Vintage House Daylesford

UPDATE-Winner announced: Lisa Rouvray! Congratulations. Vintage House Daylesford will be in contact so you can claim your prize. Bec x

I first came across Vintage House Daylesford when it jumped out at me from the COVER of Inside Out Magazine. I then fell in love with this place when I visited for the travel show I host for Channel 9, Postcards.

Vintage House is everything you’d want in boutique Daylesford accommodation- an 1860’s miners cottage, restored and styled to perfection by Interior Designer / Stylist Kali Cavanagh, set on an acre of land with fruit trees, outdoor entertaining areas and incredible vintage industrial furniture, plus custom pieces designed by Kali herself.

Just moments from the best food, wine and famed mineral spas in the region (it is spa territory after all), Vintage House Daylesford ticks all the boxes for the perfect getaway.

What’s my favourite thing about the property? I can’t stop at one but here are a few swoon worthy and show stopping features:

– The arch windows looking out over the gardens and popping to life in contrast to the deep, dark, moody hue on the walls

– The Bedouin Society French linen on the beds- absolutely luxurious to sleep in.

– The duck egg blue oven- so pretty

– The custom designed steel mirror in the bathroom which acts as a shelf as well (hint- stay tuned to The Style School to see more of this stunning design)

And now for our awesome giveaway! A mid week 2 night stay for up to 6 people. Valued over $1000. Valid Monday – Thursday nights. To enter, tell me in the comments section below why you want to win. Winner contacted next Thursday May 7. Check availability on the website below.

If you love what Kali has done with Vintage House Daylesford and need some design/styling advice for yourself, then Kali offers a room design service and regularly performs makeovers on peoples homes / bedrooms / lougerooms.

Kali Cavanagh - Vintage House Daylesford Inside Out Image Bedroom 1 Kali Cavanagh - Vintage House Daylesford Inside Out Image Bedroom 2 Kali Cavanagh - Vintage House Daylesford Inside Out Image Bedroom ensuite Kali Cavanagh - Vintage House Daylesford Inside Out Image Bedroom Kali Cavanagh - Vintage House Daylesford Inside Out ImageImages: Armelle Habib

  1. CC L

    Good morning Ms. Judd! Just wondering if a winner has been announced for this incredibly generous competition? xx

  2. Danusia G

    I couldn’t think of anything better than a mid-week girls escape, a few days away from the rush of 9-5 is almost unheard of within my group of friends. Setting up an extravagant grazing table across the beautiful vintage dining table while popping a bottle (or tow, or three…) of champagne, talking, giggling and catching up in front of the fire until our hearts are content. Waking up in heavy linin sheets and relaxing in that stunning bath, which to do it justice would need to be a bubble bath!! Traditional hotels eat your heart out! It doesn’t get much better than this!

  3. Tahnee H

    How divine! This getaway would be the perfect cheeky Babymoon/30th Birthday celebration with friends before baby #2. Working, running after a toddler and pregnancy has definitely left me dreaming of a mini escape! An open fire (I hope it has one!) (hard) cheese platter.. Massages..facials.. HEAVEN!

  4. Laura B

    After losing my job and having my wonderful partner support me for the past few weeks, I’d LOVE to win a stay at this stunning property, to not only celebrate my new success of employment, but to also spoil my partner with a trip to Daylesford where we will enjoy local produce via a home cooked meal in that devine ‘duck-egg blue oven’ (paired with a bottle of one of the exceptional varieties of wine that region has to offer!!).

  5. Jenny F

    Ahh so pretty! My parents and big sister are coming from America at the end of the year to see me graduate from law school. I’d love to take them outside of Melbourne and show them more of Victoria!

  6. Rosanna M

    My partner and I never get much time together as we have been in a long distance relationship from the start initially him living in WA and now he’s back working on the oil rigs I see him every three weeks and working as a nurse my roster is very unpredictable, so we don’t get to spend time together when he’s home. I’d love to take him to Daylesford so we can relax before we have to get back to our busy work schedules. Besides it would be a great way to spend my birthday with him while we can, in such a tranquil space :) Thank you!

