Signed and Numbered Giveaway! UPDATE- winner announced

Thanks everyone for entering- Celia Mitchell is the winner and has been contacted by us. Her favourite artist is Slicer.

One of my favourite affordable artwork stores, Signed and Numbered, are giving away a $500 voucher to a lucky RJL reader to adorn your home. They specialise in limited edition prints by emerging and established artists based in Australia and worldwide. Print mediums include screen prints, gocco prints, etchings, digital (including giclee and hand-embellished / hand-finished prints), wood block, letterpress and lino prints.

What makes these prints even more awesome are the acrylic framing options in a variety of colours (including sick neons! Remember when I wrote about them here?). Super KOOL!

To win, just tell me below in the comments section who your favourite Signed and Numbered artist is and why?

- Winner selected and contacted via email by the RJL team on Monday August 5th

- Delivery of $500 gift voucher organised by Signed and Numbered


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  1. Will T

    I wish we could pick so many more then just one artist because there are so many artists that deserve recognition for their amazing work. Canadian Illustrator Jenny Liz Rome however really stands out against the rest. Her latest print set in particular is one of the most amazing works that I am yet to see. The black and grey colouring works so well to give the contrast between the dark themes and the innocence that is depicted in the picture. A couple of weeks ago I walked into the “signed and numbered” store and Rome’s image “Bear 2″ was on display on the wall. Instantly my eyes were drawn to the work. For whatever reason it just stood out against every other piece in the store. Her ability to create such complexly beautiful image was just breath taking. Ever since I came across this work I have looked into more of Rome’s work and she is such a talented amazing artist. Perhaps the single most amazing thing about her work is that every time you look at it you see something new that you had never noticed before.

  2. Grace B

    Canadian Illustrator Jenny Liz Rome. Her mysterious lioness, goddess, hybrid woman series makes me feel empowered while strangely also makes me want to grab my girlfriends and hit the dance floor! A perfect combination for the walls of my first rental apartment. The print I bought as a housewarming gift to myself still needs framing which I’d arrange with this voucher as well as adding another from the same series to my set.

  3. Anita P

    ANITA PAP. Delicate Mayhem the works by the talented creative Laura Jordan are my favourite works featured at Signed and Numbered. Each piece is astonishing in capturing surrounding, environment, people and culture all in the one cityscape.The Hong Kong city artwork hangs currently at eye level in the home. The line work, attention to detail, burst of colour and creative imagery is always exciting and moving. It is certain it will catch each and every eye and leave you staring for hours! At every look you are guaranteed to discover new elements of the piece you haven’t realised before. Truly talented work like no other.

  4. Teneille P

    Slicer is so here and now. Interesting medium and the ‘color pop’.
    But I think it will stand the test of time with its designs – something in the years to come when generations will
    still love, appreciate the skill and want on their wall. Who wouldn’t want to get on board with these beautiful works?!

  5. Karen S

    Hey Bec.
    SLICER is my absolute favourite artist at Signed and Numbered. So I am pretty much a neutral loving neat freak who normally loves anything thats in perfect order. I don’t know what it is about the brightly splattered, totally chaotic art he creates but I am in love. I think each time I stare at his pieces I somehow see less chaos and more of the clean cut perfection that I love.
    Thank you x

  6. Tanaya J

    Hi Bec, my favourite artist down at Signed and Numbered is Carley Cornelissen. Her work is rich with colour and extremely creative providing not only great art for my bare walls at home but a great talking point – Carley is passionate about the impact humans have on the enviroment and this shows in Carley’s pieces which contain references to endangered fauna, extinct animals and wildlife at risk. Thanks for the opportunity to win the voucher :)

  7. Nicole W

    Slicer and Vexta both appeal to me as they seem to use colour alongside black to create and intensify their art. Slicer in particular reminds me of the kids I work with at schools who just love using the paint and having fun! They make me smile just like the kids; they’re so vibrant. But honestly, they are all amazing, I’d be lucky to win any of them. xx

  8. Nina B

    I really wish I could choose just 1 favourite… Ghostpatrol and Kaff-eine are my equal favourites. Both of these artists are equally amazing and to be lucky enough to own a piece from each would be an absolute treasure in our home. I walk past an amazing installation by Kaff-eine in Aerosol Alley Windsor each day and it is just such a beautiful sight. My fingers and toes are crossed : x

  9. Renee G

    eeeeeeeep so hard to choose! this is a great website! Love Catherine Campbell and would love to own one of her pieces!

