Clickon Furniture- Mr Marius Giveaway (SP)

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Update- AMY RADCLIFFE you’re the winner. I’ll be in touch!

Introducing Mr Marius on Rebecca Judd Loves today, a gorgeous French brand which Clickon Furniture has been the exclusive distributor of for around a year.

 With a focus on retro design and colours, and solid wood, Mr Marius’s range is “inspired by the times where furniture was made to last and passed on to your children and grandchildren.” I like the sound of that! The first collection features an inviting table, a welcoming desk and a side board with exquisite detail. It also features the stunning Piroutte Coffee Table Set which is made of solid European oak sourced from well managed French and Serbian forests. It comes with brass legs and 3 chic nested tables with varied, rounded edges making them the perfect shape to complement both traditional and modern interiors. I personally love a little curve to throw off strong lineal patterns- it breaks it up and adds warmth and interest to a space.

Now the best bit- I am giving away one Piroutte Coffee Table Set to a lucky RJL reader. Simply tell me in the comments section below how you would style this beautiful piece in your home. Winner announced on Aug 27th in this post and delivery Australia wide is included.

To check out more info on the Piroutte Coffee Table Set then the link is here:

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Good luck!


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  1. Chloe V

    Hi Bec, has the winner been announced? I’ve been checking all day & couldn’t see it in this post! Am I looking in the right spot xxx

    1. Haha Chloe I have been doing the same thing – crossing my fingers and refreshing this page all day yesterday! Good luck to us both!

  2. Rachel S

    I’ve been on the lookout out for nesting coffee tables. These are the perfect combination of quirky, retro and colour. The timber legs would fit right in with my Eames dining chairs.

  3. I would add these gorgeous pieces together with a grey and yellow decor. I would achieve this through touches of a yellow vase and different shades of grey placemats. I am keeping it simple to allow the beautiful table set to do the talking.

  4. Tina G

    Less is definitely more with this trio of standalone beauties! A simple flower arrangement in a brightly coloured geometric vase to complement their unique shapes and tiered heights would be all I’d do to avoid detracting from their unique design. They would have pride of place in our cosy lounge room, be lovingly surrounded by our mix of vintage and modern retro pieces – and of course be adorned with a freshly baked tray of scones with jam & cream whenever friends pop by :)

  5. Camille L

    I would style as a set under my sash window. A beautiful cluster of soft pastel pink flowers will grace the largest of tables and a complimenting concrete dish would sit to the side. A copper pendant above will complete the look perfectly.

  6. Lesa S

    Firstly – Remove the rather Big cumbersome Freedom coffee table which is like 14 years old! Great in its day but now that we have 2 big dogs and a 17 month year old, time for it to go!
    Secondly – Slide in the stylish and chic Piroutte Timber Set! (Our big cumbersome coffee table currently sits next to our couch as we needed the space on the mat for junior to play, although the 2 big dogs rather like this space too!) Love the flexibility of the Piroutte – great for a side table or more of a central table especially when entertaining guests!
    Thirdly – Pop something gorgeous but non-breakable on top! (toddler plus dogs!!) Most likely a coffee table book! Or simply leave as is – rather chic on its own!
    Lesa x

  7. Having lived in our current house for four years we are in the process of updating our furniture and decor to the “retro look”. So far we have updated our red sofa by replacing them with the retro chair legs (was the metal steel look previously) …., our old black cushions have been replaced with some retro orla kiely cushions, not to mention we also purchased one of her lampshades! We recently also purchased some wallpaper to make it as a feature wall.. Our current coffee table is looking a little out of place at the moment, and I think that this mr Marius pirouette coffee table would match my living room quite well. As my living room is a not as spacious – I would also take the round coffee table out and use it as a side table in the nursery!

  8. Raina N

    This stunning pirouette coffee table set would be amazing in our newly renovated home. I currently don’t have a coffee table in our lounge room and would love this set in my home over my Moroccan styled rug. With an appreciation for furniture crafted from from solid wood, these would look amazing styled with one table having a vintage print tray with a round vase filled with in season blooms. Another table would hold a coconut scented soy candle in a crystal jar and finally I would have my latest reads on the third table including my fav frankie magazine! Thanks Bec!! Such amaze pieces! Xx

  9. Carol Y

    I’m sitting in a cafe at Falls Creek while the rain outside keeps me indoors. It’s very cosy, there is an open fire roaring and a hide rug on the floor. This nest of tables would complete the winter wonderland scene with my hot chocolate resting along side my fave block of Lindt choccy – chilli!

