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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you’d know that I am a HUGE fan of shapewear. For me, shapewear is like a second skin and provides a smooth, sleek look to my outfit.

Shapewear is a solution for all women. There’s a misconception that it is just for those who are plus sized. I believe there are benefits to be had from wearing shapewear whether you’re skinny, plus sized, ‘average’ sized, post natal, the list goes on.

I feel so strongly about the use of shapewear that I’m most definitely an advocate for breaking the stereotype of it being just for older ladies. Shapewear can empower all women and make every female feel better about herself. For me, it is no different to doing your hair or make up when going to work or out for a special occasion. Your body is a canvas that you decorate with clothing. And boy can it look smoking’ hot with a little smoothing, sucking and lifting!

Nancy Ganz shapewear has served me across two very different body types. The first being my post natal body. I wore the Nancy Ganz high waist brief (here) every single day for about 8 weeks after I had both of my babies (interchanged with SRC recovery shorts). I even wore them over night. That’s right, I was fully compressed 24 hours a day. Those who read this blog often would know that I had an 8cm abdominal separation after birthing Billie and shapewear is such a fantastic tool for compressing your muscles ‘back to where they came from.’ I believe that the combination of shapewear and SRC shorts helped me immensely in regaining my pre baby body (along with pilates during and after pregnancy).

The second body type where shapewear has served me well, is my current body. At 7 months post bub, my body is well and truly back to it’s former self. That self being a skinny frame which is more akin to a 12 year old boy’s than a 31 year old woman’s! Shapewear gives me SHAPE. It lifts my bum (gravity doesn’t discriminate chickies), smooths bumps (nor does cellulite- skinny girls do you feel me here?)  but most importantly, and this is my favourite shapewear benefit, it gives me a WAIST. I have a very straight up and down figure, and a gentle lift of the booty and cinching of the waist makes me look and feel more womanly. I love it.

When Nancy Ganz came to me with their revolution in shapewear, namely ‘SLIMS,’ and invited me to launch it on RJL, I was super excited as the new range now meets all of my shapewear wishes.

I don’t know about you ladies but I’ve had issues with some shapewear in the past where I felt that I’d gone to so much trouble creating a great tummy area, only to be left disappointed with bulges and visible lines around the bottom and upper thighs. I thought “if this shapewear is making MY chicken legs look like the Christmas ham, then what is it doing to the average lady’s?”

Well the new Slims range sorts this issue out thanks to its incredible flocking technology. There are special ‘flock bands’ across the garment which not only brings the body in, in all the right places (waist and bottom), but also ensures it stays in place and avoids riding up. But the best bit? There are no elastic bands to dig in and the  flocked edge around the hems means they are seamless resulting in a flush finish. Magic!

Nancy Ganz Slims are 50% thinner in fabric, firmer thanks to the flock banding technology, and lighter because of the breathable sheer ultra knit. And really, don’t they just look super slick? Gone are the Bridget Jones’s Diary days where ‘nanna knickers’ were the done thing in shapewear. These Slims are sexy and look even better undressed!

The Slims range is available in three garments:

- Slims Underbust Shapewear Slip: Smoothes and supports the tummy, midriff, bottom, hips and thighs. Designed to wear with your own choice of bra, and features adjustable straps. Firm support, light enough to wear every day and perfect for breastfeeding mums as you can still wear your maternity bra.

slims slip

- Slims Underbust Bodysuit: Smoothes and supports the tummy, midriff and bottom. Designed to wear with your own choice of bra, features adjustable straps and crutch area. Firm support, light enough to wear every day and perfect for breastfeeding mums as you can still wear your maternity bra.

slims body suit

- Slims Half Slip: Smoothes and supports the tummy, hips and bottom. Firm support, light enough to wear every day.

slims half slip

- Slims Shaper: Slims Shaper smoothes and supports the tummy, bottom and thighs. Firm support, light enough to wear every day.

Slims shaper

I was lucky enough to meet the Nancy Ganz designer, Janine Anggara, and she provided me with a couple of wonderful tips to share with you regarding shapewear:

1. Take your time and try the garments on. Don’t buy a size down and think its going to work better. Its been designed to fit you. You’re just pushing things into spots/places it shouldn’t be and its uncomfortable.

2. Always step in to shapewear- even camisoles and slips. Think of it as hosiery. Pull up and peel. You get the lift!

To find out more on the range and purchase yours,  head HERE. And for 30% off please enter the code “RJLSLIMS” when you check out (valid until 30th September 2014).

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  2. Rachel C

    Hi Bec, I have nine more weeks to go until my little one arrives so I’m trying to get organised and buy all of these things now. How did you alternate with the SlIMS and the SRC shorts? Is one better to wear at night and one throughout the day? Is there a reason you alternated? I’m considering getting the SRC shorts but not sure if I need both? x

  3. Hi, what other shapewear brands have you found work for you? I have a similar body type to you but find it hard to find shapewear that goes down to a size 8.