Christopher Boots- ridiculously kool lights

I first heard about this kool dude through

Then his name popped up again the other week when I was doing a site visit at the new house we’re building. I was discussing with my interiors stylist, Heather Nette King, what to do with this big, bloody bay window in the Good Front Room (GFR). You can see in the pic above that it is a huge window which juts out over the garage below on the ground floor of the house. Initially I didn’t think the window would be so deep but we measured it and it’s actually 1.5m deep! Whoah. So I was thinking that we really need to make it something special- like turn it in to a comfy nook to read books, or to catch some rays of sunshine on a cold winter’s day while chilling with a cuppa and watching the world go by. Hmmm…… So Heather suggested we place some huge, jewel toned, custom made cushions in the bay window (to pick up on the colours of my Miranda Skozcek piece on the opposite wall, see here) ¬†and have a feature pendant light hanging within it- GENIUS! She suggested having a look at Christopher Boots’ work and I instantly knew I’d seen his stuff before. How unique!

A little background on the GFR- as most of our house will be very slick and monochrome, I wanted the GFR to be a little crazier on the colour side. After all, it is the fancy room at the front of the house that is only really used on special occasions and I want it to have some serious WOW factor. I told Heather,”go to town on it, get you creative juices flowing.”

So now I just need to decide on the Christopher Boots piece to hang in the window. I think I like the Prometheus the most (top pic). Decisions, decisions….

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  1. Lisa E

    PS. I really like the staircase in your existing house (have seen pics from instagram) with the wire cables – do you have a contact who did these?
    Thanks Lisa

  2. Lisa E

    thanks for sharing this – i have fallen in love with the prometheus one (the small size) and going to see christopher on the weekend. Will look great in the entrance of our home – Lisa x

  3. Megan B

    Hi Rebecca, I love the 2nd pendant.. WOW was I surprised when I called Christopher Boots to get a price.. SO expensive maybe if I won the lotto :-(

    1. I haven’t called yet. I’m scared! Will buzz him next week and let you know how I go. I just want the Prometheus in the small size, 45cm diameter. Wish me luck x