Ask Bec- My favourite make-up artists and where to book them

Question from Natalie Smith: Hi Bec So sorry if you have already repeated this a few times. I would love to know who did your beautiful wedding make-up? I would love it if you could also provide a few of your top favourites for make-up artists for weddings! Thanks!

Answer: Hi, I used Paddy Puttock for my wedding make up- she’s amazing. I use Paddy for a lot of red carpet events and she also shoots my Paul Bram campaigns and did my Rokk Ebony campaign. I also use some other great make-up artists regularly who I have listed below and I’ve also shown some of the work they’ve done on me. I love them all equally so if you are lucky enough to book any of them, you’ll be in safe hands. Please click on bolded name of artist to take you to their contact info.

Paddy Puttock Melbourne

 Chantelle Baker Melbourne: J’Aton campaign, Logies, Alan Border Medal.



Blanka Dudas Melbourne: Alan Border Medal 2012

Hendra Widjaja Perth: One of my go-to Perth artists and arguably the best make-up artist in the entire country!

Carol Mackie Perth: My other Perth favourite who is also the head trainer for MAC Cosmetics

There are also 2 ladies who I work with at Channel 9 in Melbourne who I adore- Renee Camilleri (check out her instagram @ghtbyrenee) and Kristina Simeoni (contact us at RJL if you want her details)

In Sydney, I love Stoj Bulic and Liz Kelsh.

Image credits: Jennifer Stenglein, Elizabeth Kinnaird, Steven Chee, Sunday Times Magazine.

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  1. Amanda S

    Bec each photo is gorgeous! You look stunning in all.
    Do you know what foundation you are wearing with Hendra? I love the dewy finish. Thank you.