Ask Bec- can you do a make-up demo with Musq Cosmetics?

Question: Can you please do a demonstration with your Musq cosmetics?

I was asked this question after posting a photo of my new Musq cosmetic arrivals on instagram last week. Musq are fab because they are 100% natural with no parabens or nasties which is rare for make up. This always leaves me sceptical with how a product will look and perform on my skin all day, as I often think you need some of those chemicals to make your skin look really good for a long time. I’ve used organic/natural make-up in the past and they just haven’t gone the distance, or provided me with enough coverage, or felt slimey and sticky on my skin- urgh.

So what Musq products are we talking here? Well for this demo I used their liquid foundation. I’d love to try their eyeshadows, concealer and blush etc. but haven’t purchased as yet (I wanted to test out the foundation first).

So the foundation comes in a compact case and I used my MAC foundation brush to apply. I was really surprised by the coverage and how smooth and evenly it went on. The ultimate test came when it settled on my skin. It was absorbed with ease and dried with a beautiful texture- not sticky, not dry, just right! I’d say the coverage was medium but it really depends on how thick you put it on. The product lasted all day and I am really stoked at how it performed given it is a natural product. Usually natural products turn to sh*t on my skin after a few hours.

What didn’t I like about the product? The only thing I could fault was the packaging. The internal compact keeps flying out of the packaging every time I flip it open. It means the foundation compact has sometimes ended face down on my bathroom tiles and then I have to clean it up be removing the dust/hair etc that’s become stuck in the product (maybe I just need to clean my floors more often ha!). It would be great if the internal compact could clip in a little more tightly.

I feel really excited that this is a make-up product I am going to be able to wear on my down days from work, that is guilt-free for my skin.

Please see my steps below and the difference in my skin pre make-up, with just the foundation, and then the finished look once I’ve added blush, mascara and eyeliner. This make-up look took me about 3 minutes to complete.

Pre make-up (sorry about all the hair on my face?):

Applying the Musq foundation:

My face wearing Musq foundation only:

Voila! My finished face wearing the Musq foundation, blush (MAC in peachykeen), mascara (Maybelline) and eyeliner (MAC Khol liner):

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  1. Brittany H

    Hi Bec, thanks for the great review and demonstration on this product. What shade of the foundation did you use, and how did you know that that shade was going to be right for your skin-tone? Was it just a guess? Thanks, Britt.

    1. I used Rhajastan. It is probably more of a summer tone for me but I found if I blended it well it looked ok. I often go a shade darker/warmer when I choose my foundation as it enhances my complexion.