As someone who mostly works from home, you’d think an inspiring and comfortable workspace would be important to me. It is – but until recently my ‘home office’ was my dining table. When it started to collapse under the weight of magazines, books, equipment and props – and there was no longer room for sit-down family dinners – my long suffering husband called time and insisted I get my act together.

So I went on the hunt for pieces that were as practical as they were cool and beautiful. It wasn’t easy – most office furniture is, well … blah. For the most part, I had to think outside the box and since more and more women are leaving the corporate workforce to become self-employed, I thought I’d share my favourite ‘home office essentials’.

1/ Best Desk: Ok, so the IKEA trestle is hard to go past for a great desk, but if you’re looking for something utterly beautiful, sustainable and simple, head to Plyroom and check out the Tavola table. OK, so technically it’s a dining table, but it’s minimalist lines and craftsmanship are wonderful and it makes an awesome desk. See below and main image.

2/ Take a Seat: Comfort and good posture are essential if you’re at your desk for hours on end. From a purely practical perspective the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the best-known ergonomic office chair ever made. But if you want something with KAPOW factor, my vote goes to the Hay About A Chair from Cult Design. It comes in a myriad of colours and finishes. Personally, I swoon over the grey flannel version.

3/ Light Up: There are a couple of options here. Go for a big pendant overhead to create a pool of light over the whole work area. The Bell pendant by Normann Copenhagen from Huset is a winner. OR for smaller spaces, opt for the I Love Desk Lamp from Fenton & Fenton. I have one on my desk and it’s a ripper.

4/ Storage Solutions: You’ll need some cool desk accessories for arranging all your bits and bobs. I’ve recently bought some pieces by Marble Basics – the canisters are great for pens and pencils and I love their multi-purpose rectangular tray. One minute it’s my post tray and the next it’s for carrying my habitual morning cuppa and cookie. For bigger things – files, magazines and all the paperwork that seems to reproduce at will, shut them behind closed doors in the versatile and best selling IKEA PS Cabinet.

5/ Write Up: The whiteboard is an essential for every office – but forget the ugly version you get at Officeworks and get your mitts on something stylish. The new kid on the block is Scandi Board. Melbourne designed and made to eco-friendly specifications, Scandi Boards are created from sustainable plywood combined with a magnetic writing surface. There are several finishes to choose from including raw timber or black frames with writing boards in black, white or a vibrant, yet soothing, Granny Smith green.  In other words, they’re fab.

So now you have the basics covered you can get on with the fun stuff, like art. But that’s a story for another day.

Written by Jacqui Moore, Contributing Interiors Editor, Greenhouse Interiors.

Main image: Plyroom Tavola table & IKEA PS cabinet.Rug by Halcyon Lake. Art by Madeleine Stamer and Jacqui Moore. Photo by Eve Wilson. Styling Jacqui Moore.


Beautiful detail of the Plyroom Tavola table. Art by Madeleine Stamer. Brass accessories Ferm Living. Photo by Eve Wilson. Styling by Jacqui Moore.



The Hay About A Chair from Cult Design, IKEA trestle table and I Love Desk Lamp are the perfect home office combo in this Norsu Interiors shot. Rug by Halcyon Lake. Photo Lisa Cohen. Styling Julia Green & Jacqui Moore.


desk lamp

I Love Desk Lamp – Fenton & Fenton. Artwork by Ruth Welsby. Mr Fenton’s rug. Photo Mike Baker.


Marble Basics: simple, substantial and lovely to behold.



haag ps cab

IKEA PS Cabinet. So versatile and simple – no wonder it’s a best seller. Photo by Eve Wilson.

scandi board

Scandi Board – the better looking, better made option to a standard white board. Photo Armelle Habib. Styling Aimee Tarulli for Greenhouse Interiors.







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