Re-run: Dirty gym hair to beachy waves in less than 10 minutes!


This beachy hair look is perfect for when you are in a rush and don’t have time to wash your hair. This look took me about 5 minutes to complete because the key is not tonging every section of your hair- just the top sections that are visible and the odd one here and there underneath.  The magic happens when you work your dry shampoo in- volume extraordinaire!!! And forget about hair extensions- you don’t need them if you use your dry shampoo properly.

You require 2 very important tools for this look:

– Klorane Dry Shampoo (I’ve tried all the rest and they aren’t as good. Klorane gives you heaps of volume if you work it in properly)

– a Medium barrel tong

Other factors to take in:

– Your hair can’t be really dirty. Dry shampoo can only do so much chickas.

– Your hair can’t have any severe kinks in it from a hair tie or clips etc (as you’re not tonging the whole head, you’ll see the kinks in the untonged sections).

Ok lets get started but before we do, please excuse my roots- how embarrassment. Also, please forgive me for the mass selfies. My husband was away and my 1 year old can’t operate a camera- sorry!

1. Ewww- me straight after the gym with no make up and yuk hair. Eye bags much?

2. Klorane- yahoo! Spray it all through your roots, but mainly on the top half of your head.

3. See the grey dry shampoo sitting in my part? While you will look like a Nanna, make sure you leave it in while you style your hair. This will result in cleaner and more voluminous hair when you’re done. (After this I then pinned my hair into a loose bun and had a shower in case you were wondering if I was gross enough to go straight out without one!)

1. Use your tong and always wrap the hair over the top of the tong and towards the back. That way the hair rolls away from your face and opens it up, rather than rolling the hair towards your face and closing it in. Another important tip: for the two sections that frame your face, either side of your part- don’t start the first wrap around the tong until about 8-10cm down the section of the hair. That way you are getting the first bend in the hair at the level of your cheek bone so it opens up your face. If you wrap the hair around the tong too close to your roots, the first bend will happen too high up and it can be unflattering to your face as it closes it in from the top. This is particularly pertinent to those with long faces. For the rest of the sections, make sure to leave 4-6cms from the roots before you start wrapping.

2. Always leave the ends out of the tong. That ensures the beachy look. If you leave the ends in they will curl up.

3. See how I’m doing the top sections from the front to the back?

1. Now do the same tonging but on the other side. Remember, wrap the hair over the tong, towards the back of your head and leave the ends out.

2. More of the same.

3. More of the same- can you see how the dry shampoo is still in the hair?

1. So this is how the hair looks after I’ve tonged it but before I’ve worked the dry shampoo through properly with my fingers.

2. Use your fingers to rub the dry shampoo at your roots. Get your entire hands right up under your hair and give it a good shake.

3. Work your hands all the way around from the sides to the back.

1. This is how it looks after I’ve finished working the dry shampoo through.

2. Take a brush (doesn’t really matter what type).

3. Brush through the ends.

1. Brush the dry shampoo out of your part.

2. Brush your part in all directions to make sure you get all of the grey out.

3. Give one final brush over. See how the volume remains but it is a bit smoother?

1. Now use your index and middle fingers and rub the ends of your hair between them and your thumb whilst pulling away from your head for more volume in the places you need it.

2. Do the same at your roots.

3. Voila- finished! Don’t use any hairspray- your hair is that full of dry shampoo it doesn’t need any extra product!

One final thing- to keep your hair looking voluminous throughout the day/night, keep working your fingers and hands through it every now and again to give it a lift.


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  1. Lisa E

    Thanks for sharing this tip – i just bought the silver bullet tongs and they are great as the heat up in a second! I also followed your tips above and my hair turned out not to bad for my first attempt – will have to practice a little more though! Lisax

  2. Madeleine H

    Hi Bec! Have you tried Kevin Murphy “Fresh.Hair”? / I swear by it… It smells a bit like vanilla mixed with coconut?? Anyway, having a 20 month old myself I find myself using it a bit too often! X

  3. Claire N

    Hi Bec,
    I’m loving your blog. Could you please tell me what your wearing in the final pictures of this blog? Is it a dress or top? I love it!! Xx

  4. Natasha P

    Gorgeous hair, pics & recc’s thanks – I’ll try this after pilates as I need to forego the sweaty post-workout bun. This may not be so easy for me after a hot yoga class though (saturated hair!)

  5. Madeline B

    Bec I find it so refreshing and authentic that you’ve posted pictures of yourself after the gym, sans-make-up and shower. You’re to be applauded. From a fellow speechie (in-training).

  6. Lauren W

    Hi Bec, love this look and want to try it. Was wondering where you can buy Klorane Dry Shampoo ? Thanks Lauren x

  7. Lisa W

    Hi bec, just wondering what size barrel your tongs have? I have a 25mm one and just wanted to check that this was big enough. Thanks a lot, Lisa

  8. K G

    Love your blog! Wanted to ask the same question – could you please recommdend a medium barrel tong or share what brand you use? Thanks, K x

  9. Amy R

    Hi Bec, great blog. I was just wondering if you can recommend a reliable brand for a barrel tong? I’m about to purchase one and was hoping you could help. Cheers, Amy