  7. Jess N

    As you get older, it becomes harder and harder to spend time with your best girl gang as you grow up, move away, find jobs and life just generally become more busy! I miss my girl gang constantly, and I would love love love this treat for us! What’s better than spending 2 nights away in a gorgeous house with your besties, catching up on absolutely EVERYTHING, and just having time to chill out together!

  8. Michelle M

    My parents gave me unconditional love growing up and I never knew I’d find such true love in another person until I met my husband. Now I am fortunate enough to give a lifetime of love to my baby girl. I’d love to spend more time with these special people. I would use this prize to make a memorable moment that we would all remember forever.

  9. Rachel C

    A 2 night stay for up to 6 people?! HOLLA, I’m your girl! I want to win so I can treat my best girlfriends to a small getaway – each year we’ve become busier and moved further apart (geographically) and try once a year for a small trip and this sounds more then perfect.

  10. Melanie H

    Would absolutely love the opportunity to have a mid-week getaway at this incredible property, and enjoy the amazing food and wine that this region has to offer with some of our closest friends. Its rustic charm and vintage feel is exactly what we have in mind for our future home in the country and would give us a great deal of inspiration!

  11. Jo D

    Oh my gosh. This would be amazing. Right up my ally, I am an Interior Decorator and am in desperate need of a get away with my hubby, never been to Daylesford and I cant stop looking at these pics. Would love to see it in real life. xxxx

  12. Sarah L

    A stay at the magnificent Vintage House Daylesford would be divine, so much better than the disastorous B&B we tried last time! With it’s rustic charm and deep dark hues, a romantic winter birthday getaway is how this amazing prize would be used.

  13. Lucy M

    I just turned 30 on the 30th April however unfortunately with my partner sick with man flu it was very uneventful! I would love to celebrate with some friends and relive my birthday again to escape for the weekend and indulge!

  14. Sally S

    My best friend & I visited beautiful Daylesford last year for a girls’ getaway, right before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s had a tough year and I’d love to take her back to rejuvenating Daylesford.

  15. melanie m

    2 kids…….house…..we never get time for us or should I say never get time to think about time for us ha! I’d love to take the old hubs away for a cheeky night!

  16. bailey w

    Ohhhh I cant remember the last time We got away. We were was just recently married, a DIY wedding at our home, which was utterly exhausting, With new a baby and 2 older children. We didn’t even make to the hotel room on the night of the wedding as baby got sick, A month on, and no honeymoon in site due too kiddies and $. I realize now why they say Marry before Kids. This would be such a TREAT! Love and blessing’s to you and Thank you :)

  17. Linda C

    It is my husbands birthday next Friday and would love to surprise him with this! My husband, two kids and myself would loooove this wonderful getaway! My kids were so disappointed when we had to cancel our Easter holiday so this would definitely make up for it! Love Daylesford, haven’t been for a few years :( would live an excuse to get back to the beautiful relaxation that Daylesford offers ;)

  18. Erin G

    It’s a milestone year for our family: our 10th wedding anniversary; I turn 40 and hubby turns 45! Daylesford is also the town in which we got married! So, a few days away in this magical setting would just be perfect for a little celebration and nurturing. xx

  19. Lidia H

    Our little family of 6 has just moved to Melbourne from Perth and it’s been a whirlwind past few months! 2 weeks after we moved here my husband had to go back to Perth for work for a month leaving me and our 4 little ones here to carry on with daily life. I’d love to have a few days away with hubby in the most beautiful location in Victoria and reconnect and enjoy this new chapter in our lives.

  20. Kristy J

    Oh my! Amazing comp from Rebecca Judd loves and Vintage House Daylesford. Its simple, I’d love to take my Dad away for a break from reality! Good luck picking, there are so many who deserve a getaway! xxx

  21. Melanie Lucille R

    This looks like heaven! Its my birthday on Monday (4th May) and my partner and I are also finding out the gender of our baby. Staying here would be the cherry on top of what is already the most delectable cake imaginable and would be the best babymoon EVER!