  10. Katrina H

    So many great artists! Close call but I’m really drawn to Philippa Riddiford’s work. I actually came across your blog as I’m also a big fan of Arite Kannavos, and Philippa Riddiford’s work reminds me of Arite’s work with her beautiful, emotive blocks and swirls of colour. I would be absolutely thrilled to have some of Philippa’s art in our new place- I have been spending a long time researching treasures to decorate our walls and this would be perfect. Thanks Bec – love your featuring of amazing Aussie artists :)

  11. Mary Anne P

    I love Carley Cornelissen’s prints. I am a sucker for birds and I love how she combines nature with more graphic elements!

  12. Karli S

    Slicer slicer slicer!! Super amaz, makes me happy and would be an amazing focal point in mine and my partners first apartment. Xx

  13. Maxine F

    KAFF-EINE!!! The first time I went into Signed and Numbered was because ‘Pretty Flamingo’ was staring at me from inside the shop window…I love it and would dearly love it in my house.
    The colours and quirkiness of her drawings are adorable.

  14. Angelika

    On my recent trip to Melb (living in Adelaide) I was very immersed in the culture and the art at every corner. Be it a coffee shop, a gift shop, or a gallery, extensive forms of art are everywhere. Let me tell you, you are very lucky if you are a local!! Looking at the prints of Kareena Zerefos I feel like a child again, her work is so magical, dreamlike and carry a mythological sensation. Her delicate attention to the ink and beautiful curved lines would make any room feel serene and calm. What great talent. Best wishes x x

  15. Emily B

    Moose Allain. The artwork colours compliment the interior colours of my home exactly. I could easily add any of this artwork to any of the rooms in my house and it would add instant warmth. I see the tessolated teddies piece in my new nursery for baby #2’s arrival in November; the blooming heart in our bedroom; or flowers 45 to add a splash of colour in our loungeroom.

  16. Paige R

    A local Artist of my home town, Melbourne.
    His work is symbolic of how my mind works. The chaotic mess and busyness of clashing lines somehow works out to be something beautiful with the lines working in unison and the clashes of bold colour complimenting each other. From his simplicity to his diversity, the connection I gain from his art just makes me happy and at peace.
    Thank You beautiful Bec Xxxxx

  17. Kit C

    Kareena zerefos is my all time fave Signed and Numbered artists. When I had my first baby 3 years ago, my gorgeous hubby surprised me with one of her pieces from her “From the Menagerie” series. We had both fallen in love with the image while browsing in the shop while I was pregnant so I was so pumped to have it up on my wall. THe best (and spookiest) part is that it turns out that my son who was just a new born when we got it, looks so much like the kid in the image! No wonder we were so drawn to it : )

  18. Sharon B

    Philippa Riddiford. She uses the most amazing vibrant pop colors. These immediately uplifts. This is what art is to me – how it makes me feel.

  19. Marisa C

    Although I love many of the Signed and Numbered Artists, my absolute favourite is Jenny Liz Rome! I love how she incorporates photography with watercolour and fine tip pen to digital layer her pieces. I think her work appeals to me as they are quite fashion orientated but with a slight edge! X

  20. Rhiannon B

    Kelly Smith!!
    This girl has been my favorite for so long now. Her illustrations are a beautiful mix of realistic and magical. The detail in the girls she draws remaining in black and white to maintain it’s detail and then adding splashes of colour through water colour is just genius. Her Dior & Samantha Wills collabs are my favorite. I’m lucky enough to have some of the Samantha Will’s cards). Her talent blows my mind!

  21. Rhiannon B

    Kelly Smith!!
    This girl has been my favorite for so long now. Her illustrations are a beautiful mix of realistic and magical. The detail in the girls she draws remaining in black and white to maintain it’s detail and then adding splashes of colour through water colour is just genius. Her Dior & Samantha Wills collabs are my favorite. I’m lucky enough to have some of the Samantha Will’s cards). Her talent blows my mind!

