How to get the perfect GHD wave- a hair tutorial

I am constantly inundated with questions relating to how I do my hair when it’s in the wavy style that I so often wear. Sometimes I use a medium, round barrel tong (like in this post here about dirty gym hair to beachy waves in less than 10 minutes) and other times I use a thick GHD tong. When I’m in a rush, which is most of the time, I’ll usually go for the GHD because I can style my hair with this tool in record time! I’ve got it down to a fine art. I hope you enjoy the video (Ps. Please excuse my ugg boots, lack of make-up and dodgy bathroom filming! #boganesque)


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  1. Susie D

    Hi Bec, where is this jumper from? Been dying to find it for months now after seeing it on Rachel Bilson – please help! Thank you x

  2. Carmen H

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Best tutorial I’ve ever sermon getting gorgeous waves. Where is your dress from in the pic? I love it!

  3. Julia N

    Thank you for this great video! You’re a natural teacher and great with instructions. Would love to see your makeup & skin care routine :)

  4. Laura M

    Thanks for sharing this! I have a very impatient 8 month old so it is great to know I can still get my hair looking great (and in a style other than a ponytail or bun) in next to no time!