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My Nook Couch- love it!

Question from Jenni Farr: Hi Bec I want your honest opinion. I live in Perth and want to order a Jardan “Nook” modular sofa. As it is quite an expensive purchase and I can’t get to see it in “person” – can you tell me whether or not it is really comfortable? I would hate to order it and get it shipped over and then not be happy with it. Thanks Jenni

Answer: Hi Jenni, yes it is an expensive purchase- especially without having seen it in real life! I can assure you though that it is the most comfortable couch EVER! It has a nice, wide, seat depth and is just lush. We love it. When it comes to incredible functionality and original design, you can do no better than Jardan. Trust me, you won’t regret it. My only concern is to make sure you’ve seen lots of fabric samples before you purchase- have Jardan sent some out to you? My other tip is to make sure you order a couch which is big enough. If you’re torn between two sizes then always go with the bigger one. I learnt that lesson the hard way!

Question from anonymous: Hi Bec, how do you manage to fit exercise into your day? I have just had my 3rd child and have a husband who works away, I also work from home…my days seem to escape me. I have always exercised in the past but am finding it difficult to fit it all in now.

Answer: Good question! I really struggle at times and just have to get out there and do it whenever I have the chance. I have some help with the kids a couple of days a week which I usually fill up with work meetings but if I happen to have an hour or so free then I’ll book in a class at Be Active Physio. If the class times don’t suit my schedule then I’ll do a session in our gym at home. In June I was so busy that I didn’t exercise at all. Now that work has calmed down I can get back into it before life gets too busy again. So my advice- just go hard when you can!

Sometimes when I’m really busy but feeling all sloth like and gross because I haven’t exercised for ages, I find that if I can do a quick hit of intense cardio, I will feel so much better. So another tip- if you have even 10 or 15 minutes free, go for a quick run or jump on an exercise bike. My spin bike routine at home consists of a 5 minute sprint series (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off), 5 minute hill climb series, and a 5 minute tabata (High Intensity Interval Training). See here to learn what a tabata is.

Question from Emily Crawford: Hi Bec, I was just wondering how your butlers pantry is positioned in correspondence to your AMAZING kitchen? I was also wondering what sort of doors you have on your bedrooms? Thanks heaps

Answer: Hi Emily, the doorway is just to the left of my integrated fridge, which is to the left of the stove top.  Our doors to our bedrooms are just plain painted ones. I wanted something fancier but we ran out of money- oops!

Question from Sarah H: Hi Bec, I’m loving the Style School series, it’s a beautiful way to share interior design in an accessible way. I noticed you have the details for the beautiful sheer curtains which feature in most of your rooms. Do you have blinds, or something else behind them to block out light/ keep in heat during the night? I love this look and would like to replicate it in a practical way. Thanks!

Answer: Hi Sarah, I have concealed block out roller blinds behind them. They do the job and are cheap.

Question from Karen Wilson: Hi bec, in the sunday style magazine on 29th june you mentioned some satchets that you use to help your hair and nails. I am just wondering what the name of them were. My husband threw the magazine away before I could write it down! Karen

Answer: Hi Karen, it’s Proplenish and can be bought here. Its awesome (I wish I could remember to take it more often!)

Question from anonymous: Hey Bec, I just wanted to know what camera (or cameras!) you use for your photos on your blog. They are amazing!

Answer: HAHA! I think my photos are rubbish but thanks anyway. I use a Canon G12 but I’m such an idiot when it comes to using it that I know I’m not getting the best out of it. I usually use it on ‘P’ ‘Flash on’. I find whenever I use ‘Auto’ or any other functions the pics just look crap and my iPhone usually does a better job- honestly it does! I really need to read the instruction manual for my G12.

Question from Ivana Vukcevik: Hey Bec, I really just wanted to know where you get your hair done and also what you ask for. I have gone into a salon previously with an idea in mind for something very similar to yours however it seems impossible. I have hair naturally the same as your and just really wanted to find out what colors your stylist puts in there? Thank you, and just a side note, you’re brilliant.

Answer: I go to Uva Salon here. I see Marie and she usually just does whatever she feels like haha. Marie has a really good eye and knows what tones suit you. She said so many people will go in and ask for my hair colour but they might have a different skin tone, eye colour etc to me so the colour won’t look the same. Marie’s great at advising you on what will look the most amazing on YOU.

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    Vision blinds is a great alternative to the classic Venetian blind or roller, which combines the perfect balance of privacy and light control with the trend in fashion, striking bold stripes and color blocking.

  2. Megan B

    Hi Rebecca, I’m loving your room reveals.. Can I ask where the throw rug and pink pillowcases are from in your bedroom please?? Also the lights above your bedside tables?
    Thanks so much Megan x