Jul 31, 2014

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Woohoo- Kate & Kate Summer ’15 has arrived and there are some incredible pieces in the collection. Kate Pascoe Squires states that the collection “very much reflects our ongoing love affair with greys of all tones, combined with beautiful pastels and pops of colour.  Muted pink sits beautifully with brilliant berry, powered blues with snowy white and miles & miles of grey marles.” Sounds like heaven huh? yep.

Available in 3 sizes, blankets are 110 x 150cm, RRP $119, throws are 130 x 180cm, $159 and Kate & Kate are also launching a BABY blanket this season – a little smaller than their traditional blankets at 85 x 100cm, but still generous enough for tiny ones, RRP $100.

Kate & Kate blankets are knitted from 100% pure cotton and breathe beautifully.  They can be machine washed & tumble dried and my family are HUGE fans as you would have seen from The Style School series.

These images have been beautifully captured by Françoise Baudet and styled by Megan Morton. What’s your fave?



Jul 29, 2014

Yezz 1 Yezz 2 Yezz 3 Yezz 4 yezz 5As an ambassador for Quinny I am lucky enough to be able to try all of their gorgeous products and the Quinny Yezz is one of my personal faves. The Yezz is about to get a huge workout in my family as we are just about to travel to Europe (after the footy season of course) and plan to take the Yezz with us as it is perfect for travelling and long layovers in airports because it easily folds up and you can take it onto the plane with you. Yep- it is easily stored in your overhead cabin and has a shoulder strap so you can wear it like a back pack too- it is so light (only 5kgs!).

The Quinny Yezz can be used from 6 months of age up to a weight of 17kgs. It has been specially designed to easily switch between pushing and carrying the buggy. With only one simple move, the buggy can be folded into a highly compact package making sure that the Mumma (or Dad!) has flexibility and freedom. The Quinny Yezz is fitted with skating wheels, giving the buggy an urban look and maximum manoeuvrability. What I was most surprised with given its super light weight, was its strength and sturdiness (apparently due to some whizz bang high performance plastic).

The Quinny Yezz features a storage pocket (up to 2 kgs) and sun canopy (rain cover is optional) and comes in 5 cool colours. My personal fave is the Sulpher Focus (the bright yellow)- so bright and happy!

It’s not hard to see why this buggy has won so many design awards and is hard to get your hands on (flying off the shelves)- it is simply awesome and perfect for tackling every challenge in the city. LOVE IT!

RRP: $499. For more info head to www.quinny.com/au

To watch an awesome video featuring the Yezz showing off its manoeuvrability and lightweight credentials, check this out!

Jul 28, 2014

‘Oh not again’- that’s what I thought when I read Katherine Chatfield’s article (here) on the Herald Sun website earlier today. Another mummy shaming/bashing/bullying article.

‘Poor Teresa Palmer’- that was my next thought. What had she done to deserve the scorn of Katherine? Umm, well she gave birth naturally and breastfeeds her child, seemingly with ease. Yes, I’m for real. So what’s wrong with that? Well apparently she’s showing off and she needs to stop being so boastful. Ridiculous huh? Yep.

What gives me the shits so much about this article is that the author is perpetuating the very problem that so many women inflict on each other- this nasty, judgemental thing we call parenting shaming and the phenomena which is ‘mummy bullying’. In a society where we are trying hard to promote women and mothers being supportive of each other and respecting each others varied and unique parenting styles (as long as the child is safe, healthy, happy and loved right?), an article like this comes along which just turns the movement on its head.

A woman who gives birth naturally and breastfeeds her child should be celebrated not shamed. A woman who keeps fit while pregnant and bounces back to her pre baby body quickly should be celebrated, not shamed (because she had a crack at you too Miranda and Giselle- duh, of course you’re supermodels so are naturally going to be hotter pre and post baby than the average woman, actually just hotter than all of us in general). A mother whose baby sleeps through the night should be congratulated too (how lucky!) not shamed, and a mother who returns to work because she has a great career and is most probably the family’s bread winner should be celebrated too, not shamed. As long, of course, as the baby is safe, healthy, happy and loved.

Likewise, a woman who has a cesearean or an epidural should be celebrated (you grew a HUMAN!), not shamed. A woman whose baby won’t sleep through the night needs to be supported, not shamed. A woman who has difficulty breastfeeding, a poor milk supply and has cracked, bleeding nipples must be celebrated (for giving it a go) and supported (because bleeding nipples are excruciating- I speak from experience). If this mother decides formula is the best option for her and her baby, then she needs to be celebrated for looking after her/her baby, not shamed.

It seems, unfortunately, that you just can’t win in the world of parenting. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t

Upon reading this article I decided to check out Teresa Palmer’s instagram account just to see what all of her “boasting” was about. All I saw was a gorgeous mum and a divine baby. A mother whose instagram pics were no different to my own or any of my friends who are mums. She is happy, healthy and enjoying the first few months of motherhood with her precious Bodhi. She is breastfeeding and is clearly  loving life. Good for her. Is she a show off- hell no.

The bigger issue at play here is why mums and women in general I guess, are so affected by another woman’s appearance, lifestyle, pregnancy and parenting choices? Why do girls get so wound up and sensitive as to what another woman is doing with her life? Memo to everyone, stop worrying about what Teresa, Miranda, Jodi and Giselle are doing and think about why another woman’s life (usually a strangers) affects yours so much? That’s the bigger issue here. Focus on yourself and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Upon discussing this with one of my best girlfriends who is pregnant herself (and equally outraged over this article) she agreed, “Make your own decision for what is right for you… and who gives a ‘F’ about what anyone else does!! If it’s not your baby or your body, it really has no impact on you… so who cares. And isn’t it awful, that by all accounts becoming a parent is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but instead of supporting each other, women openly and silently judge each other.” I know the author of the article agrees with me on this but at the same time she is doing exactly the opposite of what she is telling us all to do- not to judge.

