Quinny Yezz

Yezz 1 Yezz 2 Yezz 3 Yezz 4 yezz 5As an ambassador for Quinny I am lucky enough to be able to try all of their gorgeous products and the Quinny Yezz is one of my personal faves. The Yezz is about to get a huge workout in my family as we are just about to travel to Europe (after the footy season of course) and plan to take the Yezz with us as it is perfect for travelling and long layovers in airports because it easily folds up and you can take it onto the plane with you. Yep- it is easily stored in your overhead cabin and has a shoulder strap so you can wear it like a back pack too- it is so light (only 5kgs!).

The Quinny Yezz can be used from 6 months of age up to a weight of 17kgs. It has been specially designed to easily switch between pushing and carrying the buggy. With only one simple move, the buggy can be folded into a highly compact package making sure that the Mumma (or Dad!) has flexibility and freedom. The Quinny Yezz is fitted with skating wheels, giving the buggy an urban look and maximum manoeuvrability. What I was most surprised with given its super light weight, was its strength and sturdiness (apparently due to some whizz bang high performance plastic).

The Quinny Yezz features a storage pocket (up to 2 kgs) and sun canopy (rain cover is optional) and comes in 5 cool colours. My personal fave is the Sulpher Focus (the bright yellow)- so bright and happy!

It’s not hard to see why this buggy has won so many design awards and is hard to get your hands on (flying off the shelves)- it is simply awesome and perfect for tackling every challenge in the city. LOVE IT!

RRP: $499. For more info head to www.quinny.com/au

To watch an awesome video featuring the Yezz showing off its manoeuvrability and lightweight credentials, check this out!

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