The best pregnancy massage ever

Now that I’m pregnant again, I cannot wait to get my favourite pregnancy massage from Gemma at Body Freedom Urban Day Spa in South Melbourne. She was recommended to me by a girlfriend after I was complaining last time I was pregnant about not having found a pregnancy massage that I liked. Most places require you to lie on your tummy when they massage you. While they provide a hole for your tummy to fit into it means all of the pressure is on your boobs- ouch!!! Hello, you need a hole cut out for each boob to fit into too because, I for one, cannot lie on them when I’m pregnant- too sore (but boy do I like how big they are! haha). The other thing I’m not a fan of, is lying flat on my back for a massage. It is not recommended by health professionals after a certain number of weeks (12 or 16 I think?)  because the pressure of the baby on certain nerves and blood vessels is not ideal.

So what makes Body Freedom Urban Day Spa’s preggo massage so good? The masseurs are trained by a qualified midwife and practice the techniques by leading UK pregnancy massage therapist Suzanne Yates, so you are in the safest of hands. The thing I loved the most was that you are treated on a futon, lying on your side and also over a fit ball. It is the most relaxing, therapeutic massage I have ever had and in the final couple of months of my pregnancy with Oscar, I booked in for one every single week. I was addicted. Gemma knew exactly what was happening in my body, where Oscar was sitting and where I needed the most work- she was brilliant!

I highly, highly recommend all the preggy bellies out there pay this place a visit. 

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