  22. Katie F

    Goodness – a magical escape. We have had a mix of the most wonderful things happening (the birth of our baby girl) and the most challenging things (including my husband losing his job) in the last 10months. An escape to reconnect and enjoy the wonderful bits and temporarily forget about the bits I’m panicking about what be amazing!

  23. Natalie D

    Firstly just looking at a photo of that amazing vintage free standing bath makes have a vision of myself taking some kiddy free time out to soak in bubbles. This trip would mean you would be giving me the gift of showing my interstate sister & mum daylesford and all the hidden gems whilst staying in style and truly appreciating the gorgeous interior design that this house boast.

  24. Nicola G

    I’d love to get the clan together for Mother’s Day one more time- my brother has been impossible to organise, but I think free accom might just sweeten the deal, and it would make mum’s whole year! (Plus I wouldn’t say no either!)

  25. Kaly H

    Would love to spend the time with my partner and our newborn son. My partner’s 40th is approaching and I would love this chance to celebrate it. He is the best partner and has sacrificed so much so that we can start a family together. He is very selfless and thoughtful. On top of that he LOVES surprise so it would be great if we could go.

  26. Lauren S

    My husband and I lost our baby at 37 weeks just 3 months ago. It has been the most difficult time of our lives but We have had such incredible support from our family. There really is no way to repay them but having the chance to spend a couple of days away relaxing and enjoying some time together would be amazing.

  27. Lisa D

    Hi Bec, as I fast approach my 40th birthday this winter this gorgeous property looks like the perfect place to alleviate any worrys about getting old. I can already see myself soaking in that fabulous bath with a glass of champagne

  28. Krystal G

    Hi Bec, I would love to win this! My partner and I will have been together for 9yrs in July. We are both shift workers and work completely different rosters, averaging about 2 days off together per month. We both have 3wks annual leave coming up in June and have spoke about going on a road trip to Victoria. I have gotten rather excited as 2 months ago we went into a jewellery shop to look at engagement rings. I have a sneaking suspicion he has got a diamond for me but is waiting for a special moment during our annual leave to ask me to marry him. This could be the perfect setting!!

  29. Amanda S

    I have 6 week old twins and Im in desperate need of a getaway. My parents have been my lifesaver and what better way to say thankyou than to give them the gift of staying at vintage house. We could all relax and unwind together in this stunning property. It would really complete my first mothers day.

  30. Tahlia L

    Dear Bec. Sometimes it really is hard to put into words how a little getaway like this could so intrinsically and so beautifully come at a right time, and why it would be so greatly appreciated and needed. Needless to say (yet not really really knowing how to) a wee escape like this would bring a lot of smiles to the people I love and care about, who currently need that the most. Sometimes you just need to get away, be inspired, and to wake up in a magical surrounding. Wrap that up with lots of laughter, delicious wine, incredible food, and brilliant company and I can guarantee that we would be one greatly appreciative group! x

  31. Brooke L

    I just recently got engaged to the love of my life! Yay! Now I am planning all the fun things that come along with a wedding, One in particular is my hens celebrations. I would LOVE to take my girls to an amazing location such a The Vintage House Daylesford! A week of pampering in such an elegant setting would fit us to a tee!! Would love to be considered, thank you for the opportunity! Brooke :)

  32. Sarah w

    I would love to win this to finally have a relaxing mid week holiday at a beautiful location. Enjoying amazing food and wine in a beautiful part of Victoria. I dreaming about it already

  33. Jenelle T

    Hi bec I don’t need to say much about why I’d love to take my 2 daughters 12 and 14 to lovely Daylesford other than I’d love to show them how much I love them and for being the reason I smile each day! We love driving to daylesford as we get lost in it’s atmosphere of the shops and it’s like we’ve travelled somewhere far far Away yet it’s only an hour away – but instead of leaving we could stay a night or 2 and go home refreshed after staying in such an amazing place – we’d feel like princesses! The two of them are my bff’s with no offence to my adult bff’s but to watch them grow into young women they make me laugh and I can just see the 3 of us doing our nails and just having a girlie couple of nights xx

  34. Megan P

    This would be the perfect place to stay for a few nights after my winter wedding in August, I would love to cuddle up on the chesterfield couch with a glass of red wine in front of fire with my new husband on a ‘mini-moon’ in beautiful Daylesford!

