Pregnancy exercise

Me at 33 weeks pregnant with Oscar on Cable Beach Broome- Babymoon!

I’ve had a gazillion “Ask Bec” questions regarding what I do to keep fit during pregnancy. I must admit, I can hardly call myself ‘fit’ but I do participate in classes to stay strong and to focus on the muscles that are really important when carrying and delivering a baby.

I am an inherently lazy person. I hate to exercise (but always feel ahhhhmazing afterwards). I don’t really have a lot of time to exercise and would definitely do it more if I didn’t work so much.

I have an abdominal separation (rectus diastasis) which occurred when I was pregnant with Oscar (it happens to 80% of pregnant women and is caused by your abs/6-pack separating down the middle to make way for your growing baby). It pretty much closed up a couple of months after he was born, but with baby number 2, it popped open just 8 weeks into my pregnancy- DAMN! What an abdominal separation means is that your back is not supported properly and you are at a higher risk of back pain and injury. This is the reason I do all of my pregnancy exercise under the guidance of a specially trained Women’s Physio. They know everything that is happening in my body and tailor pregnancy safe exercises just for me.

So what is my exercise regime?

– Pilates once or twice a week: I do reformer pilates. I love the burn in my muscles after a few reps and attribute my body’s tone to this (and some lucky genes).

– Great Expectations classes once or twice a week: These classes were designed by Physio, Lisa Westlake, and are specifically targeted at pregnant women to maintain fitness and muscle tone throughout their pregnancy. I’d say on average during a 1 hour class, I would do about 20 minutes of spinning (bike for those who don’t know what spinning is), 20 minutes of circuit training and 20 minutes of strength, usually down on the mat with some pilates moves/stretches thrown in for good measure. I LOVE these classes and feel they give me the perfect balance of cardio, strength and stretching. Oh and we smash the pelvic floor exercises too which is highly beneficial during pregnancy. Believe me I know- I’m dreading the impending hayfever season with this preggy belly- Tena Lady anyone? haha.

– The odd walk around ‘The Tan': I wish I could tell you I am a runner but I actually hate to run. My New Year’s Resolution was to run The Tan once a week and I’ve run it 4 times all year- oops. Imagine my delight when at 8 weeks pregnant I went to my physio in severe pain after running The Tan one day. I walked in, knees together, pain shooting through my pelvis, and she informed me that I had pelvic instability from being pregnant and was banned from running for the remainder of my pregnancy- how shattering (NOT!). Ok so now I had a great, legitimate excuse not to run- yahoo! But I do love a brisk walk around The Tan so I try to do this once a week instead, usually with a girlfriend, pushing Oscar’s pram in one hand, coffee in the other. Now that’s my kind of exercise!

I go to Be Active Physio in Prahran here but if you want to find out more about Lisa Westlake’s pregnancy fitness classes, head here.


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  1. Lisa W

    Hi Rebecca
    What a fabulous article. You should be a physio!! Great also to hear good old pelvic floor is on the agenda and in fact from that point of view , all that you are doing instead of running is perfect ….I always say looking after your pelvic floor is an investment in your future! You look amazing. Enjoy a lovely and well earnt time at Cable Beach