Ask Bec- Bridesmaid dresses

I receive countless emails every week asking for me to recommend bridesmaid dress ideas and the reason I’ve never answered the topic is because I’ve never really found any that I liked. If you’ve seen my wedding pics you’d know that I prefer full length gowns for bridesmaid dresses so imagine my delight when I came across George evening wear. The gowns are long but the best part is, they offer all of the styles shown in a wide variety of colours- black, white, navy and grey with a few pastel hues thrown in for good measure. They are around the $400-700 mark which isn’t too bad given the length and the beauty in them. If you’re after a cheaper option, then George do lots of shorter styles too around the $300-400 mark. They are very ‘bridesmaid appropriate’ but not in a daggy way, moreso in a really gorgeous, elegant way (well I think so anyway).

Go here for details.

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  1. Ani N

    Do you have any recommendations in the $300-400 price range for long dresses. Those dresses are amazing but I have 5 bridesmaid so slightly out of my budget!