  22. Rosie C

    Absolutely Lurve Carley Cornelissen! Not only is her art simply sublime, it stands for a cause. I was especially moved by her work ‘This isn’t the Problem’. I couldn’t draw my eyes away from this piece. To me, it gave such joy to look at the bright pops of colour however brilliantly reflected the darker side of what may become of this beautiful creature. Definitely a new fave artist for me, thanks Bec! :)

  23. Louise N

    Firstly Bec….thank you for introducing me to this suite!! Watch out next pay check! I believe that when you buy a piece of art you bring a little bit of that artist with you into your home. I am currently trying to create a very positive and upbeat “vibe” within my home. Due to this my favourite artist is Moose Allain. Whist looking at his art i could not help but feel positive, thats a feeling I want others to feel when they enter my home and veiw his pieces!

  24. Ange A

    One word… VEXTA! The pure imagination of this artist is one of the best I’ve seen. The mix of neutrals blended with the sharp pops of bright neons are simply breathtaking! In particular, I could not look away from her ‘In Winged Weather’ print. The edginess of the neon icicles perfectly balances against the calming tones of the winged deer. It soothes and inspires at the same time. Just amazing! Totally can see this hanging on my bedroom wall, love love love! :)

  25. Zoe M

    Slicers contemporary works reminds me of modern day Jackson Pollack pieces! The contrast between the bold and bright colours often used in his works and the simple white backgrounds are eye catching and breathtaking! The chaos and harsh effect of the splashes of colour, many which are calming shades, brightens up any room and unleashes a modern and abstract vibe which complements current decor trends

  26. Maitlin C

    For me, i find Slicer amazing! The colours are so incredible, specially the pink used in all pieces, i can’t stop looking at their work! Would be an ideal piece for any home!

  27. Andrea B

    My favourite artist from Signed and Numbered would have to be Carley Cornelissen.
    Her works with beautiful bright colours of our Australian animals are so full of energy.
    I have also read that Carley likes to source recycled frames and surfaces to reuse. Not only as she is reducing the impact her practice has on the environment, she also loves that she is adding to the history of the frame and giving it new life- How very cool!!

  28. Michelle P

    My favourite artist and print by Catherine Campbell, summarised by way of haiku (Japanese poetry characterised by three qualities):

    Colourful collage
    She’s dressing for a full moon
    This garden is mine

  29. Gabrielle T

    They say that you do not choose art, it chooses you. To say I know nothing about art is an understatement, so while scrolling through signed and numbered I was not trying to search for an artist, but more waiting for something to catch my eye. Then I came across Kareena Zerefos. Her art is so very Sass and Bide circa 2004/5, remember the antlers and birds! (I told you I knew nothing about art, so lets compare it to fashion!) her art is very whimsical, dreamy and enchanting in an Alice in Wonderland kind of way.

  30. Sara-Jade C

    Absolutely love the Slicer. Love the POP of colour. We have just moved house and it would be perfect for my hallway. I would a beautiful canvas for that space…! Love finding a new Artist!

  31. George G

    It would have to be Slicer with Makatron being a very close second. At first glance Slicer’s work seems chaotic, but after taking a step back one notices how each seemingly random component builds on top of the other to form a unified masterpiece.

  32. Rachel M

    Makatron. The whale cloud scape print is so calming. I love that Mike’s message is to stay connected to the animal within us, and he helped paint the Berlin wall – cool. This print would be an amazing addition to my baby’s nursery, its an inspiring piece of art.

  33. Bridie C

    My favourite artist is Philippa Riddiford – absolutely love her use of bright colours juxtaposed against soft pastels and neutrals, would be a treat to have one of her works brighten up our home :)
    (ps. a big congratulations on the news of your impending arrival, how exciting!)

  34. Sheri H

    My absolute favourite is slicer. I’ve got a muted grey and black palette at home, with heaps of windows, and think that Circle and Line would be the perfect pop of colour to brighten things up.

  35. Emma S

    Philippa Riddiford is my favourite. I love the abstract shapes & colours that she uses. As the colours in my home are rather neutral and monochromatic, a Philippa Riddiford print would be the perfect way to add that POP of colour!

