The Style School episode 1- Lounge and Dining Room

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All images Armelle Habib 


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  1. Anne B

    Hi Bec, I left a message and question for you re the heating in your house before realising that I have to be a member of your blog. I have joined up now so I hope that validates my question to you. Many thanks Anne.

  2. Sophie P

    Hi Bec
    I love your chandelier and would like to know where it is from as we are building a top end home in Prahran and it’s perfect. Look forward to your reply. Sophie x

  3. Michaela C

    Loved the tips re: the leather couches. Sometimes they can look so uninviting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us all, its very generous of you… looking forward to the future episodes :)

  4. Just Z

    Great tips and especially for steering me in the right direction re artwork…..I recently purchased a beautiful Clare O’Donoghue piece that now hangs above our couch and was wondering whether I should go plain or patterned with our cushions….definitely plain now to ensure the artwork is the hero piece! Thank you Bec and Julia! Zx