With Christmas right around the corner (woohoo), I simply can’t wait! You all know how much I love spending time with my family and Christmas is always one of those special days filled with family time, sun, seafood and laughter.

Being such a busy mum with a crazy schedule and juggling my career, loving husband and my four children Next is the perfect one-stop-shop for the whole family. What I really love about Next is the uncompromised quality and affordable prices, I know I can shop the site on Monday morning and have an outfit for the whole family, ready to go, by the weekend.

I absolutely loved filming ‘Christmas with Judds’ with Next, it was so much fun! I love working with my family and we captured exactly what we do for Christmas day so it was great! We do have a typical Aussie Christmas filled with presents, lunch and playing in the pool.

I really love the offering this season at Next, see below for some of my favourite pieces for the whole family.


Billie’s dress Oscar’s T-shirtNext_Image_8 copy_doneBec’s kimono Chris’s shorts

Next_Image_2 copy_done

Billie’s cat pyjamasNext_Image_7 copy_done

Bec’s swimsuit Tom and Darcy’s shark swim vestNext_Image_10 copy_done

Darcy and Tom’s shirt onesieNext_Image_12_doneBec’s dress  Chris’s shirt Billie’s dress  Oscar’s shirt Tom and Darcy’s shirt onesie

Next_Image_15_doneBec’s dress  Billie’s dress 

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