  10. Liana K

    My heart started beating a little faster when I read this post Bec. What a stunning giveaway! I love the Piroutte Coffee Table Set’s craftsmanship and clever design in how the shapes harmonise with each other. Our modern home, decorated in greys, whites, and pastels, is inspired by my love of France. I was delighted to see that Mr Marius is a French brand. This piece would fit perfectly in our sitting room where I love to read home decor magazines with a cup of tea by the fireplace. As for styling – I think simple and elegant with a touch of whimsy, to echo the design. I would start with a coffee table book on the large piece, to ground the vignette. My latest find (Adore) has a chic gold and white cover, with a hot pink spine. The gold would marry well with the feet of the tables. This hardcover would set the stage for a trio of objects: a fine white porcelain votive holder, painted turquoise inside (sourced in Norway); a glass light bulb vase containing a fresh bloom, to add some vitality to the arrangement; and an adorable wireframe twig house (Twiggargerie), bringing quirkiness and a sculptural element. I would leave the lower two tables bare to keep the arrangement clean and practical. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jessica V

    This piece would fit perfectly in my living room on my black/white cow hide rug, accessorised with some fresh green succulents, a touch of fluro and my concrete trinket bowls! <3

  12. Nechama R

    I would put it in my playroom for the kids to draw on and play games on. It would work lovely with my chocolate floorboards and white/gold rug

  13. Emma L

    This is perfect for the kids play room! Nice round edges :) I’d style it with a nice big comfy turquoise couch, sheepskin over the back, little rabbit lamp on the table and a little book basket underneath. Perfect for a little reading nook…

  14. Ingrid O

    I would style these on the sea grass matting next to our couch (we just got rid of our sharp edged coffee table) with a big yellow mud bowl full of lemons on the large one, a vase of daffodils on one and keep the other free for my morning coffee… until my 7 month old learns to cruise then they would still look magnificent nestled together with nothing on them but sticky fingerprints.

  15. Kerrianne J

    I would style this beautiful retro inspired wooden table set in my living room. I would place a leafy bright green indoor plant on the second largest table (making sure layers are seen between the different heights of the tables) I would then place a copper tray and my pot of tea on the large table. This would be my nice quiet time place where I can drink my tea and read a book.

  16. Justine K

    This fabulous warm oak table would be just gorgeous next to the grey linen wing chair in the nursery, Perfect place to rest the cup of coffee and the milk bottle :)

  17. Sally C

    Hiya, I’d get my dented antique copper jug and fill it with a Mikarla Bauer inspired colourful flower bomb. Then I’d pop a stack of cook books, design books and the latest Collective mag next to it. I’d put my iphone there (to check Instagram ;) and then finish off with a pot of T2 French Earl Grey tea and a large piece of lemon cake served on a Kaz watercolour plate. Yup. That’d look/taste gooood!

  18. Jaye G

    I’d love to style this either in my bedroom or in a corner of my lounge room as a little sanctuary area with a gorgeously comfy chair. I’d use the spot for reading and for cups of tea alone or for tea parties with my daughter Bailey. I wouldn’t want to add too much to these so am thinking: a candle {Mimosa scented}, a small mason jar with fresh flowers and a little owl figurine.

  19. Having previously used an ottoman as a coffee table, but since moved it to it’s rightful place with the only comfortable chair in the house (I’m 40 weeks pregnant with my first – due tomorrow!) because I needed somewhere to put my feet up! We are now coffee table-less! These would be the perfect fit in our little place. I would style these with a brass or marble tray, a beautiful calming scented candle, some interesting coffee table books and fresh cut flowers.

  20. Amanda F

    I have a triangular shaped living area. I have no centrepiece, as I have not been able to find a suitable coffee table to fit the area. This triangular coffee table would absolutely suit the layout and the accompanying bean and round coffee tables would enhance and complement the whole look. Fab!

  21. Jelena M

    I admit, I envy all those people who happen to have (and enjoy!) a perfectly styled coffee table just like the ones in Belle and Vogue Living. A coffee table adorned with Tom Ford’s sexy black covers, Diptyque candle and an expensive ornament.

    But because of a little person running around my house, I’d style these gorgeous nesting tables simply – small freshly cut flowers from our garden, arranged in a heirloom hand-blown vase and nothing else. After all, beauty is in the simplicity: solid oak, brass legs and children’s laughter!

