unwanted pigmentation that comes with pregnancy and seems to stick around!

  119. Shayna H

    Hey Bec! As my I have entered my 20s I have noticed the effects on my skin (pigmentation and sun spots). Since I was 17 I have driven past Liberty Belle and just dreamed of the day I can walk in for a treatment, but as I continue my study this unfortunately isn’t a reality. I strongly believe in taking care of my skin, however would love my dream at Liberty Belle to come true, and at the perfect time for summer. With a European trip next year with my partner, bring on the photos and many selfies with a clear and healthy face. X

  120. Carlin K

    Hey Bec! I’ve genuinely tried everything to reduce my pigmentation! It’s been with me for 7 years and covers most of my forehead and a large spot on my cheek. I’m so self conscious of it now that I never leave the house without make up. I used to only ever wear it for occasions and now I just don’t feel happy unless I know it’s covered! And thank god for Instagram filters! If really love to try this and see if it can finally make a difference and bring back some confidence! Thanks for sharing your experience! X

  121. Janet A

    Every girl wants to look like a princess on her wedding day , no doubt any bride will glow on there wedding day but I have always had very dry skin with pigmentation on my upper lip and under my eyes . It would mean so much to me to win and the opportunity to try this amazing range of products .
    I know as a result I will be a glowing and confident bride thanks to your amazing competition you are running Bec .

    Good luck to everyone who enters
    Merry Christmas xxxx

  122. Flynn P

    Would LOVE to win this prize! So much time and energy focused on my 2 little boys and partner that I’ve been neglecting my skin. A pick me up and a helping hand for increased pigmentation is exactly what I need! Plus it will make my recent purchases from MECCA look even better :)

  123. Courtney D

    This would be an amazing prize to win. Sometimes you just don’t feel like yourself, or your best self. We spend so much time and Energy on other people, which is wonderful, but we often forget to do something special for ourselves. This year I have tried to be my best self by looking after myself as well as I look after others, although it’s hard to find the money for this sometimes. It would be wonderful to enjoy such a fantastic treatment to try to fix some of my skin problems that get me down time to time- mainly my dark upper lip pigmentation, basically a moustache.
    Thanks & good luck everyone

  124. Teresa L

    I have battled pigmentation most of my adult life and have tried everything. Unfortunately I think it has something to do with my Italian genes! With Summer arriving my mostache line starts to appear – I’d be grateful and love to give something new a go to get rid of it!! I don’t want to look like an old Italian Nonna too soon ;)

  125. Ruby H

    I’ve always had scaring and acne but due to pregnancy and breastfeeding (still feeding 2 years on) I haven’t been able to use specified products for my skin and hormone pigmentation. Added to this is the transition from working and plenty of me time to a studying mum I haven’t had the time or budget for beauty procedures. Motherhood changes your self image so much and although I love my new stage of life my self esteem and individual confidence as a women has taken a hit, there’d be nothing like having clear, glowing skin to boost confidence and be able to venture out of the house sans makeup without fear!

  126. Tarin B

    Since having kids I have developed pigmentation on my forehead & upper lip. The forehead I can handle & cover up but the upper lip is not so easy as I basically look like I have a permanent moustache. I would love to win this treatment & gain back some confidence in how I look & feel x

  127. Carol B

    Hi Bec, I have my Daughter’s wedding coming up in February 2016. I am really concentrating on getting my skin and hair looking as good as it can be, but I have some small sun spots that I would love to lose. Can’t wait for the wedding and this would be an amazing prize to win. Thanks xx

  128. Ashlee C

    Bec I would love to win this treatment! For the last few year I have had dark pigmentation on my upper lip. This meant I looked liked I had a moustache. I was treating it with a very strong gel however since falling pregnant last year I was unable to treat it. Now due to breastfeeding my baby boy I still can’t do anything about it and after a few days out in the sun my pigmentation and face of freckles are out just in time for festive season. I would really love to do something about it. Thank you

  129. Andrea R

    Hey Bec, I would LOVE to win this amazing offer as i have always been too scared to have any treatments on my skin after a had a bad experience years ago. I have large pores,sun spots, dull skin and bad pigmentation on my cheeks which make me look like I’m constantly blushing when i don’t have thick foundation on. I would love to be confident enough to not cover my face up with makeup and would love to see what this treatment could do for me!

