J’Aton Couture- My 2nd wedding dress, Keisha on Steroids

All images by Jennifer Stenglein www.jenniferstenglein.com 

FINALLY!!! I hear you all say- haha, been stringing it out a bit haven’t I?

My wedding reception dress Keisha-on-steroids is the wedding dress I lusted over for years, long before I was even engaged- yep crazy lady. If you’ve read the story about my wedding ceremony dress (The Rebecca Gown here) you will know how this design by J’Aton came about. But in a nutshell, Keisha (the original version named after Keisha Whitaker who wore it to the Oscar’s in 2008) is one of J’Aton’s best sellers (and most copied!) and I obsessed over this dress for yonks. The J’Aton boys talked me out of wearing it down the aisle as they said I needed to wear something that I had never done before and to look like a bride (not like I was going to the Brownlow) and therefore they designed me a big white princess dress in The Rebecca Gown (I still feel like a tool writing that but that’s what they called it so that’s what I’ll roll with).

So, extremely lucky me had Keisha on Steroids made to slip into for my first dance and to boogie the rest of the night away in as it was much lighter and more comfortable than The Rebecca Gown. We added the ‘on steroids’ part to the end of the name as it was more heavily embellished than the original with different beads, curves in opposing places and more detail with criss-crossed laces. It was as if the original Keisha did a Lance Armstrong and was a faster, stronger, slicker, more pumped up version of it’s former self! If you look really closely at the detail you’ll see what I mean- how ridiculously amazing are The Boys?

The idea was that after dinner and the speeches had finished I’d quickly go and change from The Rebecca Gown into Keisha on Steroids. The first dance would then be announced and I’d walk out in my new dress. However, because it was so freakin’ hot in Melbourne that day (40 degrees) and I was 10 weeks pregnant, I was not feeling the best in my 30kg Rebecca Gown and so I had to change out of it a little earlier than expected, straight after the professional photos were taken.

While I didn’t get to enjoy my Rebecca Gown for as long as I’d hoped, I got to enjoy Keisha on Steroids all night. Given it was a hot steamy night outside, it was the perfect dress.

The Keisha on Steroids was such a hit that it featured in The White Wedding Dress exhibition at The Bendigo Art Gallery in 2011 and also starred in a wedding dress scenario in the famed windows of my favourite Department store in the world, Bergdorf Goodman! YES!

The Boys have had great success with this dress and to me it really epitomises the J’Aton design aesthetic. At the moment it is residing in their showroom but when our new house is built I’ll have to display it somewhere awesome, any suggestions?

Lastly, someone emailed me and asked if J’Aton make evening gowns to order and cocktail dresses like my polo dress (here) and not just wedding dresses. The answer is yes. They are pricey as everything is hand made (couture) but they are INCREDIBLE. I am hoping and praying for the day that The Boys do a ready-to-wear collection that is accessible to all around the world. They really want to do it, let’s hope it eventuates and soon.

To have your own version of Keisha made or any other J’Aton dress, visit www.jatoncouture.com

My Keisha on Steroids sketch by J’Aton Couture

Initial fittings and pinnings, trying to work out where to put what. This is one of the first layers.

J’Aton Couture campaign shot by Jennifer Stenglein www.jenniferstenglein.com I was 4 months pregnant and we couldn’t do the back up!



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  1. Stunning dress, you look amazing in it!

    Ive seen somewhere that they had their dress framed and hung it up inside thier walk in wardrobe. It looked pretty amazing.

  2. Prue M

    Ohhhh WOW! This dress (or should I say masterpiece!) is just divine. You IN the dress – breathtaking!!! You really looked stunning. I have the best memories of my wedding dress fittings in that magical little place, those boys are truly amazing :)) Thanks for sharing these pics x

  3. Your whole day was perfection Bec. This gown is absolutely amazing on you as is the Rebecca. You’d never know you were 4 months pregnant in those shots, wow :)

    Thanks for sharing your special day with us, hoping we might get a little more….??