  22. Taya H

    Since we have just moved into our own place with mismatch furniture kindly given to us from our families, these gorgeous tables would bring some colour and beauty to our living room.

  23. I would put this amazing piece of furniture next to my couch for a little spot to put my goodies. Magazines, those things that are just for me :) would absolutely love to win this :)

  24. Nicolette G

    I would style this gorgeous set of tables with NOT ONE OUNCE OF LEGO but instead would keep it just for me and my little treats! Intiially I think I would just keep it clear just, well just because……no LEGO, just nothing. How gorgeous just to sit back and actually see what the tables look like with no toys or LEGO on it……. just a little dust maybe but of course being “just mine” they would be dusted daily…..eventually I would bring all MY gorgeous books and mags out and during those few hours in the afternoon when all 3 treasures are sleeping I will allow myself some “me time’ just to gaze at these gorgeous new additions in our lounge and just take in the fact that there is NO LEGO in this part of our house! Oh what a treat indeed!!! No doubt the will come to be the most well loved things in our house – well that is apart from our kids and their LEGO!!!!

  25. I can see this stunning nest of tables in my loungeroom. Topped with the latest issue of belle and home beautiful magazines and a fresh pot of tea with me sitting alongside on my sofa with my feet up admiring these beautiful pieces of furniture.

  26. Lisa M

    I would pick up on thd colours that are on the Mr Marius Pirouette table set. I think I would look for cushions with those colours to go on my sofa. I really don’t think the much is needed on the tables as they speak for themselves, maybe just a small cactus in a grey of yellow matt vase. I think these tables would be the talking point of my loungeroom! Love them. Thanks for the opportunity Rebecca and Click on Furniture!!!

  27. Kathryn Z

    Thank you for such an amazing competition Bec. Ahh these are just divine. I have recently bought a new house and due to being a uni student, I have only been able to furnish with the bare necessities for now. Luxury items such as these beauties are also unfortunately not in my student budget :( I could style these gorgeous nested tables in so may ways, but I think the obvious choice for me would be in my living room surrounded by a couple of funky, coloured wire chairs facing the window to the beautiful outside scenery. It would be the perfect relaxation spot, where I could enjoy a cuppa and a break from study! On the top, I would place 2 different size gorgeous white Uashmama paper bags each containing a vibrant green plant to add life and complement the stunning European Oak. I would also place a couple of different photo frames containing photos of my loved ones, so that they could always share that special spot with me. I would make sure that it would always be a happy place, full of life and relaxing. These stunning tables would definitely steal the spotlight and be the centre of attention. My living room is where my loved ones and I spend a lot of our time, so this would ensure that we could get maximum happiness and joy out of these gorgeous tables, and create a truly special spot for ourselves.

  28. (Insert eyes back into eye sockets) Whoa! I can’t believe you are giving these away! I would use these to replace our cheap online furniture that my husband bought (without my consent) before I moved in….baby steps with men, it’s taken me years to convince him that artwork is worth spending actual money on so winning this would save me a good few months of prep work and negotiation. Maybe a concrete succulent planter from Sarai homewares in copper would sit beautifully ontop with my favourite cranberry and fig candle. On a practical note I would want some cute drink coasters as a day isn’t a day without a hot drink (and I certainly wouldn’t want to wreck my new beautiful tables!) lastly to balance my practicality a few less practical more ‘I’m here just to look great’ books that I may never open….just saying. Anyway I have read a few of these posts and there are some amazing creative responses there so good luck girls (and boys? Don’t want to stereotype)!

  29. I can see these gorgeous nested tables in any room! They are so beautiful, that they dont need much adornment, but placed alongside my dove grey and cream mid century chair in the bedroom, with a yellow teapot and cup for one. Bliss!

  30. Fiona W

    These table would sit in my main lounge room. Id style them with a small succulent and a gorgeous candle. I think less is more as these table have lots of character and wow!