  130. Justine W

    Have always wanted to have a treatment at Liberty Belle, have suffered from terrible pigmentation a which has only become worse after 2 kids! Please consider me for a free treatment so I can feel slightly better about my appearance.

  131. P C

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a treatment like that? What a treat! After returning back to work full-time, looking after a feisty two year old and also another big kid aka as my dear husband plus the other 100 million things on my ‘to do list’, we forget to look after ourselves. The last time I looked ‘radiant’ was when I was 23 years old. I’ve just turned 35 and I think I look older than that.
    The treat would be to have some ‘me’ time and the bonus is that I come out lookin smashing!

  132. Beth H

    I’m lucky enough to have melasma, large pores,acne AND wrinkles (she says with sarcasm ;) and would desperately love a clear and brilliant laser treatment to brighten my skin for Christmas!!

  133. Bronte P

    Hi Bec,
    I would love the opportunity to win this amazing face treatment for my mother. My mum has been the biggest inspiration to me all throughout my life as she has suffered with skin issues. She has a lot of pigmentation and discoloration on her face which makes her so very self conscious. Whilst she tries to stay strong for our family, she tells me how painful it is to go out and have people looking at her wondering what is on her face. She is such a strong woman though and I would love to be able to buy this procedure for her however it is just too costly for me. I know she would be far happier and more confident if she had an amazing treatment like this. Thankyou for having such a great comp and allowing women to look as beautiful as you!! X

  134. Rebecca B

    Like all of the other deserving women who are hoping to win this prize, I too suffer from the horror of melasma (pregnancy related) and now live with a gorgeous spotted brown mask around my eyes and cheeks! Fraxel has always been on my radar, but the cost and the down time has always been against me! I have tried every (and I mean every) pigmentation cream, lotion and serum to help lighten my but with no real improvement. If my skin could look anywhere near as beautiful as Bec Judd’s after a Clear and Brilliant treatment, then I would be a happy girl this Christmas xx

  135. teegan w

    I would love love love this treatment!
    I have two beautiful boys under the age of two and am in need of a mummy makeover. I just started back at work part time and feel as though I’m juggling a million balls in the air, consequently my skin is looking drab. <3 It would be such a wonderful Christmas gift to myself <3

  136. zerin H

    My engagement party is around the corner, I have a pigmentation mark on my cheek that needs some atention. As party saving and home loan saving along with a wedding to cater for! I would love to win

  137. Alana H

    Hi there!

    I’m getting married early next year. I have been spending a bazillion dollars on skincare trying to get the perfect skin for the big day with no great results yet. I suffer from adult acne, pigmentation, freckles, you name it! I think this treatment, along with the professional skincare advice from the team at Liberty Belle would help me so much!

    Thanks Bec,

  138. Emma P

    Hi Bec!

    I would love to win this amazing skincare package as I am so fed up with my skin!! I’m 26yrs old, and pregnant with my first baby. I have never out grown the “teenage acne” stage, and with pregnancy my skin has only become worse – where the hell is this “glow” I’m meant to get? Ha! My major problems are post inflammatory hyper pigmentation so I get red/brown marks that hang around for months after having a spot. I also have freckles I want to lighten. I’ve tried many skin care regimes and expensive serums etc to no avail, I’m diligent with sunscreen & I’m sick of fighting an uphill battle with my skin!!! Thanks for taking the time to read :) love what you’re about Bec, an inspiration to follow x

  139. nicole h

    Ive suffered with bad skin for the last 12 years, after trying everything i have finally got my skin under control. Unfortunately I have scaring and pigmentation which i would love to get rid of to bring back my confidence. I have always wanted to try fraxel but my job doesn’t allow me enough time off to recover so this would be great to try out! Merry Christmas.