  35. Stephanie M

    Wow! What a gorgeous space in a perfect location. I would love to win this getaway so I can surprise my fiance with a well deserved escape and so I can draw on some interior inspiration (plus spoiling a few friends would be great too!). The colour scheme is gorgeous and I love the industrial accents. I’d be happy to spend weeks if not months in this space. However, two nights will also be such a treat.

  36. Sarah J

    Hi Bec,

    I would love to spend a couple of nights away with my hubby. We have a 14 month old baby that has, through ill health, developed some very bad sleeping habits!! It would be nice to have some sleep, visit this beautiful part of Victoria and feel like us again.

    Sarah xx

  37. Alison C

    WOW! When I saw your add for “vintage house daylesford” I fell in love with it instantly!
    I would love the opportunity to take my extremely hard working and not to forget to mention loyal husband of almost 20 years and my three children to this stunning get away!
    Australia is full of beautiful destinations just like this one and it would be a privilege to stay in such a wonderful home!

  38. Eliza H

    I would love to return to daylesford for a mini break. My husband proposed to me there and we just had our 10 year wedding anniversary. From what I have read Daylesford has come a long way in the past 10 years. I remember being bused from hepburn springs where we had a spa to where they did massages. Such a special place with so many wonderful memories.

  39. Karen C

    What a beautiful prize. If I was lucky enough to win I would share it with my amazing husband of 30 years And our 2 wonderful children and their partners celebrating our sons succesful, rewarding and many times stressful career in the Defence Force that he retires from this Friday. Wow thats tomorrow!
    Regards one very proud Mum

  40. Josie M

    I would love this getaway to take my Mum who has just had an incredibly hard time the past almost 2 years now dealing with a break up of a long term relationship and finances have been tight. Despite that she has been so generous in helping me pay for things for my upcoming wedding. I would love to take her away for a few days of luxury and relaxation to show her how much I love, care and admire her. We would so appreciate to win. Thank you

  41. Anita P

    I would love to win this littlw getaway so i can take my hard working hubby away childfree. We’ve had lots of stress lately and would love the chance to reconnect with one another

  42. melanie s

    This beautiful vintage house would be a lovely belated anniversary stay. With two little children, running a business and building a new home, to win this would be a real treat!

  43. Kelly B

    A few days to curl up and read a book without pictures, or the novelty of using the bathroom alone? Sign me up immediately :)

  44. Georgia M

    I’d love to bring my family (who are distributed all over Australia) and partner to this amazingly beautiful location, to not only be with them but to show them how much I appreciate all they do for me. I’m a very broke university student who would love to spoil all the special people in my life (especially mum for mother’s day!!)

  45. Krystl W

    Hi Bec and Kali!
    I would love to win this amazing escape and share it with my beautiful girlfriends. We’ve all recently overcome some hurdles in life (some still in progress…). They are an amazing group of women and have been there to support me through thick and thin. None of us have family in Melbourne and so we’ve become a little pseudo-family. They are incredibly hard-working and giving individuals and I couldn’t ask for better friends. I would love to be able to show them how much I appreciate their support and unconditional love and this would be an amazing opportunity for us to reconnect and unwind. <3 xo <3

  46. Sabrina D

    I would love the opportunity to have a girls weekend away. I became a first time mum nearly 9months ago and would love a mini break before I return to work in July this year. I haven’t been to Daysleford in a long time and it’s been one of those must do’s and I couldn’t think of a better time to round up the girls, reconnect and spoil ourselves. Fingers crossed!