  36. Rebecca B

    Natalie Martin! Creature Comforts would be the most beautiful addition to a room that already has a splash of colour. I love the detail of it and the muted colours. Thanks for introducing me to such a great site, I can’t wait to get down to their showroom and pick out some gorgeous prints :)

  37. Anita Y

    Thankyou so much for alerting me to this site & company. We are in the process of building our new how and I have been looking for something special to brighten up the white walls. My only problem now is choosing something as I love a number of the artists. However Moose Allain’s works really stood out to me, his drawings and use of colour would defiantly make my white walls pop!

  38. Bec T

    It would have to be Slicer! I have been stalking their ‘Wild Pink’ print online for a little while now- it would look fantastic in the newly painted white walls of my room! It would give it a bit of omphh when someone walks in! I love the vivid colours and abstract, graffiti like print, it really captures the eye of everyone! I think the Slicer print would be able to give add to the mood of my own little ‘slice’ of heaven in my family’s house…my bedroom!

  39. Kelly S

    THIRTY60 – Beautifully uplifting piece of the cat with horns. Would suit any home and all frames would work well with them. Very different.

  40. Andrea M

    Vexta! Even if your house was made of only white walls, all you would need is a Vexta piece! Vibrant, inspiring and killer to know that a street artist can do her thing and have her designs communicate well through different mediums.

  41. Cam M

    Will Coles. He takes hamburgers, mobile phones, crushed cans, balaclavas & casts them into sculptures and leaves them around the city to be found. Makes you think about these things in a totally new light. Very hard to find. Sculpture graffiti!

  42. Penelope L

    I adore singed and numbered they stock some amazing works but my favourite would have to be the pieces by SLICER with her clean cut lines, abstract forms and bright color schemes they are perfect. I’ve just moved into my first apartment and having some artwork to put on the walls would be a dream come true! Loving the blog and your work on Nine, your amazing and inspiring so keep up the good work! I also just heard about your new baby news so congratulations to you, Juddy and Oscar, all the best x

  43. margaret ellen b

    playing favourites on Vexta.
    In a league of her own – intriguing and powerful work with depth that plunges way past the surface of the paint. I’m a sucker for her beautiful dark worlds laced with neon brights. Xx

  44. Hannah W

    Vexta’s beautiful work lights up an alleyway in Darlinghurst on a mechanics wall. I just love it, and it enchants my six year old daughter as well.

  45. Kendall M

    Slicer gets my vote! My taste in art has progressed and changed in the past years, and Slicer is a perfect compliment to my personality and taste! We are starting renovations after I hand up my thesis in August and a new art piece would be a perfect gift to myself and start for our renos!

  46. Lucy B

    Philipa Riddiford. Her bright abstract prints immediately brighten up my mood and make me smile. Browsing through these prints it’s easy to see the attention to detail, mixture of mediums and love Phillipa uses in each work of art. These prints would transform my dull living room walls to an visual, artistic statement and create an attraction point in any home.

  47. Kate G

    Easy – Vexta. Her piece “Until the night is over” takes pride of place in our living room. I love her use of semi-nudity and birds and the fact her pieces literally jump off the wall in an explosion of neon and silver. Love.Love.Love

  48. Mel H

    O M G love S L I C E R and W I L D P I N K is my fave – all my arty farty friends laugh at my bare walls, one of these would shut them up pretty quick ! ! ! X O

  49. Monique L

    Monique Lockett
    Slicer! l have a 9 year old son who is a budding artist who is obsessed with graffiti art. He loves to point out the difference between good and bad graffiti when we are driving around Melbourne. He says its all in the colour mum good graffiti is beautiful! l would love him to have a real artist’s work to hang in his room.


    I absolutely love the works of Amy Howard. I find her pieces to represent fantasy in the real world. Very easily can I relate each of her pieces to my family and friends and sometimes even the may faces and emotions of me!

  51. Emma B

    You ask me who’s my favourite Signed and Numbered artist and why. Unfortunately I cant tell you as I have more than one! I come across Signed and Numbered last week as I am on the hunt for the “perfect piece of artwork” for my birthday – of course this would be hung as a prised possession in my hallway for all to admire and envy. My first love is from “Jenny Liz Rome” – Bear # 2 – She is the women every girl wants to be and the girl every guy wants. She exudes sex appeal, she’s glamorous and edgy. My other love is “Slicer” – Wild Pink – It is a bold, interesting, attention seeking piece, and stands out from the crowd. Both pieces are on opposite sides of the spectrum, and both scream “Must have piece” for art collectors of any kind.

