Marks And Spencer launches in AUS- yippee! (SP)

Ahhhhh, I think we can all attest to having a nice memory of M & S or Marks and Sparks as it was affectionately known to my girlfriends and I. Wind back the clock ten years when half of my girlfriends moved to Melbourne and the other half moved to London. From that point on the Aussie based girls would receive M & S care packages from our London based besties every birthday or Christmas which would surprise and delight us. Think weird pig lollies, sweet knickers, cute character sockets and more.

Imagine my delight when I finally visited a M & S store only 15 months ago and was astounded by the selection of basics, fashion pieces and cool kids gear- such great stuff, affordable and so different to what we are used to choosing from at home (snow storm onesie suits people!!!). The options were endless……

Fast forward to now and I was ecstatic to represent M & S at the launch of their Australian online store in Sydney last week. The event was STUNNING! M & S had completely taken over a house and styled it to perfection in every way imaginable. From cushions, toys, stationary, candles and cutlery, to glassware, ornaments, fashion pieces, shoes and accessories. It really was THE house of M & S and boy did it look schmick. Guests were able to meander through the house, room by room, taking in all that M & S had to offer.

My favourite room? The wardrobe of course!

Enjoy the launch party pics and to experience the Australian M & S online store for yourself, head to

MandS1 MandS2 MandS3 MandS4

MandS5 MandS6 MandS7 MandS8 MandS9

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