  47. Stephanie P

    What a stunning home!
    I would love to win this getaway for my husband, my baby and myself! We had a little boy in September, coincidently after stressing about having no work for quite some time my husbands company landed a big contract out of town which means he’s been working 6 days a week away from home for the entire year so far. He had 4 nights at home with us for Easter which was wonderful but not enough! He’s planning on locking in some time off for out baby’s first birthday so that he’s not out of town for it, what a perfect opportunity for us to spend some wonderful family time together in this beautiful home and really treat ourselves. x

  48. Tanja K

    Dear Bec. We need this getaway! My hubby-to-be and I are frantically planning our HUGE September wedding, renovating our house and working full-time. We could really use some R&R! Especially my amazing man who is working his bum off to make sure we have a beautiful-looking place to move into after our wedding. To add to that, it’s his 30th next weekend on the 10th. I’d love to take him away! We could also really draw some inspiration from this gorgeous place for our renos. Xxx

  49. Lisa R

    We would love the opportunity to stay in this amazing property and serene location. I would love to share this time with my mum and two sisters. In what has been the hardest 12 months of our lives caring for our sick father/husband and then saying goodbye to him in January. My parents were married for 60 years and this loss has been very hard on our mum. The healing energy of Daylesford would be perfect for us as we try to reshape our lives without him. Xoxo Lisa

  50. Diane M

    I would just love to win this break in such a gorgeous place. Wow. So beautiful and classy and Daylesford is a great location. My two sisters and our husbands would have a fabulous time there. We are all celebrating Big O wedding anniversaries this year (30 and 40 years) so it would be a special way to celebrate. ❤❤❤

  51. Rachel M

    This look absolutely fab! It’s my best girlfriend’s 21st in a few weeks and I would love to take her away for a little treat. She’s had a really hard past few years with her sister being diagnosed with depression and in and out of hospital, as well as her grandfather passing away just recently. Despite all of this she is such a lovely, generous, caring, and optimistic person. She deserves the whole world, and if I can give her a few nights away with her close girlfriends to show her how much she is cherished and loved by us all it would be fantastic. Thanks so much for the chance to give her this gift! Xxx

  52. Emma V

    To finally have a mini getaway with my partner of almost 4 years. We have built a house and since doing that have had no time or money for anything else but focusing on our place! My partner also works full time and then comes home to do more work so a nice and cosy two night stay here would be more than perfect!

  53. Georgie P

    I’m a student living on very little cash at the moment, and my boyfriend spoils me to no end but all I can manage to do is drain his bank account! I’d love to take him and a few of our friends on a good old fashioned road trip from Adelaide to Daylesford (…google says it’s a measly 7 hours away) for a mid-week getaway, like the gorgeous goddess of a girlfriend that I am. I’ll probably play Destiny’s Child’s “Cater 2 U” for the duration of the trip just to emphasise the point. In all seriousness, we’ve never had the chance to spend some time away together and I think this might just be our best chance. I can already feel the luxury linens! X

  54. Tess R

    It’s so so pretty! I would love to take my partner away. He has taken me and my two boys under his wing and is an absolute gem. I took all 3 boys away on a shoe string budget last school hols to a refurbished footy change room on the Murray.. As lighthearted as my partner was about the trip I was so embarrassed. All girls like some comforts and in this case, even the boys were surprised that I managed to find the worst accomodation in Ausralia. Would love to laugh about the ‘Why do you keep crying mummy?’ moments in luxury.

  55. Prue G

    As much as I would love the break myself, I would love to give my mum one more, imagine this as a mother’s day gift! Perfection. She is a mother to 5 children and Noona to 2, works full time and takes care of us all. she is more worthy than anyone I know. Thanks to Rebecca Judd Loves and the team at Vintage House Daylesford for the opportunity.

  56. Fedelia K

    My husband and I have been married for 6 years now. We didn’t have a wedding or honeymoon. We saved for a house. Now that we have 2 kids under 2, getaways or holidays have all been put on hold to focus on providing comfortably for our children. This getaway would be much needed for us to just escape and enjoy each other again, even if it is for a while. ❤️

  57. Jessica B

    Hi Rebecca,
    Firstly, I absolutely love following your interior design style on Instagram and was extremely excited when I saw this competition pop up on my feed… Thank you for such a great start to the day!

