Ask Bec- what did you pack in your maternity hospital bag?

Packing a maternity hospital bag is an exciting thing to do as it means you are getting close to meeting your bub. With Oscar and Billie I packed their bags around the 36 week mark so I was ready to go, particularly as they were both head down and fully engaged from early on in my pregnancies.

Below is a list of things I packed. If you don’t want to purchase the Bundle bag then the contents of these gives you a great idea of what you should be looking out for. I highly recommend the Bundle Bags though if you have the funds- they are great value and just gorgeous.

– Bundle Bag: I was sent one of these from the Bundle company before having Billie and it has some great stuff in it- I would advise you to get the ‘Mum Bundle’ and the ‘4 day bundle’. The mum bundle contains: maternity pads, nursing pads, nipple balm, lavender mist, hydrogel breast discs, lip balm, hot/cold pack, jelly beans, travel minis for women, colgate travel essentials and a laundry bag.

The 4 day bundle for bub contains: organic singlets, organic swaddle wraps, organic coveralls in a range of sizes as you don’t know if bub is going to be small, average or on the bigger size when they are born, beanie, burping cloths, nappy cream, massage oil, nappy bags, eco nappies, change mats, dummies, wipes and a laundry bag.

Head to to check them out

– Cell Care Box here: We were banking Billie’s cord blood and tissue so you need to take this into the delivery suite with you.

– SRC recovery shorts here: Pop them on after delivering to aid your abdominal separation and to tell your tummy muscles where they need to go back to after being stretched to the max for the last 9 months!

– Metamucil (you get the picture).

– Peter Alexander here and Rebecca Peace here Pj’s: Perfect for feeds as they have buttons down the front.

– 8 pairs of Nanna Knickers in Black: You need big knickers to support your big maternity pads (pleasant huh?!) and black is best as there is a lot of craziness happening ‘down there’ after you have a bub that it can get a tad umm, messy. TMI!

– 4 Nursing bras: I find the Triumph ones the comfiest here

– Clothes: Loose trackie pants, flat shoes, kookai singlets, baggy jumpers.

Another tip: Wash and blow dry your hair before you go in as you’re not going to be in any state to tend to it for the 4 or so days that you’re in hospital. If you go in with clean hair it will stay relatively fresh for your entire admission. If you have a sweaty labour make sure you pack dry shampoo here.


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  1. Cheryl P

    Hi Bec, thank you for your wonderful blog! I was wondering if you had any good recommendations for baby/nappy bags?

  2. Angie

    The Bundle bags are a really good baby shower gift!

    I packed a couple of Endota skin care products to make me feel a little bit more fab!