Jacki Anderson handbags- heaven

Jacki Anderson sent me a DIVINE handbag and I have received so many comments on it since taking it out with me. Every single day, many a lady (including lots of strangers) will approach me and ask about my bag or comment on how beautiful it is. I don’t think I have ever received so many compliments about any handbag I’ve ever owned (and there’s been a lot over the years!).

So why all the compliments? My theory is that it is a beautiful, handmade in Melbourne, leather handbag which lets the shape and quality of the leather and gold hardware do the talking and not some overly branded logo. I definitely think there is a trend away from the mass marketed, overly branded luxury goods and towards a beautiful, quality, handmade product minus the brand tag. Jacki Anderson nails this to a tee and I’m glad Australian consumers are developing an eye for quality over clever marketing.

My bag is the beautiful ‘Miranda’ in red and I am also in lurve with the Estella Black clutch- mmmmmm. What’s even better about Jacki Anderson’s bags is that while they are still an aspirational product, they have a slightly more attainable price tag than say an LV, Givenchy or Prada in a similar shape. My bag retails at $690 which I think is exceptional given I find it a comparable product to my designer handbags which cost upwards of $1500.

To view Jacki’s incredible range, head to¬†jackianderson.com


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