    There are a billion reasons why I would love to win a few nights in this stunning house in stunning Daylesford, but heres a quick mini novel on why it would mean so much to me.

    I am a 23 year old Real Estate agent in rural Victoria (the beautiful Southern Grampians) and my boyfriend of 4.5 years is 27 and runs the local pub.
    We have spent the last 2.5 years living separately at our parents houses and saving every penny with the dream of owning our own inner city pad… And guess what??? After all these sacrifices (and parents who are pretty keen to get rid of us) we have finally purchased our own two bedroom, two bathroom townhouse in a spectacular city! We are so proud of ourselves!
    Living between two families homes has been tough, but we are looking forward to the future (and a massive mortgage)!

    Before our intense saving days, my boyfriend would often take me away for the weekend. For my birthday two years ago we stayed at Peppers in Dayelsford and I was treated to the most insane degustation menu and a day at the Hepburn Bath House followed by a tarot card reading by a lovely local lady.

    I would love nothing more than to have one last ‘hoorah’ with my incredible boyfriend before we begin our grown up lives and treat him to a few nights away in this stylish abode- Boys don’t like to admit it, but they love a good spa day too!

    Love Jessica x

    Can’t wait to style our new pad!

  58. Samantha G

    Hi Bec! Thank you for the competition. I would love a 2 night mid week escape because currently I am saving for a house and studying part time (CPA) while working full time. With funds and time being limited it would be a decadent treat to escape for a min break with friends (including my mum – she is my best friend. I know that sounds trait but she is) I have friends who are single, in relationships, married with no kids and married with kids. It would be lovely to gather the ladies together and have a nice girlie mini escape in a beautiful area with mineral spas and delicious food. Thank you!

  59. Kate N

    I would love to have some time away with my husband. We live very busy lifestyles and would really benefit from a few days together without our gorgeous 18 month old boy.
    We have friends in a similar situation and it would be lovely to share the experience with them.
    Thank you

  60. Sharon M

    Would love to win to spoil my fiancé as he is so busy this time of year with helping to run his local footy club. Between match days, senior training and junior training and matches, he would absolutely love a mid week break to recharge in the beautiful Vintage House and Daylesford area.

  61. Charlotte L

    The perfect place to take the most precious people, my family! Especially mum, she would love to spend time with all of us together in such a beautiful, relaxing environment. She deserves it because she works so hard behind the scenes and it often goes unnoticed. I’ve love to treat her! She also loves interior design and would be like a kid in a candy store here :)

  62. Victoria G

    Wow what a delicious looking house! What a dream to take five of dearest friends away for a magic getaway of luxury, fun, and recharge in such a gorgeous place!

  63. Anna C

    Oh how lovely to get away with hubby and close friends. We are all young hard working parents and rarely get the chance to get away together, let alone in amazing location such as this! I have been wanting to visit Daylesford for such a long time. This opportunity would be the absolute best and and something we could all look forward to x

  64. Louise T

    That bathtub! I would love to win this getaway to take a long soak in that bath (while sipping on delicious champagne!) & for a well earned getaway with my fiancé. Its been a busy (amazing) year juggling work and looking after our 17 month old daughter!

  65. Sibel E

    I moved down from Sydney to Bendigo 3 years ago now and still haven’t had the chance to explore outside of where I live. I’m always passing the big Daylesford sign on the Caulder highway but never have a chance to actually go and have a look! This would be the absolute perfect way to have chance to get away with a few of my friends and enjoy what this gorgeous home and beautiful town have to offer!

  66. Pippie O

    Take a long overdue honeymoon and take our bridal party along as a show of thanks for all their hard work, not to mention two have recently become engaged!

  67. Taylah W

    I truly need (and deserve) a relaxing getaway! I’m in my final year of study and am under the pump to get enormous amounts of reports written and a relaxing break would be the best tool to de-stress me! The flip side of studying is that along with being busy all the time, you have no money to treat yourself with a relaxing break! Of course I was to win I would take my other hard working and deserved friends :)

  68. Jessica S

    I’d love to take my partner and our Mum’s away for a mid-week retreat so we can all have some R&R together – our parent’s have never met one another despite us having been together for 4.5 years in May! My partner’s Mother lost her job recently, and my Mum is recovering from some health issues, so this would be the perfect opportunity for them to not only meet and get to know one another but to unwind for some well-deserved pampering.

