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I’ve been taking ProPlenish drinkable marine collagen for a while now. Say what? Drinkable what? That’s the reaction I get from most people. Yes, ProPlenish Marine Collagen is the purest and highest grade Marine collagen in the world. Unlike other forms of collagen from fresh water fish and animals, ProPlenish Marine Collagen is sourced from deep sea fish, a more pure and potent form of collagen and best of all, it is 100% natural (and don’t worry- it aint fishy tasting at all).

So what is collagen and what happens when you drink it? No you don’t get Dolly Parton lips if that’s what y’all thinking! ProPlenish Marine Collagen can assist with;

Hair- strengthens hair at the root by restoring collagen in the hair shaft to aid hair growth, thickness, texture and body.

Skin- rejuvenates, supports and strengthens, aids in skin elasticity, smooths fine lines, tightens and evens out skin tone.

Hydration and resilience- increases the skins ability to retain moisture for overall smoothness and plumping of the skin.

Nails- helps to improve and strengthen splitting, weak, flaking nails.

Muscles- assists with lean muscle gain and tone, training and exercise recovery.

Our bodies’ naturally produce collagen but it starts to slow in our mid twenties, dwindle in our thirties (gulp) and almost disappears altogether by our 50′s and 60′s. By drinking ProPlenish Marine Collagen we are restoring the collagen our body is no longer producing.

My skin has always been good but I think it’s definitely better now, my hair is more shiny and less dry, but most of all- my nails have stopped splitting and peeling. My mum had been taking ProPlenish like a mad woman in the lead up to my sister’s wedding last month and so many people commented at the wedding on how fantastic she was looking- more akin to one of our sisters than our mum. Mum says her skin definitely feels firmer and she loves how easy (and tasteless!) it is to drink. She takes 2 sachets a day and is on her 4th box.

I found Proplenish particularly great while breastfeeding as it was the first opportunity I’d had since being pregnant where I could actively get cracking on something beneficial to my appearance. This is a great confidence boost when you look like crap from all of those night feeds and well you know, general exhaustion from growing a small human for the last 40 weeks!

So how does one take ProPlenish Marine Collagen? Easy- I carry sachets around with me and add them to my water, coffee, tea or juice. They’re fab for travelling with too. ProPlenish have also just released their new loose powder which is great to have at home and add to your smoothies and yoghurts or sprinkle on muesli in the morning etc.

Taking collagen is nothing new, its been around for centuries (The Japanese women were onto it long before us!) In fact taking collagen is scientifically proven to assist with the dreaded long-term effects of ageing on the body. It’s funny so often we get caught up concentrating on beauty products that go onto our skin, forgetting about looking after it from within, where it truly counts.

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