The Style School- Episode 3- The Good Front Room

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Images Armelle Habib, video Virtual Connexion



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  1. Becca A

    Hi Bec. Just wondering whether the centre Hay tray is the orange or apricot colour way?
    Love TSS by the way!

    Becca x

  2. Kelle H

    Hi Bec
    I look forward to Monday’s so much so I can check out The Style School! I’m
    Just wondering if you can share some tips or perhaps blog about how you keep your home so immaculate with young children? I used to work as an Interior Design but lately I feel like my 2.5 year old son has taken over our home!
    Thanks so much
    Kelle xx

  3. Rebekah B

    I just love that long window seat, it’s so simple but still gorgeous and looks so comfy! It’s definitely my favourite part of this room.

  4. Jane F

    Hi Bec. Your house is phenomenal! Your concrete floors look fantastic. We have just layed our slab and I am so paranoid about it cracking. Has your concrete cracked at all? Did you use any cracker or expansion joints to help prevent them? Thanks Bec. I appreciate you are a very busy lady! I love your style school. I look forward to it every week.
    Thanks for the great inspiration. X

    1. Hi There! We have a couple of cracks outside but none inside (yet). We only used expansion joints outside around the pool. I honestly don’t mind the cracked look as it adds some character to the stark nature of concrete. I said to my builder I was happy if it cracked a bit so I think this is why we don’t have any expansion joints inside.

  5. Angie

    Hi Rebecca,

    I am genuinely interested in having Miranda’s artwork in my home. For commission pieces, can you please tell me that the price range would look like? I’m thinking of something fairly big as well – maybe 1.5m in width. And/or if you can tell me what her original work around about those sizes are like. Thanks in advance!

    1. not sure as mine was a gift but I know she’s not cheap! I think she’s just about to exhibit at Koskela in Sydney so call them or Edwina Corlette gallery organise commissions… x

  6. Ky M

    Hi Bec. I adore this room, it is gorgeous. I was wondering what the title of the pink book on the coffee table was and also was the smallest Hay tray a custom made one or is it the standard red colour? Thanks x