I’m on holidays! (Oh and The Rebecca Gown post in replay)

Hi guys,

I am taking some much needed family holiday time to relax and rejuvenate in Noosa after a full-on year of crazy work, blogging, footy, toddler time, building a house, selling a house, oh and did I mention I’m pregnant? haha. So over the next couple of weeks you will not see me on the television and I am going to take it easy on the blog too. Of course I will still publish content every day but it will be a mix of some of my favourite blog posts over the last year and also some brand new and incredible product launches that I just have to share with you even though I’m on holidays.

So continue to stay tuned every day as you might see something you’ve missed over the last 10 months and I’ve also got some juicy new stuff for you too. Oh and did I mention to stay tuned for my Spring Racing Styling posts next week? I can’t wait to show you what I’m wearing, as well as hair and make up videos to accompany my look. Yeeha!!!!

So today I thought I’d start my re-run of some of my old fave blog posts with this one below- The Rebecca Gown by J’Aton Couture. As it was my first ever post, I think lots of loyal RJL followers may have missed it because it was so long ago. If you have seen it already then I hope you enjoy it the second time around as much as I loved wearing this beautiful creation.

All images by Jennifer Stenglein www.jenniferstenglein.com

I wasn’t going to include a ‘Weddings’ section on my blog as I’ve already had my wedding and thought it was a stage of my life that had passed. Then a friend suggested I should have one and I also remembered how much I loved sharing my wedding stories and suppliers with people. It made me think- I need to share my wedding knowledge with you guys. It also made me ponder (and become excited) about how many girlfriends and family members I have who are not married (yet) and how much future planning fun I will have with their weddings. So alas, the weddings thread was born!

I married hubby on New Years Eve, 31st December 2010.

Unfortunately (but oh-so fortunately!) I was 10 weeks preggo on the night so I couldn’t cut loose on the D-floor with the J-man as planned. The whole point of having a NYE wedding was so we could party our butts off, and there I was with a stunt glass of champagne all night (Oscar was totally worth it though). I had an amazing time and the best thing is, I can remember every bit of it!

I don’t recommend getting accidentally pregnant just before your wedding (oh, or your hen’s day which your besties have been planning for a year). No, save it for after the big day.

We almost had a dress disaster as I was starting to literally bust out of my ceremony dress in my final fittings. My miraculous, beautiful J’aton Couture boys (stay tuned to the blog for the story on how we met) did some last minute alterations and voila, I had my dream dress- all 30kgs of white, amazing, decadence. I LOVED my wedding dress and it seems so many other people did too. The Boys say they still get calls from brides-to-be every single day enquiring about it. They have sold a tonne of them and I have seen so many copies getting around too. I’m glad it’s been such a successful creation for them, they literally put their blood, sweat and tears into it.

This dress actually almost never was. Instead, I wanted a sparkly, mermaid style wedding dress based on the “Keisha” which was the dress Keisha Whitaker wore to the Oscar’s in 2008 when she attended with her husband (google it). When I first saw this Keisha gown in a Harper’s Bazaar editorial I D.I.E.D! I thought, whilst gasping and heart palpitations manifesting, “Ive just found my wedding dress!!!!!!” Ok so I was a bit of a crazy lady as I wasn’t even engaged at the time, but it was a strange feeling- I just knew it was ‘the one’ (glad I didn’t tell hubby who was then just my boyfriend that I’d found my dream wedding dress- he would have run for the hills). So I loved this Keisha dress before I had even met The Boys and was fixated on it. When Juddy finally proposed it was first on my hit list.

This was when The Boys, who were now my great mates, said “Nooooooo, not Keisha, we’ve made a million of her. You need a white princess dress to walk down the aisle in. You need to look like a bride, not like you’re going to the Brownlow. We’ll make you a modified Keisha for later in the night after the ceremony (a much more intense, sparklier, detailed version- yes, more detail I hear you ask? We named it Keisha-on-steroids).”

So off The Boys went designing this poofy, white, princess dress. “You don’t have to wear it if you hate it, but we are designing it especially for you and we guarantee you’ll love it,” they said. Hmmm, I eagerly waited for the princess dress to take shape and dah dah dah dah….. WOW, what a masterpiece! As if I wasn’t going to wear it- it was the best thing I had ever seen in my life! (I know i’m going OTT on the exclamation marks here but it was a worthy moment- !!!)

I should never have doubted those Boys, they are pure genius and absolutely inimitable. I had my dream, white, princess bride dress which the boys named The Rebecca Gown, and Keisha-on-steroids to slip into for after dinner.

Happy days. So spoilt rotten. So lucky. So grateful to have these amazing men in my life.

The Rebecca Gown (I always feel like a wanker typing that, but seriously, that’s what The Boys called it) had kilometres of fabric in the skirt. The corseted bodice was made in the finest, manipulated lace with every single bead hand fixed on the gown (so The Boys like to remind me- “that bloody dress almost killed us. Our blood is in that dress”). The never-ending layers in the skirt were so soft and consisted of four different fabrics, all hand cut by The Boys. Heaven in a dress!

So that is the story of how The Rebecca Gown came about. I hope you like the pics.

Stay tuned and I’ll detail Keisha-on-steroids too, from the initial sketch to the fine detail on the bodice. Get ready to swoon. xxx

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  1. Damia M

    Love this post! Always go back and re read it when I think of it! Don’t have to backtrack too far now haha. Great work Bec. Have been loving your blog since it started! Keep up the great work :)