  69. Carlie S

    Oh this place is to die for! I have wanted to stay here since I stumbled on it online while researching a Melbourne holiday. Unfortunately my husband and I never made it to Daylesford but I’ve kept it on my wish list. That bath tub next to the bed! I’d love to leave the kids with grandma, grab some friends and recharge the batteries in this gorgeous place for a few days.

  70. Sandra T

    Wow, this place is stunning! I’d love to spoil my girls to a couple of nights away. It’s been literally YEARS since we’ve all managed to coordinate time away together mostly due to financial reasons *thumbs down*. They’d LOVE this :)
    Amazing work, Kali!

  71. Phoebe R

    I’ll be turning 22 on th 18th of May, so this would be a great birthday present for my friends and I to enjoy! X

  72. Suet T

    I am in love with the whole vintage Parisian style and this property screams it! I would love to stay here with my parents for their 35th wedding anniversary.

  73. Kate T

    There are 6 of us high school girlfriends who have recently decided to have an annual week away together to keep in touch. This would be fantastic place to stay for our second trip away! Talk about making beautiful memories here!

  74. Lilly K

    I would love to win two nights stay at this beautiful vintage abode for an anniversary get away with my better half.

  75. Lani G

    Just exquisite! I can see how you would fall in love with this place. I would take my Melbourne aunties away for a few days of girly pampering at the local springs and take in the beauty and surrounds of the lovely home! Daylesford has always held a special place in their hearts

  76. Nisha B

    Stunning House! Would LOVE to win this as I’m due back at work from maternity leave soon and the family desperately needs a holiday to celebrate all we have achieved in getting through the newborn stage (!) and it would be a wonderful break before the daily grind of balancing personal and work begins!

  77. Kat K

    I love this place! I have recently moved away from my family and my partner for work and now rarely see them due to financial constraints. I would love to take my mum (who just celebrated her 63rd birthday which I wasnt there for) my dad and my partner away for a couple of days and spend some quality time with them!

  78. Madison T

    This place is beautiful! A few nights away with my girlfriends will be well needed after a stressful uni trimester full of assignments and exams. It will be lovely to relax and spend time together being that we haven’t seen much of each other during our studies, it would be well deserved by all of us.

  79. Rebecca L

    I’m relatively new to Melbourne from Perth and would love to take some of my new Melbourne friends to this place to impress!

  80. Rani K

    I would grab my closest girls and have girls trip away! We would make many memories including laughs, food, shopping, massages and a few too many bubbles!!! :) xx

  81. Ange A

    I have such a fervor for vintage that this absolutely stunning getaway would come in handy with my upcoming wedding. Please pick me!

    Much love,

    Miss Couture Vintage X.

  82. Katherine G

    I just graduated law and am currently job hunting which is a job in itself! So, this trip would be such a treat for my 30th birthday! Plus I hear there’s an amazing sound therapy session at a day spa which I’d love! x

  83. CC L

    It would be an absolute pleasure to take my mum away for a few days! She works tirelessly to help me with my young children so I can work to support our little family. We hardly get to spend mum & daughter time…what a treat this would be!

  84. Jennifer A

    This is a dream place. I would love to bring my partner, parents and siblings here for a well deserved mid-week rest. I am always telling them how beautiful Daylesford is, this would be such a phenomenal opportunity for them to see it for themselves. I’m sure whoever wins this will have an amazing time.
    Thanks RJL. Love your work! xo

  85. Janelle P

    I’d steal my five girlfriends away who all have small children and have a cosy dinner indoors…and let them sleep in!

  86. littlekarstar l

    Love this house! Would live to stay to get more styling inspiration but most importantly my partner turns 40 in May and Ive been looking for a getaway for us and mates!