  52. Sarah W

    Vexta! The bold colours mixed with the physical characters in this collection manages to evoke a different emotion/feeling every time one looks at the prints. Pure magic and talent.

  53. Anita P

    My favourite Signed and Numbered artist is SLICER. For the street art, urban, vibrant and simplistic style. The balance between chaos, energy, lines and orderliness is perfect for my living room.

  54. Jaccinta M

    My favourite is Slicer. Between the bright colour palette, contemporary feel and explosive use of medium on print. Something I would normally ever go for, I love that Slicer is a graffiti artist, It must be his use of crazy/chaotic application of acrylic paints which left me instantly transfixed to his works. Somehow these just work, to me they are crazy yet harmonised, perhaps a bit like me! Well done Slicer, you have converted a non-graffiti artist lover!

  55. Jing Jing G

    My favourite Signed and Numbered artist is Vexta. Her psychedelic and colourful fantasy-like artwork allow my mind to wonder, take me back to an Alice in Wonderland kind of childhood, imbue me with creativity and fantasy just looking at her pieces. I would enjoy hours of looking at her artwork and allowing them to inspire me to dream and write. Truly a priceless addition to any lounge room!

  56. fiona j

    Jenny Liz Rome. So strong and bold yet delicate and feminine at the same time. Her favoured use of a monochrome pallet works with almost any interior space. Ah-mazing.

  57. Kate B

    I adore so many of the Signed + Numbered artists, but my favourite has to be Miso. I’ve been a fan of her paste-ups around Melbourne for a long time and I’m totally stoked to see some of her art for sale. I love her use of dreamy colours, surreal scenes and fluid lines, and the juxtaposition of nature and urban-ness that she is playing with in some of her prints. Also awesome to see so many female street artists featured at S+N, and listed as peoples’ faves in the comments here. There’s so much talent out there! Wonderful!

  58. Rhiannon M

    It has to be CLARE TOMS! Love her use of monochromatic tones, but adds edge to the art with the use skulls. I will definitely be popping into Signed and Numbered for art for my new home. Also love supporting local artists!! xxx

  59. Vicki P

    IAN MUTCH! His art is amazing, and has a dreamy quality that takes my breath away. His work easily translates to many different spaces, and provides more versatility than most. Also, as a fellow Western Australian, I love to support the local talent :)

  60. Natalie A

    Absolutely SLICER! The graffiti art is so vibrant and energetic, I love the splashes of colour which definitely ad the wow factor to any space

  61. breanna f

    My loves comes from my first purchase from Signed and Numbered named ‘Teadrops’ by Rigby, this started my obsession with this extraordinarily talented women who, through the use of abstact, colour and imagination creates beautiful pieces that suit my eclectic style and taste.

  62. Kate W

    KELLY SMITH – For her artistic brilliance – mixing the ethereal and dreamy with kaleidoscopic colour and fashion brilliance. An incredible range of talent. But at the end of the day, in my mind I am the swan queen ;)

  63. Katie S

    Definitely Kelly Smith! Her artworks provide beauty to any room, especially with her use of soft monochrome sketches with pops of watercolour washes. The detail she creates is incredible, and her style suits any interior design which makes her art even more appealing.

  64. Celia M

    I absolutely love Slicer. I am a bit of a fan of grafitti art in general, but I just adore the use of colour in Slicer’s work and the incredible (and differing) energy of each piece. It’s the (rare) type of art where everyone responds differently to it and sees different things in it (kinda like an amazingly beautiful inkblot haha – though wouldn’t use it to perform psychological assessments on everyone who steps over my threshold). Love it!

  65. Kate B

    VEXTA = i love the neon colour combos and urban mythology imagery she creates.
    The mirrored prints A SWEET DEATH SHARDS I & II would make all my artwork dreams come true! xx

  66. Zoe M

    Loving Philippa Riddiford’s work!! The colour combinations she uses are amazing and very on trend. These prints would not only brighten up any room but would create a focal point for visitors wherever it was placed!

