Ask Bec- Bridesmaid dresses

Question from Natalie Smith: Hi Bec I really need your help! I hate a lot of colour but I LOVED your bridesmaid dresses. What colour were they? Please help!

Answer: Good question! Ummm, they were kind of mauve, grey and a hint of white. J’Aton had some material specifically dyed to make the dresses and made sure it had a mix of those tones through it. They designed each bridesmaids’ dress in a silhouette which would suit their body shape as they were all really different body types (as we all are) and we wanted to make sure each lady felt a million bucks in a style that suited her the best.

My personal preference for bridesmaid dress colours are muted tones or neutrals. I find bold colour can be risky, especially when you look back on those hot pink/yellow/electric blue etc. dresses in 10 years time and go “what on earth was I thinking?!”

So my fave bridesmaid colours would be black, white, dark navy, slate grey, light grey, mauve or a very dusky pink.


Image credits: Jennifer Stenglein

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  1. Kobi D

    Hi Bec! You looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day. I love, love, love your lipstick colour! Can you tell me which colour you used? I am getting married in October. Thanks :)