Say PEACE! Posters.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on a wonderful cause where beautiful artwork is the catalyst to provide help to a war torn Nation’s people who’s daily battle for life is a far cry from the simple pleasures we take for granted everyday. When we heard about the beautiful Say Peace posters we wanted to help spread the word.

Say Peace is a new initiative founded by Erin Neale and Tara Pearce (of Erin & Tara) who have created an online gallery of uplifting imagery in the form of beautiful art prints, donated by celebrated Australian photographers all wanting to help develop an artistic form of donation to this cause. Say Peace gathers together artists hoping to counter photography of violence and destruction with imagery celebrating beauty and light. The goal being a creative and personalised way to contribute to a catastrophic crisis.

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Erin Neale with her art print titled ‘Stars’.


“We we’re finding the continued devastation unfolding in Syria particularly surreal and hard to comprehend, as an instinctual reaction to the heartbreaking photography emerging, a swift collaboration has been formed, drawing together kindred creatives, desperate to help” says Tara.

Artists including Brooke HolmTom BlachfordTom Ross and lead vocalist of The Amity Affliction Joel Birch to name a few.

Art prints are available in a limited edition of 50 as magnificent A1 posters (think super affordable, large scale art for your wall) with 100% of profits going directly to aid the people of Aleppo. The collection can be viewed here Say Peace! Posters  with all prints only $149 and all can be purchased online.

Read the full interview with Co-Founder Erin Neale below…

Words by Aimee Tarulli, Interiors Editor. See more of my work at Archer Interiors here and follow me on instagram here.

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‘New Beginnings’ by Lara Mahony


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‘Iceland’ by Brooke Holm

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‘Mas Amour’ by Say Hola

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‘Stigma’ by Teneil Kable

Dreams by Tara Pearce

‘Dreams’ by Tara Pearce

Erin Neale ( Co­founder ) shared her thoughts with us…

1) What inspires you to shoot?

Capturing beauty or lightheartedness, in unexpected places or fleeting moments is an amazing feeling. That distillation of raw energy and emotion into a single photograph, a memory you can keep and share forever. It never gets old.

2) What keeps you shooting? / What keeps you behind the lens?

I love the idea of taking photographs for people, knowing that in years to come they will be shown to their children and grandchildren. Documenting memories that will spark the imagination of a future generation. A generation who will be curious about their family and their history in years to come. It’s a fascinating, beautiful, exciting process. I cannot believe it’s my ‘job’. I am very lucky to be able to support my family through my wedding photography business, so that keeps me working hard.

3) Tell us about the story behind your photograph?

I live in the country, I actually bought the house I grew up in and moved my family here from Melbourne. After returning, I remembered being young and walking outside at night just to look up at the sky. Here, there are no big lights to outshine the stars. It’s so beautiful and expansive, it blows my mind. It also realigns my thinking, it’s the ultimate leveller, something about its infinite scale restores all perspective. How small we are. How lucky we are to live beneath it. I love that I now have an image of my night sky.

4) What was it about this crisis and this collaboration, that resonated?

(There are so many horrific events worldwide…why this one? What did the images of Syria stir in you? Why art versus a pure financial donation? What do you hope most for the people of Syria?)
It came from an overwhelming feeling of needing to do something, with an ongoing effect. I hope we don’t just stop thinking about Aleppo because it’s been replaced by ‘newer news’ .

When I saw the images, when I heard the stories ­ all those beautiful people, their families, their new born babies ­my heart just broke. Thinking of it again now, it is so breathtakingly sad, so horrifying. I think as a parent it’s instinctual to project a little in that scenario, and to imagine my own children in that same situation ­ it’s beyond anything I can comprehend. I can’t imagine what the mothers of those children are going through. And so I hope, in some small way, to help.


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