I had an epidural when I gave birth to both of my children (thank the Lord almighty!) but Teresa and Miranda gave birth drug free and were happy to let people know of their fantastic achievement. Did I think either one of them were showing off- no. Was I resentful of them? No. My feelings are this- I think they are both amazing and they should feel super proud because giving birth drug free is an incredible effort and something that I never wish to experience haha!!

Teresa it seems, is still breastfeeding her baby and I am not. I went back to work after 3 months and as soon as I had a couple of days away from Billie my previously abundant milk supply dried up (just like that). Would I prefer to be breastfeeding Billie now? Of course. Do I carry mother’s guilt because of it? Of course (mother’s guilt will get you at every turn of the parenting journey). Do I think breastfeeding mums who talk about how much they enjoy breastfeeding and how easy it is for them are boasting? No. I think, “lucky you.”

So what am I getting at? There are a million ways to skin a cat (ie. parent) so lets just all take a chill pill, relax and support other mothers instead of bullying them. And I wish our big media companies would stop publishing rubbish articles like the one in question. Parenting is the hardest thing you’ll ever do and if you are one of those mums who is so negatively affected by what other mums (namely celebrities) are doing, then the answer is simple- “UNFOLLOW.”

Peace and love to all you mummas out there. You’re all doing a WONDERFUL job.

RJ x

Jul 28, 2014

jacket collage 1 jacket Collage 2

Question from anonymous: Hi Bec, I’m sure I’ve read that you love a statement jacket. I’m currently a stay at home mum and need to lift my game when it comes to my daily uniform. Can you recommend some of your fave jackets suitable for day wear with jeans etc (and at different prices points)? Thanks Bec x

Answer: Ahh the SAHM wardrobe. Ummm I’m pretty guilty of rocking the old exercise gear to be honest. My husband owns Jaggad (an apparel company) so I’m usually slothing around the house in their tights and tops (here). But for days when I make the effort to dress in something properly I always go with a mixture of the items below:

- Skinny leg jeans

- leather leggings (pleather/’vegan leather’ for a lower price point)

- A variety of knits (Witchery, Skin and Threads, Portmans)

- Statement jackets and faux fur shrugs from tailored blazers to bombers (Willow, Ellery, Portmans, Country Road, Sportsgirl) herehereherehere, here and here

Question from anonymous: Hey Bec! Your wedding is my inspiration. I am currently wedding planning and at the moment the colour scheme is white/cream. Thinking I need to bring in another colour especially for flowers and invites. It’s a summer wedding. What are your thoughts ? X

Answer: You know me- I’m an ‘all white’ girl when it comes to flowers and weddings so I would consider bringing some green foliage into the mix to break it up a bit. However, if you’re dead set on a colour then I’m still loving pastels- you can’t go wrong as they are just a hint of colour without being garish or something you’ll look back on and regret. At the moment I’m loving salmon, mint, dusty pink and lilac. To keep hubby happy, I’d probably go a mint or salmon as they are a little more gender neutral. For lots of gorgeous inspiration- you should check out The Style Co who did my wedding as they have lots of pretty pics on their site here

Question from anonymous: Hi Bec, I’ve recently redecorated our bedroom and the last thing to do is find the pendant lights. I’ve been looking for the right ones and seeing your bedroom on The Style School I know they are exactly what I’m after. I contacted Fenton & Fenton but they don’t recall having those lights. Could you possibly tell me the brand so I can continue my search? Thank you!

Answer: I bought these lights from Fenton & Fenton a couple of years back now so that’s probably why they couldn’t recall having them. Check out About Space lighting for some great pendants. I really like these ones herehere and here.

Question from Prudence: Hey Bec, just a warning, this is going to be a uber boring question because its all about the flooring. Anyway, how did you decide the type of flooring for the rooms in your home (which is absolutely stunning by the way), particularly the bedrooms. Your work is absolutely inspiring. Love Prudence

Answer: Hi there- I wanted concrete floors in the living area as they are so easy to maintain and I wanted them to be flush from inside to outside, right up to the edge of the pool. I hate tiles on the floor (grout lines-eek) and wanted a seamless, flat look hence the concrete. For the upstairs kids’ and guest rooms I wanted timber flooring as concrete is too cold for children’s rooms in both looks and function (also, polished concrete is so heavy that we would have needed to spend extra $$$ on footings just to be able to hold upstairs up). Timber has a warm look to it and coupled with gorgeous rugs, really looks fantastic and provides some comfort underfoot. It is much cheaper to change a rug than an entire carpeted floor- that’s another reason we went for timber floors. Oh and spills and mess is easy to mop up too.

Question from Justine: Hi Bec, I’m looking at purchasing the Chevron rug from Click on Furniture that you originally had in your lounge room. I’ve noticed that you have changed it to the Golden Thread Striped rug. Was this just for aesthetic reasons? I don’t want a rug that is high maintenance any advice would be appreciated. Thanks & I’m loving your styling tips!!

Answer: Oh I love my Chevron rug and it is much more comfortable than most of the Chevron rugs (which are dhurries) on the market. The reason I removed it for The Style School was purely for aesthetic reasons because I had too much chevron going on around the house and needed to tone it down a bit. I have the chevron rug in the cupboard and will bring it out again when I’m ready for some more Chev! It is much more comfortable than the current one I have down.



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