  67. Christie M

    Vexta, I just love your art – they’ve really taken to my heart.
    Without your paintings in my house – it doesn’t look as grouse.
    With the enormity of colour shining bright, you sure know how to excite.
    I hope to win the 5 hundred…so I never would have wondered.
    Definitely need to add another one or ‘few’ to the gang…
    I just might know already where they’ll hang.

  68. Jacqueline D

    Vexta’s work is definitely my favorite, it’s so modern and edgy and I love the colours used, I would be very happy to have a piece of their art on my wall!

  69. Summer S

    I love Vexta – amazing dreamlike images and neon colours that seem to put out a happy vibe and make me smile. I have just moved into my first home with my fiance and have been lusting after the Vexta artwork to lift the walls :).

  70. Callie M

    Hey Bec, I absolutely love Carley Cornelissen’s vibrant and fresh style! Her work could simply be used as a fun and cute animal piece for a child’s bedroom or to brighten up any plain space but I would display it in my lounge room to try to bring an element of nature and playfulness to my home. Xx

  71. Kate M

    Thanks for directing me to this website – in LOVE with all of these artworks! Especially the dynamic Philippa Riddiford prints and the stunning IMAGINARY SOLUTIONS print by Vexta – With so many to choose from I’m sure these would look right at home on the walls of my new apartment! Will definitely be making some purchases and recommending to friends! X

  72. Sabrina G

    I Adore Vexta! I was never really into art until i discovered vextas creations and now i cannot get enough of the bright happy colours and the technique used to execute each image. Thanks Vexta for opening my mind and my heart to the world of Art.

  73. Caitlin W

    I had never even heard of signed and numbered until you IG this comp! And oh boy do they have a wealth of talent over at their stables! With the likes of Amy Howard, Kelly Smith, Bec Winnel and Jenny Liz Rome capturing my eye, I cannot go past Ghostpatrol as my favourite artist. An artist after my own heart, my perception of the underlying depth in the simplicity of his work really intrigues me. I love the childhood playfulness I perceive in it too! He should be proud.

  74. Elise B

    I love Vexta! A recent fan myself only having discovered her work a few months ago – they went straight onto the wish list! Love the mix of the colours with the surreal images. Would love the voucher to spice up a few lacklustre walls at my place! Elise

  75. Telicia S

    Hi Rebecca! My favourite has to be Vexta. I am from Canberra and on a recent trip to Melbourne I just happened to walk past the Signed and numbered store. I fell in love with Vexta and especially loved the Circle & Line piece that was hanging in the window. The neon colours really stood out to me and I thought it was gorgeous. Unfortunately in Canberra it is hard to find art like this I would LOVE to have a piece of this beautiful art in my home. xx

  76. Elisha C

    Hi Bec,
    My favourite Sligned and Numbered artist is ‘Slicer’. Each piece is the perfect balance between monochrome and a pop of colour – Classic yet playful!

  77. Cassie C

    Signed and Numbered has an amazing collection of artists but I have always been a huge fan of Vexta. Her pieces just jump off the wall/page with the mixture of bright neon shards and detailed human and skeletal figures. Her attention to detail is impeccable and colour palette is so spot on. Her pieces brighten up even the darkest of days, and the coloured shards lighten the harshness of the naked figures and skeletons. I cannot go past the combo of neon and skulls and absolutely love her piece on Hosier lane of the skull crying neon shard tears. Vexta’s work is so inspiring and I would love to add another few pieces to my collection!!

  78. Madeleine N

    Signed and Numbered has a number of incredicble artists although my favourite would have to be Vexta!. Her art is fab and delivers the WOW factor instantly. I love colourful art like Vexta’s as I have quite a natural pallette in my design style and I like to be a little crazier on the colour side with paintings, cushions etc. Her paintings introduce an electricity, beam happiness and evoke imagination. I would adore a piece of her artwork in my living room!

  79. Michelle M

    Hi Rebecca,
    My favourite Signed and Numbered artist is ‘Vexta’. I absolutely LOVE her neon soaked pieces and simple, yet striking sketches. My home is mostly styled with monochromatic tones, so that pop of colour from Vexta’s pieces would be the perfect addition to my walls! It’s so difficult to choose just one piece, as they are all so special and beautiful!
    x Michelle

  80. Claudia B

    I love Slicer! Colourful and vibrant yet confronting. Truly statement pieces which would look perfect over my neutral sofa ;) x