One, Two, Tree- Eco Friendly Xmas Trees

Can you believe Xmas is just around the corner? Yep, I was in Coles the other day and saw all the various paraphernalia right there in my face and I had to do a double take. What month is it?- October, check. Shit, 9 weeks until Xmas- eek! So when these little eco-friendly Xmas trees came across my desk by One, Two, Tree I thought it was probably time to start some Xmas blogging so you guys know what is out there and available before making that all important tree purchase.

I love the idea of eco-friendly Xmas trees as the plastic not-so-fantastic trees are just plain tacky and well, crap. I also hate the idea of chopping down a real tree just for one month and then discarding it like a piece of rubbish. So these guys are stylish, sustainable and super chic. They almost look like an amazing piece of Scandi furniture and can really complement your interiors depending on which way you point the branches and which baubles you use.

One Two, Tree, trees come flat packed ready to assemble, can be given a new sculptural look every day, or the kids can have fun trying new shapes as they adjust the movable branches. It’s a great size that looks good in the lounge room, through to the dining table on Christmas day. It is Australian made and designed using sustainably grown Australian Hoop pine plywood.

The lifetime tree costs $349 and is available online, here, and at Koskela in Rosebery here.

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