Lisa LaPointe

It is fair to say it has been nothing but a ‘swoon-fest’ since we first laid eyes on the work of Lisa Lapointe! What is there not to love about this wild and unbridled use of colour in its magical and mythological form? This is love people, serious love!

With a fine art background and such a unique style – Sydney based pencil artist​ (yep every single stroke is with a pencil!) Lisa Lapointe has managed to capture the hearts (and masses of wall space) for so many of us with her fabo designs! Her style is utterly distinctive, and derived from a deep place within her spirituality.  You simply can’t feel anything but happiness and optimism after staring at her work – we think it has meditative powers! Lisa has a wonderful limited edition print series available, that are all signed and numbered by her.

For how and where to buy- feel free to contact Greenhouse Interiors.

 Story Julia Green. Photography: Armelle Habib. Styling by Aimee Taruli for Greenhouse Interiors. 

LisaLapointe01-1 LisaLapointe03-1 LisaLapointe04-1 LisaLapointe05-1 LisaLapointe06-1

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