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RJL fans meet Hugh Altschwager, the creator of Inkster Maken- the coolest lights in town. I was alerted to Inkster Maken via instagram and the #RJLxYORK collaboration. Inkster Maken’s Eclipse Light took my breath away with it’s ethereal light combined with earthy limestone. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I’m a huge fan of natural materials united with modern man (i.e. the warm LED strip) and Inkster Maken nails it.

·         Company: Inkster Maken

·         Type: Lighting and product design

·         Founder: Hugh Altschwager

·         Number of staff:  1

·         Workshop:  Melbourne

·         Years in operation:  2

·         Turnaround for orders:  6 weeks

·         How you’ve attracted your customer base to date:  Magazines, blogs, social media, Architects, Interior designers

1.       Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Inkster Maken, inspirations etc.

I was fortunate to grow up on a coastal farm in the south-east of South Australia. The Altschwager family arrived in Australia from Rostock, Germany, in 1848 and settled in the area in the 1860’s where we have been farming ever since. The amount of freedom for creativity when growing up on a farm is limitless and with the support of my parents, I was basically allowed to conceive and create anything my mind could conjure up. I wanted my brand and products to be a combination of both our Australian history and northern European family roots. For the last five years I have been based in Melbourne where I launched Inkster Maken in 2013.

2.       Explain Inkster Maken’s design philosophy?

I have always been drawn to the idea of using naturally occurring materials that require minimal processing to reach the final product form. Timber and Limestone are great examples of natural materials that are almost ready to use immediately after being harvested / quarried. I feel these materials give the final product a greater sense of tactility through their warmth and character and therefore greater engagement with the end user. At times, people may think of natural materials as a bit rustic, but I always try to design products that are simple in form and crafted with the highest quality. The intention is that by designing in this way, the products will be suitable for a wide range of spaces and projects from residential (homes and apartments etc) through to high end commercial projects.

3.       Tell us about the Eclipse Light and how you designed it / why it’s unique?

The Eclipse Wall Light was inspired by the natural phenomenon of a solar eclipse. Like all Inkster Maken products, the Eclipse Wall Light is hand made in Melbourne using turned South Australian Limestone. It can be manufactured in a range of sizes and is intended to be used as atmospheric feature lighting throughout the home or in any commercial space.

How to order –

Orders can be placed through the website:

Or by emailing: [email protected]

Follow: @inkstermaken

To find out more about R.Corp’s ‘The York, West Brunswick’ head here:

AA Eclipse Wall Light 01 AA Eclipse Wall Light 02 AA Flashlight Pendant 01 AA Funnel Pendant AA Inkster Pendant 01

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