  31. Lauren

    Good lord these are divine!! And the brass legs are super hot. I think these should be styled simply, letting the craftsmanship speak for itself. I think I’d just go with a basic tray and pot from Marble Basics with a cute little succulent and a sweet smelling soy candle. Ooh I can see it in my living room already…

  32. Valerie

    I am moving into a very small place with my 3 year old bubba hence there will be no room for a dining table. I can think of many ways to make the best us out of it: cosy romantic dinner just 2 of girls, I can use it as a workdesk for laptop when I work from home and my bubba can use the other table to play tea cup sets or do drawing

  33. Sheridyn W

    Hi bec!
    These tables would look amazing in the lounge room of the new home I am building with my husband at the moment. I would style with a Danish-inspired sofa with patterned cushions and a neon throw. I would add a large chevron rug and complete the look with an opaque vase filled with beautiful peonies and a delicious scented candle.

  34. Rebecca C

    On the Piroutte Coffee Tables, I would place a small vase of freshly cut flowers, a small jagged jar soy candle and a few of my favourite magazines. I would keep the accessories simplistic to allow the furniture to make its statement within the room.

  35. Martine C

    I have a spare lounge sitting area that’s been so hard to decorate! These pieces would suit the space so much as I need to add wood into this white area I’ve created ;) fingers crossed, thank you :)

  36. Lisa H

    I have been eying off this set all year! I must have this so I can replace my current furniture. It’s old, dated and cheap and nasty, as it was what I bought as a uni student when I first moved out of home. This set is exactly the style of furniture that I love. The problem is styling is not my forte…maybe a bit of help from Rebecca Judd Style School would help!

  37. kylie s

    Hi Bec this trio that I would absolutely love to win would go perfectly in my front room as it’s quite bare at the moment. I would style it with my subscription of vogue every month with my grace and James candle and I have a beautiful armchair that is a mint colour. I would keep it simple I think. I would be ever so grateful to b the winner of this. Thankyou

  38. Camila Gutierrez,
    Hi bec, This coffee table set is timeless and would look beautiful in our living room. It’s versatile and would be a perfect addition. It is kid friendly which I love. I would style with a scented candle sitting on a marble base and some coffee table books (I’m sure some peppa pig books might find themselves there too :) Thanks Bec

  39. Hi Bec!
    The gorgeous solid European oak Piroutte Coffee Table Set would be the first piece of furniture we would have- about to move out for the first time eek! My terrarium would look brilliant on the table alongside a beautiful glasshouse candle and DIY copper coasters. Love Clickon Furniture!

  40. Lauren T

    They would sit perfectly in our living room amongst our super comfy king furniture couch with our fire blaring for a quiet night in. I would love to say they would be styled with a bright bunch of poppies and a stack of magazines, however after just having a little baby boy I’m realistic that they would be covered with toys and kids books – how things change :) !

  41. Kel M

    These tables would look beautiful on our tas oak floor in our newly built but slightly bare first home. I would keep it very simple – some daffodils from the garden in a glass jar. And …. No remotes !

  42. Carrie D

    Just delightful this would work well with a beautiful Tom Dixon candle, some marble coasters and a beautiful pot plant.

  43. Leigh T

    Hi Bec! If I won those beautiful coffee table set, I would set them in the middle of the loung room surrounded by our charcoal lounge. The tables would sit on a Fenton and Fenton rug with pastel colours to compliment the pastel yellow edging on one of the tables. On top, I’d pop a couple of my books from SemiPermanent Design conferences to keep me inspired, aswell as a mini cactus in a funky geometric pot. Lovely!

  44. Felicity J

    These would sit perfectly next to my Eames chair. Preferably with a bottle of red wine on one of the tables within arms reach to consume with my husband when the kiddies are snuggled up and silent in bed.

  45. Amanda H

    This coffee table set is absolutely timeless and would be the perfect addition to enhance our current living room and be the centrepiece of our apartment. I would style with a scented candle to add ambiance, coffee table books that we love to read time and time again for us and visitors and a small vase of flowers to add colour and bring the outdoors in. Thanks Bec for introducing me to click on furniture!

  46. Ilana

    My beautiful son’s room. What a gorgeous set that would fit in perfectly with his replica ball chair that we already bought for him and his Habitat rug! Elegant and stylish….Click on Furniture….everyone should be talking about you. Good on you Bec for bringing this gem to everyone’s attention!

  47. Gabrielle M

    I would style this beautiful coffee table set next to a brass floor lamp. On the table, I’d put a few of my favourite coffee table books, a Missoni candle and a big bunch of flowers!