  140. Charlotte D

    I ‘need’ this prize! My skin is currently in the worst shape its ever been. I have major uneven pigmentation and very bad scarring from picking at pimple when i was younger. I’m a mum of two and just can’t afford any treatments or have had the time. I would love this to start the new year fresh!!!

  141. Adrianna P

    Hi Bec

    I would love to give this treatment to my mum for Christmas. She suffers from pigmentation spots and people frequently tell her she has dirt on her nose/cheek when it is really just a sun spot, etc. Like you she is super busy and while I have recommended she get fraxel laser she does not have the time to take 7 days off :(

    I myself have been to Liberty Belle a few times for their Dermasweep treatment which you recommended and I absolutely love it! I trust you that this treatment will provide results (like the Dermasweep) and would love to see my mum benefit!


    Adrianna Pavlekovic

  142. Julie-Anne O

    This prize would be amazing! I have pigmentation and open pores (sunshine, pregnancy and getting older have not been kind to my skin!) and I’ve tried so many things that haven’t worked, so I’m now a bit reluctant to try new things that come out. I’m very interested in this treatment though, and in the Liberty Belle salon, especially after reading such a positive review, so this prize would be a fantastic way to try it out.

  143. Sarah S

    Hi Bec, this is EXACTLY what I want my skin to be – Clear and Brilliant, because it never has been! From acne as a teenager, to pigmentation and dull skin after having my daughter this year – with an upcoming wedding, Christmas, starting a business and helping my partner with his business, not to mention trying to figure out motherhood, I am afraid that I am at the bottom of the list of priorities. Which is fine, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I love my life. I’m trying to look after myself from the inside out, but hey if I got some help along the way to feel confident and glowing on my wedding day after such a big year, I would absolutely love and appreciate it. x

  144. Wendy F

    Hi! I would just love some ‘me’ time and give my skin a boost! Would love to have the feeling of a fresh glowing face!

  145. Robyn B

    I would LOVE to win this to help deal with my suntan moustache as I call it! Every summer I get really dark pigmentation on my upper lip and it really bothers me and makes my face look almost dirty! Would love to try md tackle it but with a little bubba and working part time it’s just hard to put the money aside for it! Xox

  146. J L

    I would absolutely love this! with three small children and no family in Victoria I just don’t make the time to do anything for myself. (Like most mums) Really need to start though! Xxx

  147. Tabitha S

    Hey Bec,
    When I was 18, I had a reaction to Proactive which left me with cystic acne for 5 years. I’m now 25 and have been trying everything to get rid of the scarring which looks like cigarette burns on my face, and would love to give the Clear & Brilliant treatment a go! Xx

  148. Kaysey W

    I don’t yet have children, I don’t work in Hospitals like many of these amazing people that have commented. But I have so far spent money on treatments and serums that just don’t seem to be quite cutting it. It seems a common thread that us busy women don’t have enough downtime – who wouldn’t love to be able to pamper ourselves and show off our new skin hours later!

  149. Madeleine H

    Hello lovely lady,

    Without sound like a sob story – I’m a single mum to a beautiful 4 year old. I am only 26years old but my skin has been so neglected since I fell pregnant and I wish I could turn back time and save at least some of my youth! I would love more than anything to have skin that I was confident in. And I would be forever grateful. X

  150. Natalie G

    Hi Bec, I would like to win a treatment, because after 3 children in 4 years … My face and skin has really suffered… And I am too scared to try a laser skin treatment because of the pain and recovery. This one sounds ideal for a scaredy cat like me x

  151. Jessica P

    I have suffered adult acne and pigmentation my entire life, having grown up with red hair under the harsh Mallee. My pigmentation has also been exacerbated by harsh fluorescent lightning from the hospitals which I have worked and studied in. Despite being incredibly healthy I just can’t seem to resolve my skin issues, and would love to try Liberty Belle’s treatment, as I, like you can not afford the long down time provided by other treatments. Thanks Bec, and Liberty Belle for this wonderful offer, I would love to not have to worry about my pigmentation!

