The Cottesloe Beach Hotel aka The Cott

All images used with permission from The Cottesloe Beach Hotel

Ahhhh the good old Cott aint what it used to be, talk about a serious make over!

Most Perth people have a personal story about The Cott- a stumble down the limestone steps in the beer garden in front of a capacity crowd, a pash and dash, a blossoming romance (Juddy and I met here), a close encounter in the RnB room with some peeps who are bumping and grinding a little too hard (my girls, you know who you are). Who could forget the bus to Clubba afterwards or late night dashes to Fresh Provisions? Ahhh those were the BEST days! The venue’s Sunday Sessions were absolutely legendary in the naughties. People would queue for hours, hundreds of metres along Marine Parade for the chance to embark on a Cott adventure. I have such fond memories of my frequent visits to these Sunday sessions and was so excited to hear of the stunning renovation (although at the same time I yearned for the good ‘ol days too. Who am I kidding? I’m almost 30 with a husband and a 1 year old #growup).

So the makeover is incredible. Of course my eyes lit up when I first saw images of it because it has been masterfully designed by my all time fave designers Hecker Guthrie. The composition of colour, shape and materials used at The Cottesloe Beach Hotel is a dead giveaway for their trademark look and I was rapt that Perth now has their own little slice of Hecker Guthrie magic (for those who don’t know, these guys also did The Ivy among so much other awesomeness- check out their website).

So the look is now clever and contemporary. Who could resist a cocktail or an ice cold beer whilst relaxing in the sunshine and munching on a wood-fired oven baked pizza?  Or make your way from the beach and hang out in the front ‘Verandah’ bar while watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean. I also hear ‘The Bistro’ does a mean angus steak for something a little more sophisticated. Whatever the occasion, The Cottesloe Beach Hotel has something for everyone.

A true Perth icon has become even more iconic.


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  1. oh wow, what a makeover! It’s been a while since a trip to the Cott but next time I’m back home in Perth I’ll have to check it out as I do love a gorgeous Hecker Guthrie interiors, plus an excuse to see our gorgeous Perth beaches again… love!

  2. Love this post Bec :) Had me laughing out loud – especially the references to pashes & dashes, the r&b room and freshies! Loving the blog xx

  3. Hi Rebecca glad to hear you like the Beach Club. It was designed by McDonald Jones Architects with Landscape by Plan E. Hecker Guthrie did the Interior Design. Best Wishes MJA

  4. Michelle M

    Thanks for the message Bec. I sent a question the other day about traveling with young children but I understand you’ve probably got lots of questions to answer! There are lots of lovely new, small bars in Perth popping up, perhaps you could visit some when you are over next. I’ve got lots of ideas for posts really! He he! Have a lovely time in Sydney x

  5. Georgia R

    Hi Bec, another great place in Perth is Louis Baxters Cafe in Subi Square! Part owned by Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan, great vibe and even better coffee and green tea (T2) the decor is fab! They have a great wall mural too! Next time your in the west make sure to check it out! I’m living in Melbourne too but originally from Perth and always stuck for places to go when visiting home, love how your doing some Perth posts too! X

  6. I too met my partner hear and we are getting married on 5th April across the road at Indiana’s. I love what the Cott have done to the back of the beer garden, been there are number of times and am going back this weekend. Txx

    1. Hi Taryn, I wonder how many marriages in WA can be attributed to The Cott or Clubba? Lots I suspect! Good luck for your big day x

  7. Michelle M

    Oh Bec, I am exactly the same. Such fond memories of those Sunday sessions and it is very hard to believe that it is the same place from those pics! I am married now with a child too, are you sure we aren’t too old to go there now! Great website, l love reading each day x Michelle

    1. Thanks Michelle, glad you love it! Gosh those Sunday Sessions were legendary weren’t they? Let me know if there’s anything you want me to post on or if there is anything in Perth you think I might love so I can post on it. x