  48. kimberly

    Styled beautifully with a photo book of great family pics, a vase with my favourite flower Peonies and a candle burning. Simple & perfect

    thanks bec & click on furniture x

  49. Natashia

    Well, these rather awesome pieces would be styled as is! I mean, how cool are they!? My partner and I always snack on the couch, usually bit of cheese and wine, and dragging my heavy old coffee table is becoming annoying. A new coffee table (or set) has been on my ‘list’ for ages, but unfortunately due to us moving into a new house we are renovating, there have been other items listed that are more urgent (like a wardrobe!). In all honesty, that light pictured about the tables just make it to my list.

  50. Stevie P

    Simply style with some while pom pom dahlia in clear vase and let the tables do the talking. Awesome design.
    Stevie Pickles

  51. Chloe V

    Hi Bec,

    I am in the process of building my first home with my fiancé, and this set would be my first piece of furniture for our home and would look absolutely delightful in our lounge room placed right underneath a united artworks painting. The painting I want to buy includes stunning splashes of turquoise so I would add a beautiful turquoise vase with a small bunch of white posies on the table and let this set dazzle on its own. Simplicity is best.

    I would be extremely grateful for this gorgeous set.

    Thank you,


  52. sarah-Jane

    This would be the perfect, we are currently decorating our new house. This will be the perfect addition to our living room and right next to our sofa!!!

  53. Nataša V

    These tables are absolutely gorgeous and appear to be retro danish inspired. I would love to style them with some iconic 80s pieces by Herman Miller or Charles Eames to maintain that retro feel and really do them justice… plus add a bit of colour for fun!

  54. Annabel S

    Hi Bec, I’ve just moved into my new apartment, and recently discovered the delights of Clickon too, but haven’t yet made any purchases.. Would love this to be my first! Am actually finding it tricky to find the perfect coffee and side table that I love, but these I think would do the job very nicely. Adore the legs and the little heart!

  55. L Q

    I have been searching high and low for the perfect coffee table(s). Something useable but something unique. This Piroutte Coffee Table Set will be absolutely perfect in my Lounge Room as the statement piece. I will style with fresh flowers and a scented candle plus a crystal or two to add some colour. ( maybe even a bottle of champagne and flutes occasionally ) The lounge & rug will also add some colour from the edge of the tables to all match in. I can just picture it now. xx LQ

  56. Amy R

    I have just found out I am pregnant with a little girl after having a hard time conceiving due to ovarian cancer. I would love the Piroutte set not only to style in my retreat with a gorgeous new floor rug that would tie in the colour of the tables legs and also match in with my faux deer head wall art but also to pass onto my daughter and my daughters daughter for that beautiful family generation piece that is so beautiful and has meaning.

  57. brittany

    this set of tables would be the perfect piece to addition our new apartment which encompasses both industrial (my partners) and modern (mine) styles. the brass metallic legs would be perfect to compliment my partners industrial styling through out the house as it matches several of our other furnishings and decorator items, but the soft rounded edges would be perfect for my more modern sense of style – suiting much of our current furniture. the soft edges would also be a fantastic contrast to our dhurrie which is sharp and geometric. if anything, we would style it with terrarium – but keep it simple! it needs no dressing really, its an accessory by itself.

  58. Rebecca S

    This table set would be the perfect addition to my living room. The gold accents on the feet of the tables would match perfectly with with metallic accents I have balancing the grey tones of my furniture and recycled timber media table. The different levels of the tables is the perfect place to display my favourite design books and accessories.

  59. elena M

    I have recently moved into my new home and would LOVE this beautiful show piece in my family lounge room. I would dress it with my favourite home decorating books and a few favourite pieces I’ve collected over the years from family travels!

  60. Erin G

    This set of nesting coffee tables is exactly what I’m looking for! I’ve just ordered a grey, modular sofa and need a set of nesting coffee tables in an organic shape, to soften the look. I’d style it with a small potted maiden hair fern (maybe in a Shiko ceramics pot) and a tan leather Bisonte tray (to keep my bits and pieces tidy). The tables would be called into side table duty every time we have friends over to hold wine glasses and quite probably to hold sippy cups of milk every morning at breakfast time!

  61. Natalie

    It will be the start of furnishing my new home. With a vase and miniature flowers to create elegance and a great book. This will be a simple focus in the living room.

  62. Kelly-Anne

    Keeping the tables together for impact, I would add a small white marble serving tray, topped with a copper Tom Dixon candle and a leafy indoor plant potted in a reusable brown paper bag. Add to the mix some of my favourite fashion and design coffee-table books to compete the look!