  152. Cassie V

    I have ALWAYS wanted to treat my skin and spend some time and money on my own face/appearance. But with 4 children ages 10, 7, 5 and 3, it seems this has become more of a DREAM than a REALITY.
    Time and finances EASILY go straight to my kids. I don’t want to neglect myself either though. So I’ve just started the easiest of cleansing for my face and it makes a difference. I can ONLY IMAGINE how AMAZING this treatment would be on my pale-ish freckle-ish (sort of) face.

  153. Heidi M

    Hi Bec! I’ve been wanting to try IPL since first reading about it on your blog, but I’ve never actually taken the leap. I’d love to win this prize, as I know I won’t look back after trying it. To feel confident enough to leave the house wearing no make-up would be a dream come true. x

  154. Belinda D

    I have suffered hormal acne and pigmentation all of my adult life, about to turn 36 and spending a lot of money and time getting these integral issues under wraps now is the perfect time to working on the external scarring that is left. I would love the opportunity to give this ago to boost my self confidence. Thanks Bec!

  155. Krystal D

    I would literally cry if I won this! It would be one of the best Christmas Presents ever! My pigmentation has bothered me ever since it first appeared on my skin when I was pregnant with my now 9 year old. It slightly faded but always came creeping back with my next 3 babies. I have found it really hard to have something done like this due to either being pregnant, breastfeeding (which I’m still doing) or just don’t have the time. I would love to have amazing, glowing skin and not be so worried about my pigmentation. Thanks Liberty Belle & Bec!

  156. Ruby H

    Hi Bec,
    Just like you, I have struggled to find a 7 day gap to get laser pigmentation removal (even over Winter!). So this sounds like the perfect option for me. I would love to give it a try xx

  157. Nicole B

    I have suffered pigmentation for sometime and also use all the right skin creams to reduce the darkness around my eyes. Unfortunately that doesn’t cut the mustard!! I would love to give this laser treatment a go and the time it takes is also a bonus.
    Thanks Bec

  158. Shana K

    I am a summer baby, the minute I step out in the sun. Bam, a new tan, and bam, a dozen freckles. I would love to win these treatments, so I can get my skin looking fabulous and healthy, and most of all pigmentation free. My little pet peave is when I put my foundation on, and my freckles peep through to say hello.

  159. Isabel W

    Hi Bec,
    Working as a midwife, the constant hospital air conditioning is harsh on my skin. Dry, dull skin added to some hormonal acne scaring / dark pigmentation = not that hot! I also have a lack of downtime and I don’t think frightening women and their newborns with black flecks all over my face is too appropriate if I was to complete IPL treatments! To feel self confident without the need for makeup would be amazing (not to mention time saving!).

  160. Sophia N

    I would love to win this! I have freckles, pigmented scars and a lot of open pores. My wedding is in 8 weeks and would love to feel more beautiful in my face.

  161. Cara M

    As a 25 year old I am extremely self conscious about the pigmentation that’s developed on my face (particularly above my top lip that makes me looks like I’m participating in Movember all year round – fun!). After trying numerous different contraceptive pills and creams to tackle the problem this sounds like it could be a winner.

  162. Carrie G

    I have suffered from pigmentation and have tried all kinds of creams but there is one area that just does not disappear! I wonder if this treatment would be the magic one for me! I would love to try it :)

  163. Rae W

    Finally something that doesn’t require downtime. I have been thinking about getting this done but trying to work out time off with work and kids, not easy. This would be amazing! Thanks for letting us know about it. x

  164. Stephanie H

    Yeeeessss! I’ve been trying to find the “downtime” for a pigmentation treatment for about four years! With work and small kids it just hasn’t been doable but this would be perfect thanks Bec!