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Hands up those of us who have mentioned holidaying with a baby to be met with an amused reply along the lines of “Oh really? Good luck!” The thought of travelling with a baby doesn’t have to make you want to run for the hills if you follow the good ol’ boy scouts motto, ‘be prepared’. Whether it’s travelling by a plane, train or car thankfully there’s plenty of products, ideas and genuinely sound advice to make things a bit easier on you and your little one. To give you a hand we’ve come up with what we think is a pretty nifty list of 20 tips for travelling with a baby.

Written by Jade Just – Contributing Travel Editor.

  1. Did you know that you can hit up your stopover airport for a pram if you’ve handed yours over as check-in luggage? Many airports have transit prams including Singapore’s, which has just been voted the world’s best!
  2. Trying to figure out if your baby is eligible for a plane bassinet can be the biggest pain in the butt. Thankfully there’s a handy website here, with a chart for each airline and their criteria.
  3. Keep antibacterial wipes in a handy spot in your baby bag – they’re a much easier option than liquid sanitiser on planes and trains.2
  4. CoziGos (cover image, and images above) are a lifesaver! “Cozi whaaaat?” we hear you ask. They’re a sleep and sun cover, and are awesome for blocking out screen light and cabin light from above aeroplane baby bassinets. Grab one at Baby Bunting here (alternatively you can hire one – check with your local baby hire shop).
  5. Hydration is such a big part of a great milk supply if you’re breast feeding. Don’t forget to bring an empty water bottle on the plane and ask the cabin crew can fill it up for you onboard (a much better option than asking for a bazillion cups of water).
  6. If you’re bringing your baby bag as hand luggage be sure to pack a nappy wallet that carries the bare essentials (nappies, baby wipes, change pad), which will make nappy changes much easier as it’s tight squeeze in a plane toilet as it is!
  7. Booking accommodation seems easy…just book a hotel room, right? Bear in mind that if your baby is sleeping in your room then once they’re down it can be easy to disturb them. Consider booking an Airbnb with two rooms instead.
  8. A change of time zone (and routine) can be super hard for your bub and their routine but getting them outdoors as much as possible during the day can help them adjust quickly. 1
  9. Nappy bags can be exxy but jeez they’re so worth it! If you’re big on organisation the Budu baby bag will be right up your alley, and thankfully the leather survives spews and milk spills! You can find them here.
  10. Long car trips can be made much harder with toys that are constantly being dropped in the seat well. It’s a good idea to opt for magnetic puzzles and toys instead!
  11. Headed to Europe? Thankfully most countries are linked by train! Before you book a flight check out what trains are going to your destination too…there might be a longer travel time but at least you don’t need to factor in baggage collection or pesky check-ins.
  12. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good baby carrier! Be sure to try out your baby carrier for lengthy periods well in advance, and what might feel great for a friend might not be ideal for you, so always test before buying or hiring.3
  13. Are you headed on a tropical getaway? Mosquitos can be fierce and stick on patches (ideal for newborns) make keeping them at bay super easy. Available at Chemist Warehouse online here and also in store.
  14. If you’re planning on getting in the thick of a crowd while abroad (soccer game, concert, festival…) then noise cancelling headphones can come in handy, like these ones here. Try to get your baby used to them in the weeks leading up to your trip though!
  15. Heading on a road trip? Plan a stop at a town with a playground and toilets close by, that way toddlers can wear themselves out and hopefully have a nap once they’re back in the car.IMG_5969
  16. If you’re having a beachside holiday a beach shelter should be on your list, and as nerdy as it seems it’s FAR better than a sunburned bub. BCF have a great range that are UPF 50+ including the Wanderer Panama here.
  17. Unfortunately baggage handlers aren’t always super careful with your pram. Consider leaving your nice pram at home and grab a cheaper option when you’ve reached your destination.
  18. Are you heading away for more than a few days? Before booking, it’s a good idea to check if accommodation is close to a supermarket where you can stock up on essentials (nappies, Panadol, baby wipes, food) to avoid bringing everything with you.
  19. The air pressure during take off and landing isn’t fun on little ears! If you can encourage your baby to mimic a sucking motion (breastfeed/dummy/bottle) during the ascent and descent it will help relieve the pressure. For toddlers, if you’re looking for a last resort you could also try a mini lollipop.
  20. By now you may have realised how much there is to take. We recommend hiring what you can from your destination. It may cost you a few extra dollars but it’s well worth it to avoid packing everything and the kitchen sink, and trying to wrestle it all to your accommodation.

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